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Gatchaman Fighter

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Season 3 Episode 10 | TV-PG | Premiere: 7/4/2017

In Danger! Gatchaman Base

Gatchaman is on the run while Egobosser orders his subordinates to find him before it’s too late! What will happen to the plans?

Gatchaman Fighter

Season 3 | 48 Episodes

E1 | New Dark Clouds

After the defeat of Governor X, peace has finally been restored on Earth. Everyone is set on restoring Earth to its previous glory, but is evil truly dead?

E2 | Here Comes the GatchaSpartan!

The team is still fighting off the mecha, when all of a sudden, a mole mecha appears! Who is this mole mecha, and what is their motive?

E3 | An Oasis Made Tainted

Galactor has conquered almost all of Iiropa! The team must find a way to stop his conquest before it’s too late!

E4 | The Iron Commando’s Challenge

Palon Island lived in peace until it was attacked by dolphin-shaped submarines. With only a limited time, the team must take action before it’s too late!

E5 | Charge! The Unruly Warriors

Galactor is spreading their war without mercy and advances without fail. The team must now protect civilian ships desperately trying to get out of Galactor’s warpath.

E6 | Burn! Gatchaman Fencer

As the team tries to prevent Galactors’ invasion, they can’t seem to agree on the best way to stop it. Will they able to work together to stop the invasion?

E7 | Steal the Giant Iron Beast

Things seem to go haywire with the mayor of Tesuan surrendering to Galactor, and allies at all sidesare declining to send help… or are they?

E8 | The Do-or-Die Desperado Squad

An unusual circumstance allows prisoners to take advantage and escape. Unfortunately, they’re hunted down by order of Galactor.

E9 | Terror of the Matter Elimination Cannon

Gatchaman has stolen some operation data and is being pursued. Count Egobossler is trying to create countermeasures, but it seems the data can’t be replicated.

E10 | In Danger! Gatchaman Base

Gatchaman is on the run while Egobosser orders his subordinates to find him before it’s too late! What will happen to the plans?

E11 | The Satan Limited Express Z-Press

As director Nimbu learns of their enemy’s plan, he orders Gatchman to move out. Meanwhile, their opponent makes their preparation.

E12 | The Order to Destroy Mantle Base

The Evil moves towards Agrija and the team must race against time as they try to decipher the data Gatchaman stole from Egobossler.

E13 | Violence?! The Decisive Battle of Agrica!

The UN troops are about to begin their most decisive battle against Galactor. Who will win this decisive battle?

E14 | In Flames! Egobossler’s Palace

The occupation of Agrika has ended in failure. The team does their best to keep Galactor on the run as they try to secure their victory.

E15 | Ambitions that Burn in Hell

The leaders of Galactor try to distribute blame for the recent failure. They are reminded of all the other times the Science Ninja Team foiled their plans.

E16 | Murderous Butterflies Flitting in the Dark

Egobossler comes up with a new plan on how to crumble the alliance between the United Nations. In the meantime, Nambu is making plans of his own.

E17 | The Horrifying City of Devilish Fumes

Aware of Egobossler’s secret base, the Ninja Science team is on high alert! Their highest priority:keep New York safe from any threats.

E18 | The G-1's Spectacular Crash

Galactor is back, and they bring with them a man called Falcon of Tichiria. As he spreads fear among UN men, what will happen with Gatchaman?

E19 | Don’t Reach for the Hypermatter

The mercenary scientist Professor Goforn develops a weapon and decides to sell it to the highest bidder. Who will claim it: Galactor or Gatchaman?

E20 | The Terrifying Triple Iron Beast Appears

The team tries to investigate the weakness of Leader Z, but first, they must deliver the information safely to Spencer’s hand.

E21 | Rage, Joe! The Horrifying Phoenix

Moutterhorn has erupted without warning or signs, and it puts everyone on alert. The team must investigate the sudden eruption.

E22 | The Order to Blow Up the Satellite

Leader Z commands Egobossler to go to Polymia Island to enact an old plan by Marstora’s, one of LeaderX’s subordinates.

