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Season 1 Episode 16 | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/15/2017

Red Sake

Kouga is invited to an old family friends home, and is tasked with a playing an unfinished game by the Makai Priest Amon.


Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Picture Book

Kaoru Mitsuki is about to have her artistic debut but is suddenly torn away when a Horror terrorizes the art gallery.

E2 | Shadow Self

Surviving her near death experience, Kaoru attempts to make some money, only to fall in a trap made by a Horror-infested human.

E3 | Clock

Kouga finds the victim of a Horror, only to find out later that someone named Morax is behind the attack.

E4 | Dinner

Zaruba hears of possible activity of a Horror in a hospital but finds nothing. Asami ends up getting sick, and they end up in the hands of a Horror.

E5 | Moonlight

After the accident with Morax, Kaoru decides to move in with Kouga. Things becomes murky when a Horror uses their sadistic gluttony to feed on their prey.

E6 | Beauty

Kouga gets injured when he goes after some Horrors in a local cemetery. It seems there might be a betrayer within the Makai Knight ranks.

E7 | Silver Fang

Kaoru gets a new waitressing job when she is suddenly attacked by Zero. Kouga appears in time and is able to stop Zero but not without a fight.

E8 | Ring

Training has begun for Kaoru, but things aren’t going as smoothly as Kouga would like. Unfortunately, the peaceful training is disturbed when a Horror attacks.

E9 | Trial

Headmaster Osamu Yagi hires Kaoru to restore a mural of a goddess that her father had painted years ago.

E10 | Doll

A puppeteer appears in the form of Horror Asmodeus who causes groups to kill each other… only to eat their remains. Meanwhile, Kaoru makes a discovery.

E11 | Game

If you lose a rigged coin game with Horror Dantalion, he devours your soul. His eyes are set on his next victim: Kaoru.

E12 | Taiga

Gonza and Zaruba reminiscence on the good old days with Kouga, recounting how he became the new Garo.

E13 | Promise

A special episode highlighting different information about the story, characters, and villains. Garo finds out some new information!

E14 | Nightmare

Zero dreams of his melancholy past to only relive the painful murder of Shizuka and his sick father. Kaoru tries to sooth his wounds but is driven away.

E15 | Statue

Kaoru searches for the truth behind the blank page of her dream only to find clues hidden in an interview with sculptor Kouhei Kuramachi.

E16 | Red Sake

Kouga is invited to an old family friends home, and is tasked with a playing an unfinished game by the Makai Priest Amon.

E17 | Tank

Kaoru tells Gonza about the item that can save Kaoru, but later finds out that a Horror named Haru has appeared. Unfortunately, he must use Kaoru as bait.

E18 | Realm Charm

Deceit runs rampant as Amon is murdered and twelve Horror Blades are stolen. Kouga tracks down the culprit...

E19 | Black Fire

Garo and Zero fight it out as Jabi and Kaoru watch from the sidelines. Jabi tells Kaoru to have faith in Kouga.

E20 | Life

Kouga decides to leave the Crimson Forest knowing it will cost him his life. In his quest, he goes through many obstacles to get to Kaoru.

E21 | Magic Bullet

Kouga saves Kaoru, but must now go to the Winter Gate even if it’s a trap. He is then given a task that has him battling it out with Horror-possessed gunmen.

E22 | Mark

When Kaoru obtains a Horror Gate on her neck, Kouga is forced to learn the Ultimate Horror Messiah and the goal of the Dark Makai Knight.

E23 | Soul Ruination

Kaoru is desperately trying to think of an image for the final page, but is taken away by Ryuzaki… or was it really him?

E24 | Girl

Bargo becomes infuriated when Kaoru seems confident that her friends will come and save her. In his anger, he sends his minion for some sabotage.

E25 | Heroic Spirits

Kouga must now fight against his final adversary, the Messiah, but he’s overwhelmed by the vast number of Horrors that surround him.



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