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Gatchaman II

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Season 2 Episode 9 | TV-PG | Premiere: 4/18/2017

The Destructive Berg Katze

Gel Sadra plans to release the ultimate missile to destroy the Science Ninja Team. Will her arrogance prove to be Galactor’s salvation?

Gatchaman II

Season 2 | 52 Episodes

E1 | Leader X Strikes Back

A child with special chromosomes is abducted from a sinking cruise ship by none other than Galactor. Dr. Nambu has the Science Ninja Team mobilize to investigate.

E2 | The Mysterious Feather Shuriken

The team pursues a fleeting shadow that may be their former team leader. Could Joe really still be alive? The pursuit leads them to a secret Galactor base…

E3 | Hell’s Black Knights

The Science Ninja Team intercepts Galactor’s secret plan to build a base in San Frangeles, but who sent the transmission? The team pursues a criminal gang, The Black Knights.

E4 | The Return of Joe!?

While infiltrating Galactor’s underground base, the team gets captured. Who is the mysterious person rescued them, and can the team save the city above before it’s too late?

E5 | Invasion of the Mysterious Cavemen

The Science Ninja Team discovers a plan to turn all of mankind into cavemen. They venture into the jungles of Fruginia only to be intercepted by demonic energy.

E6 | Explosive Pyramid Power

Mysterious accidents involving ships and planes abound South of Road Island. The team investigates the cause and find themselves at the mercy of a strange pyramid.

E7 | The Terrifying Mutant Mission

Galactor unleashes an artificial plant which grows frighteningly quickly. Jinpei experiences it first hand, and the others hurry to save the city as the plants spread.

E8 | Firebird of the Lunar World

One of Galactor’s satellites is destroying other satellites, but why? The team races to uncover the reason before it’s too late.

E9 | The Destructive Berg Katze

Gel Sadra plans to release the ultimate missile to destroy the Science Ninja Team. Will her arrogance prove to be Galactor’s salvation?

E10 | Snowstorm at the Equator

Snow suddenly overtakes the islands in the South Pacific Ocean, freezing thousands of people to death. With the Earth’s magnetic field affected, what can Ryu do to fix it?

E11 | Fight! The Struggle for Hypernium 600

Ken and Jinpei are rescued from the desert by a young girl named Julia. En route to the harbor, they’re attacked by Leader X who has set his sights on the city of Kinzu.

E12 | The Secret of Dr. Rafael

UFOs are attacking weather stations around the world, and even Nambu can’t understand the true intentions of the attackers. Nuclear crisis may be unavoidable…

E13 | G-2 in the Bloom of Youth

Leader X plans to use a volcano’s energy to destroy the earth. Joe, and a mysterious girl named Cathy, make a plan to stop him, but it may require the ultimate sacrifice.

E14 | The Red Impulse from Space

Missing airplane passenger suddenly appear again. The team investigates an island in the South Sea where Ken meets someone from his past.

E15 | The Pure Heart of G-5

Ryu saves and falls for a girl named Yuka. Meanwhile, Yuka pursues Ken, who has no interest in her. In his attempts to win Yuka over, Ryu makes a shocking discovery.

E16 | Joe the Blank Slate

Joe visits a research institute to decode a secret Galactor micro file. The file ends up leading Galactor right to Joe’s location where death, once again, may await him.

E17 | The Devil’s Equation

A Galactor sea monster attacks an ISO experimental island and an ISO doctor reveals a secret to Gel Sadra. Jun tries to save a hostage alone.

E18 | No Response from the Spaceship

A girl named Sachiko appeals to Jinpei to be taken to her father at the Earth Investigation Station Moa. The team is forced to land at the space station where a trap awaits.

E19 | The Trap of Another Dimension

Joe has been acting strange, so Ryu and the team investigate. The team fall prey to a Galactor trap and end up in another dimension. Can they escape?

E20 | G-Town on the Brink

While investigating an island, Jun is captured by a Galactor spy who then disguises herself as Jun to infiltrate the Science Ninja Team. Will they see through her lies?

E21 | The Broken Wings of Youth

Ken visits an old friend, Karl III. The visit is not all it appears to be, as Ken has to investigate his friend to see if Karl has plans on world domination.

E22 | The Mystery of Stonehenge

The Science Ninja Team investigates why people all over the world are collapsing, dead. When a solarshifter takes Jinpei and three boys, the others move to save them.

E23 | The Love that Disappeared in the Arctic

Ken learns that his teacher has gone missing at the North Pole. As he investigates, Ken discovers a Galactor base… and a need to avenge his teacher.

E24 | A Suspicious G-2

Galactor’s newest tests make the Science Ninja Team’s equipment falter. The electromagnetic waves also find another victim: Joe himself!

E25 | The Sad Cyborg

The Science Ninja Team investigates meteorites at the bottom of the ocean. While investigating, Joe meets a colony of cyborgs.

E26 | Pandora the Mysterious Assistant

The team picks up Dr. Pandora, Dr. Nambu’s new secretary. Pandora may be shrewder than the team expects. Meanwhile, Leader X is getting impatient with Gel Sadra’s failures.