E23 | The Evil Mechaland

There seems to be animosity between Marstora and Egobossler. The tension only seems to grow as both parties plot the others’ demise.

E24 | Proud Warriors

The Ninja Science Team must go after an unidentified Galactor ship as it travels through the southeastern Agrican savanna.

E25 | Sky Riders From Hell

There have been some changes to the Galactor organization, with Egobossler becoming one of the ruling families.

E26 | G-1 Enraged! A New Way to Kill

Leader Z orders Egobossler to find the lab researching the lab pulse. What’s so important about this newly developed weapon?

E27 | The Mystery of Egobossler’s Birth

Egobossler past is about to catch up to him. After failing to assassinate a woman named Zelda, he must now race against time to make sure none of his secrets come out.

E28 | Mortal Combat! The Valley of Betrayal

The tyrant president Zabanda of Congol is communicating with Egobossler, which can spell trouble for the UN.

E29 | Heartless! Siblings Torn Apart

The Galactors have sent their iron machine, the Anomo-Guider, to attack the Mantle Energy Plant but the UN force thwarts their surprise attack.

E30 | The Creeping Alien

There seems to be dissent amongst the Galactor’s ranks with Leader Z rewarding Marstora, and shunning Egobossler.

E31 | Runaway! The Great Train Chase

Chief Nambu inches closer the secrets of the Space Pulse, the key to unraveling the mystery of Leader Z's existence.

E32 | The Mystery of the Space Pulse

Leader Z is planning to do something with the space pulse, and Nambu must race against time before Galactor uses it!

E33 | A Promise Fulfilled

The researchers are charting the Narvika Harbor of Nerway with the goal of studying the harsh currents of the North Pole, but something a bit more sinister is at play.

E34 | Egobossler’s Scheme

The ISO pulls all of their resources, pushing forward with their Space Pulse research. Nambu is certain he will be able to uncover more about Leader Z.

E35 | The Shadow of Death Approaches the G-1

Chief Nambu and Egobossler both study the Space Pulse report, attempting to flesh out the missing content with various methods.

E36 | Hyper Shot Crisis

Nambu quietly makes his way to a top-secret space observatory, hoping to unravel the truth behind the Space Pulse mystery.

E37 | Revive, Gatchaman

Gatchaman dismisses his cellular deterioration, choosing to fight the Galactor gang to the bitter end. What will happen as he weakens?

E38 | The Bracelet of Friendship

Chief Nambu discovers proof that determins the location of Galactor's home base to be Northern Iberia, sending the team on a reconnaissance mission there.

E39 | Overthrown! Count Egobossler

The team tries to discover more about the Space pulse, but the observatory has been destroyed a long with all the data!

E40 | Assault of the Mecha Tornados!

Kempler is now at the top of Galactor after revealing Egobossler’s secret. The Science Ninja Team and Egobossler now have their eyes on Kempler's movements.

E41 | Collapse! Gatchaman Base

The team is still trying to find the Space pulse, but they are tasked to find the Galactor’s home base as they track down Egobossler.

E42 | The Final Moments of Chief Nambu

After the destruction of the Gatchaman base, Egobossler has captured Nambu and is confident in defeating the Ninja Science team.

E43 | Galatown’s Destruction

The grief of losing chief Nambu is still fresh for the Science Ninja Team, but it strengthens their resolve to take down the Galactor!

E44 | The Space Devil Draws Near

All the nations are put on high alert as a planetoid makes its course towards Earth on a collision path near the Arctic. Can the team avoid a global disaster?

E45 | The Threat of the Anti-Matter Planetoid

Fragments of the planetoid are falling through and causing strange occurrences throughout the globe! What will the Ninja Science team do?

E46 | G-1's Death-defying High Power

Gatchman is fighting for his life as his cellular deterioration progressively gets worse. Will they be able to save Gatchaman before it’s too late?

E47 | Earth’s Annihilation! 3, 2, 1...

There is another anti-matter planetoid that Gatchaman must destroy before Galactor obtains it… but the mission might cost him his life.

E48 | Gatchaman Eternal

With the planet on the line, the Science Ninja Team break inside of Z, where they attempt to destroy his emergency command circuit.



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