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Glass Mask 1984

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-14 | Premiere: 6/4/2018

Mr. Purple Rose

Maya leaves her family behind and becomes a boarding student at the Tsukikage Theater where she is put under high pressure to play the role of Beth in Little Women.

Glass Mask 1984

Season 1 | 22 Episodes

E1 | Spring Storm

Maya will stop at nothing to pursue her lifelong dream, after she realizes she can't afford acting classes.

E2 | Mr. Purple Rose

Maya leaves her family behind and becomes a boarding student at the Tsukikage Theater where she is put under high pressure to play the role of Beth in Little Women.

E3 | Beautiful Rival

Maya learns a harsh lesson in fortitude and the dedication required of an actress to face the rigors of training, unfair critiques, and professional rivalry.

E4 | Lonely Battle

Tskukikage stakes her theater's future on winning a drama competition and casts Maya in the lead role. Turns out Ondine is competing with the same play, starring Ayumi!

E5 | Two Midoris

After a crisis of confidence, Maya realizes she was approaching her character all wrong and develops an original Midori of her own. Onodera continues his underhanded scheming.

E6 | Trap at the National Round

At the national round the Tsukikage Theater discovers that their sets, props, and costumes have been vandalized. With time running out, they face possible disqualification.

E7 | A Solo Performance

Time is up. The show must go on... even if that means Maya must take the stage alone.

E8 | Masumi’s Passion

Maya and the remaining members of the Tsukikage Theater move to new apartments where they struggle to continue training while balancing school and part-time jobs.

E9 | First Film Appearance

Maya auditions for an extra position in a film. On the set, her discipline, professionalism, and hard work impresses the crew. Ayumi is also looking for new opportunities.

E10 | New Challenge

Hoping to find more opportunities to act, Maya visits other theaters. Though she is turned away by most, she comes to the notice of the influential Kikuko Harada.

E11 | Vandalism on Stage

Maya gives a memorable performance with the Eishin Theater, even with someone trying to sabotage her.

E12 | I Am Catherine

Maya is offered an audition for the role of Catherine in “Wuthering Heights”. However, her lack of familiarity with the story and character could be a detriment… or a benefit.

E13 | Mosaic of Love

Maya's passionate portrayal of Catherine impresses the audience, but her chemistry with co-star Ryo leads to speculation that there might be more than just acting happening.

E14 | The New Role is a Doll

Tsukikage plans to revive her theater with a production of “Stone Smile”. As a challenge, Maya is to portray a doll with no lines or movement.

E15 | Welcome to the Underground Theater!

With their new play to be performed in a basement, the troupe has a lot of work to turn it into a theater. Meanwhile, Maya tries unconventional methods to become a doll.

E16 | Mother’s Memory

Distracted by thoughts of her mother, Maya loses focus and breaks character on stage. Tsukikage forbids her from acting, but an accident puts her on the stage opposite Ayumi.

E17 | Where is Mr. Purple Rose?

Maya begins attending Hitotsuboshi Academy. After a series of gifts from her mysterious admirer, she is offered an audition for the role of Helen in “The Miracle Worker”.

E18 | To Challenge Helen

Each actress has her own approach to preparing for the audition. Maya is offered a special place to practice and find an understanding of Helen.

E19 | Heated Audition

At the audition, the panel of judges give the candidates a series of tasks to act out as Helen. The final test leaves two clear choices, and a hard decision for the judges.

E20 | Two Helens

As rehearsals begin, Maya and Ayumi must cope with the added pressure that comes with sharing a role. Both struggle to find the key to unlocking Helen's miracle moment.

E21 | Nominated for Best Supporting Actress!

Following Ayumi's acclaimed performance, Maya takes the stage with her own Helen.

E22 | The New Door

The night of the awards ceremony, surprise revelations and announcements will propel the girls further down the path towards their goals.



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