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Glass Mask

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-PG | Premiere: 7/20/2019

Alone on the Stage

When the rest of the cast does not return in time for the competition, Maya bravely volunteers to perform solo.

Glass Mask

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | The Girl Who Has a Thousand Masks

Up until this point, life has been rough for Kitajima Maya. Once landing a part in a school play, things start to look up for the teenage girl.

E2 | Vivi's Mask

Maya's mentor, Chigusa Tsukikage, makes arrangements for Maya to transfer schools and begins to formally train her as an actress.

E3 | The Escaped Bird

Sawako meets Kazehaya after school to help him with his homework and offer guidance on study habits. Other students learn of her academic talents and seek help as well.

E4 | The Stairway of Flame

Maya asks Tsukikage if she can work her way through acting school. Tsukikage generously agrees to give her a scholarship to the Tsukikage Acting Troupe.

E5 | The Restrictive Lines

Maya takes a job working in the park in order to borrow less money from Tsukikage. Tsukikage gives the girls a new acting assigment that proves challenging.

E6 | My Own Beth

Tsukikage assigned the class their new play, "Little Women." Maya has been cast in a main role as the third sister, Beth. Maya changes her lifestyle to embody the role.

E7 | The Violet Rose

Ayumi, Sakurakouji, and other major critics show up to review the Tsukikage Acting Troupe's first play "Little Women." Maya receives a bouquet of purple roses from a new fan.

E8 | Walking In the Wind

After hearing poor reviews of the show and ill rumors of Tsukikage, many students quit the acting troupe. Tsukikage is visited by her investors bearing news of her future.

E9 | The New Midori

The Tsukikage Acting Troupe finds out that the Ondine Troupe is also performing Takekurabe. As the troupe begins rehearsing, Tsukikage tries to teach Maya a lesson.

E10 | Two Midoris of Takekurabe

The Tsukikage Acting Troupe and the Ondine Troupe will rival head-to-head during the day's competition.

E11 | Spring Storm

The Tsukikage Acting Troupe is again favored to win in the National Acting Competition. The night before their competition someone destroys all of their props and costumes.

E12 | Alone on the Stage

When the rest of the cast does not return in time for the competition, Maya bravely volunteers to perform solo.

E13 | Tomorrow's Grass

After the troupe has been disbanded, the girls ask Tsukikage to continue teaching them, and each take jobs to repay her. Sakurakouji tries to influence Maya's intentions.

E14 | The Fated Rivals

The schools' acting troupe is putting on a new production. When the lead actress has to be rushed to the emergency room, Maya volunteers to take on the role.

E15 | Trap

Maya gets a role with another troupe after impressing them with her audition. The girl whose spot Maya took has something up her sleeve for Maya.

E16 | Theater Crasher

Miss Harada informs Tsukikaga that they will never hire Maya again, despite her talents. Maya auditions for "Wuthering Heights."

E17 | Wuthering Heights

"Wuthering Heights" starts and the audience is impressed with the intensity of Maya and Ryou, who play the younger versions of Catherine and Heathcliff.

E18 | Role of a Doll

Tsukikage pulls the troupe together to perform the play "The Stone's Smile" with Maya assuming the role of the doll. On the tenth day of performances, they show sells out.

E19 | The Fallen Mask

Maya loses her concentration during the performance due to events which occurred prior to the show.

E20 | The Switched Script

When called, Maya goes on stage, even though she does not know her lines as someone previously switched her script.

E21 | Etude of Flames

All the girls who are auditioning for the role of Helen Keller spend the summer rehearsing. Maya is under immense pressure to triumph.

E22 | The Miracle Worker, the Final Audition

The judges are torn between Maya and Ayumi for the role of Helen. They decide the girls will alternate who plays Helen during the run.

E23 | Show Down! The Two Helens

Ayumi and Maya both perform their versions of Helen for the Theater Festival; Ayumi is first to perform.

E24 | The Beautiful Maze

After Maya accepts the award for Best Supporting Actress, Tsukikage comes onstage and offers both Maya and Ayumi the chance to play the lead role in "The Scarlet Angel".

E25 | Heavenly Brilliance

Masumi's people have found Maya's mother, but Masumi decides to keep that information to himself. Maya starts to realize how jealous people are of her success.

E26 | The Shadow Who Hunts Maya

Maya is flooded with thoughts of her mother as she starts shooting her first movie. Things turn sour when she realizes someone is out to sabotage her success.



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