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Future Folktales

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-PG | Premiere: 4/10/2020

Favorite Phrase

Why do bad things happen? Perhaps it was for the best. An old man insists there’s a bright side to everything.

Future Folktales

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Zarqa

Musab was always envious of Zarqa, but with thieves threatening the town, he must decide if he can trust her. Zarqa, meanwhile, cannot stand idly by when so much is at stake.

E2 | Favorite Phrase

Why do bad things happen? Perhaps it was for the best. An old man insists there’s a bright side to everything.

E3 | Camel

A woman prays for a child and receives an unexpected blessing. Their daughter may not be human, but her parents love her all the same.

E4 | Brother

Salee cares about his family while Saad, his elder brother, cares about money. When an epidemic hits the town, Salee recalls a story that can save everyone. But danger awaits.

E5 | Banana

Dafel arrogantly believes there’s nothing his strength can’t overcome. But power alone can’t solve everything.

E6 | Rabab

A magical instrument has the power to control all living things. When it falls into the wrong hands, a clever young girl may be the only one who can save the townspeople.

E7 | Anter

Anter wishes for Ablah’s hand in marriage but must first convince her father he’d be the perfect match. Easier said than done...

E8 | Salt

Prince Sattam loves his father as much as salt. But the king sees this declaration as a grave insult instead of the intended praise.

E9 | Quiet Princess

Samar’s father decides that the man who can finally make her speak will win her hand in marriage. But there’s something vitally important they’ve all overlooked.

E10 | Hartim

Hartim has a reputation as a kind man who never turns away those in need. Handala is suspicious, though. Hartim MUST have an ulterior motive. Why else would he act so nice?

E11 | Good Man

A wealthy merchant invites three strangers into his home only to ask them about the worst hardships they’ve experienced. Why?

E12 | Heritage

Jassem quickly takes advantage of Habib’s sizable inheritance, which causes friction between the two. It’s unfortunate: Some things are more important than money.

E13 | Grandmother Story

Asma fell in love with stories thanks to her childhood friend, Farrah. But as the decades passed, the two fell out of touch. What is Farrah up to these days?



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