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GARO - Makai Senki

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Season 2 Episode 6 | TV-MA | Premiere: 8/30/2018


Silva warns Rei of a Horror’s presence when they stumble across an unusual looking tree. What is the connection between this tree and the elderly couple living nearby?

GARO - Makai Senki

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Spark

Kouga is promoted due to his efforts in exterminating Horrors.  However, for a Makai Knight, that means facing greater challenges.

E2 | Street Light

A Horror tied to street lamps preys upon men while Kouga meets his new partner, the genius Makai Priest, Leo.

E3 | Wheel

Leo demonstrates Colt’s power during a mission, but the go-ryu soon goes haywire. Now, Kouga and Leo must stop it from hurting the ones it was supposed to protect.

E4 | Trump Card

Luring this Horror out of hiding requires Kouga to join a deadly poker game. He may be an excellent swordsman, but he doesn’t know how to play! Can Zaruba teach him in time?

E5 | Abyss

A metal worker sincerely believes that his manhole cover designs are misunderstood works of art. Unfortunately for everyone else, the Horror known as Death Hole agrees.

E6 | Letter

Silva warns Rei of a Horror’s presence when they stumble across an unusual looking tree. What is the connection between this tree and the elderly couple living nearby?

E7 | Flash

The masked man petitions the entity known as Gannon for power. Kouga receives a summons from the Senate and is tasked with escorting the Reverend Lates.

E8 | Demon Sword

Long ago in feudal Japan, there lived a samurai known as Juzo Igari. His search for a worthy opponent leads him to a man called Ukyou, but how is all this connected to Rei?

E9 | Makeup

A Horror grants an aging, washed-up actor the opportunity to relive his youth. Will this demonic pact be curtains for everyone else?

E10 | Secret

As Leo and Kaoru journey to find a spirit beast first hand, they stumble upon sights beyond their imagination.

E11 | Roar

Kaoru notices a tower while on a picnic with Kouga and Gonza. Kouga reveals that it is a sacred place where all those who came before him inherited the title “Garo.”

E12 | Fruit

Sensing a Horror, Rei investigates a nearby car crash, but finds nothing. Soon after, he meets a girl from his past and notices that something is troubling her.

E13 | Holy Water

A training session ends with Zaruba in agonizing pain. Kouga enlists the help of an old friend to replenish the holy water within the ring.

E14 | Reunion

The Senate brings grim tidings: A Makai Knight has attacked another knight. Now, Kouga must investigate the heinous deed and discover the truth.

E15 | Brothers

The name Ryzen is a one that Kouga can never forget as long as he lives. What connection does this Horror have to Kouga’s past?

E16 | Mask

Rei encounters an unknown and powerful foe and seeks out Kouga’s help to stop it. But the Mark of Destruction means that time is quickly running out for the Makai Knights.

E17 | Red Brush

Kouga’s path crosses with a Makai Priestess from his past when he finds himself facing the same Horror she’s been tracking.

E18 | Herd

The identity of the masked adversary has been revealed, but Kouga still has his doubts. Is there more to the story, or is Kouga blinded to the truth?

E19 | Paradise

A Makai Knight comes to Kouga’s aid and, through battle, the truth is finally revealed. But there’s more to the story, and it all began long ago...

E20 | Train

The Makai Knights are given the ultimatum of relinquishing their armor or their lives. The secret of the enemy’s power is discovered, but is it too late?

E21 | Stronghold

Kouga awakens amid the wreckage only to discover that Sigma has a backup plan. Can Rei and his friends save the golden knight before it’s too late?

E22 | Sword Friend

Kaoru and the others must locate Kouga within Gannon. Although protected, Kaoru is still a normal human without the training to face Horrors. Will she be able to reach Kouga?

E23 | Golden

An ancient evil revives, and now the Makai Knights must face both it and the army of Horrors left in its wake.

E24 | Age

Kouga and his allies are on the cusp of victory, but the story is not over. It is time to honor contracts and The Promised Land beckons.

E25 | My Name is Garo

Life is a journey, and every choice paves the path a person walks, for better or for worse. Zaruba looks back on Kouga’s life and the decisions that defined him.



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