E27 | Dr. Nambu Dies!

Dr. Nambu is badly hurt, and Dr. Pandora, against the team’s wishes, begins to call the shots. When Joe investigates further, he discovers where Pandora’s loyalty truly lies.

E28 | The Feather Shuriken that Stole Love

A woman named Mako attempts to kill Joe to avenge her fiance. A Galactor agent appears to be pulling the strings as Joe struggles to tell Mako the truth.

E29 | Life or Death! The Devilish Northern Cliff

A 3,000 mile vertical wall protects a Galactor base which is causing havoc around the world. Joe attempts the mission alone, much to the chagrin of his team.

E30 | Ryu Has Returned to His Hometown

While in his home village, Ryu discovers a disturbance which may be related to Galactor. Gel Sadra sends two assassins to deal with him through any means necessary.

E31 | The Great Eagle that was Shot Down

While testing the improved G-1, Ken gets shot down over a Galactor base. Unable to contact the rest of the team, he suddenly finds himself on a mission of his own.

E32 | G-1, Love in the Andes

Ken and Ryu investigate a secret Galactor base in the Andes in disguise. The operation doesn’t go smoothly as the two lose their memories and get taken in by a local village.

E33 | Angry G-1

An earthquake hits a major city, much to the shock of Gel Sadra, who didn’t give the order. She partners with Panther, a Galactor commander, to prove her strength to Leader X.

E34 | Evil Iron Mecha from the Amazon

The team moves to intercept a Hypertonium transport vessel before Galactor uses it. Meanwhile, Jinpei tries to protect the children who saved him from piranha-infested water.

E35 | The Legacy of Berg Katze

Joe’s new friend is the son of Kaiser, a former Galactor member. Worse, his son may be the only person who can handle the weapon Berg Katse left behind.

E36 | The Sad Underground City

Megantonra, a monster Leader X brought from space, has been unleashed to destroy an underground ISO city. It may take more than just the God Phoenix to stop it.

E37 | Burn, Iron Wings!

Jinpei’s humanity is put to the test when he takes in an orphaned puma in the middle of a mission. Whe his actions put Joe and Ryu in danger, Jinpei steps up to save them.

E38 | The Electromagnetic Mecha Iron Devil Dragon

Is something lurking on the mysterious Dragon Island? The team mobilizes to find some missing informants. When a head-on attack fails, Joe sneaks in, alone.

E39 | The Crimson Condor

Dr. Pandora creates a machine which allows humans to speak with animals. The Ninja Science Team’s quiet day at a national park gets wild when Galactor attacks.

E40 | Fight Hard! The Devilish Animal Operation

After an accident, Gel Sadra finds herself alone at a Galactor base. While investigating an explosion, Ken finds himself locked in hand-to-hand combat with Gel Sadra.

E41 | Gatchaman vs. Gel Sadra

After an accident, Gel Sadra finds themselves alone at a Galactor base. While investigating an explosion, Ken finds himself locked in hand-to-hand combat with Gel Sadra.

E42 | The Observatory that Moves in Darkness

Dr. Pandora attends a party as Dr. Nambu’s companion where she feels a suspicious sensation coming from the guest of honor. At the party, she also uncovers a Galactor plot.

E43 | Invaders from Mars

Gel Sadra tries to earn Leader X’s praise by blowing up a space base. The team moves to stop them, but they’re intercepted and grounded by a mysterious UFO.

E44 | Strike! Evil Mars Base

The Science Ninja Team suspects that a solarshifter is to blame for natural disasters on the sun. When their attempt to stop Galactor fail, the fate of Earth lies with Ken.

E45 | The Devilish Solar Shifter Plan

Leader X orders Marstora to repair the damaged solarshifter within three days. With Ken in a dire position in space, Joe gets permission from Dr. Nambu to save him.

E46 | Gatchaman Revealed

Gel Sadra devises a plan to see the true face of Gatchaman. Meanwhile, Ken sneaks onto the base dressed as a Galactor member to rescue a man impersonating Gatchaman.

E47 | Lethal! The Two Firebirds

Gel Sadra’s plan involves crippling communication in a small town. The town’s only hope may lie with Dr. Pandora.

E48 | The Biggest Tsunami in History

The ISO travels from one disaster to another. Meanwhile, Gel Sadra publicly declares her supremacy over the whole world. Dr. Pandora rushes to stop her.

E49 | Burn, Condor!

Leader X sets his sights on permanently eliminating Condor Joe. An intense fight destroys the research institute, leaving Joe unable to charge up.

E50 | Mystery! Mystery? Gel Sadra’s Mother

Gel Sadra wonders asks Leader X about their past. The Science Ninja Team, as well as Gel Sadra, are about to learn a shocking truth.

E51 | Sad Gel Sadra

With Dr. Pandora gone, and Joe’s energy diminishing, the group thinks of another way to destroy Leader X. When faced with a main beam cannon, can the group survive?

E52 | The Downfall of Leader X

Gel Sadra is being pursued by Galactor, only to be found by Joe. Can Joe and Gel Sadra bring the team together in the last battle against Leader X?



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