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Gakuen Basara: Samurai High School

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/15/2018

Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

Gakuen Basara: Samurai High School

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Fateful Battle for the Playing Field

Date and Sanada both demand the use of the school field for their respective teams! They agree to settle the matter with a game of kickball, but things get sidetracked.

E2 | Espionage! Sasuke Gets to Work / Treasure Hunt Capriccio

Sasuke agrees to help Oichi investigate the school clubs. Later, the students are tasked with completing an orienteering challenge sponsored by Headmaster Nobunaga!

E3 | A Storm Hits the Mound / The Road to Badness

A crushing defeat has shattered Date’s confidence! What can be done to revive his fighting spirit?! Later, Sanada must learn to enjoy his youth before it is too late!

E4 | The Fiery Cheer Battle / Operation: Midterms of Love

Mori and Chosokabe agree to a high stakes cheer battle where the loser’s club disbands! Later, Keiji believes he can woo Magoichi by scoring an 80 on all his midterms!

E5 | Clash! Mr. Basara / Who Will Be Iron Chef Basara?

The annual Mr. Basara Hottest of Men Contest is about to begin, but conspiracy lurks in the shadows! Later, a cooking contest is held to settle a vital dispute!

E6 | A Maiden's Banquet / Let's Go on a Class Trip

Tsuruhime wants to confess her love to Fuma! Sasuke agrees to help on one condition. Then a discussion of where to go on the class trip quickly devolves into an argument.

E7 | Burn with Passion! Basara Fest

Prepare yourselves: The culture festival is here! From Date and Sanada competing for booth customers to Katsuie’s reverse haunted house, everyone has a tale or two to tell.

E8 | Prithee Let's Party / Kanbei's Long, Hot Night

If this were a normal school, then it would be a day like any other. But Basara Academy can hardly be called ordinary. What are the students up to this time?

E9 | And the Bell Will Ring for... Who!? / Welcome to Sengoku Basara

The school song’s cursed, so the students have to come up with a new one! Then, Date and Sanada somehow travel back in time to Japan’s Warring States Period!

E10 | A Silent Uproar!? / Sally Forth! Sekigahara Intrigue

Honda and Fuma find a baby at the school gates! Are they prepared to be sitters? Later, Ieyasu and Mitsunari start recruiting for the annual Battle of Sekigahara.

English Sub Release
Sat, Dec 15, ’18 1:00 AM

E11 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

English Sub Release
Sat, Dec 22, ’18 1:00 AM

E12 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.



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