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Fruity Samurai

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Shorts | TV-PG | Premiere: 3/25/2021

Act 13

Banana Samurai and Green Apple Samurai cross paths.

Fruity Samurai


Shorts | Act 1

Will a misunderstanding disturb the peace in the capital?

Shorts | Act 2

Banana Samurai WILL have his revenge and follows Red Apple Samurai to a dojo.

Shorts | Act 3

With his pride on the line, Green Apple Samurai prepares for a fated rematch.

Shorts | Act 4

What happens after a rematch? A day in the life of Green Apple Samurai.

Shorts | Act 5

An ambush interrupts an otherwise peaceful night.

Shorts | Act 6

An accident leads to a confrontation.

Shorts | Act 7

Red Apple Samurai cannot turn away a plea for help.

Shorts | Act 8

Whatever happened to Sweet Chestnut Samurai?

Shorts | Act 9

Red Apple Samurai awakens from a nightmare and realizes he's still in danger...

Shorts | Act 10

An outing does not go as planned for Green Apple Samurai.

Shorts | Act 11

Banana Samurai deals with an annoying visitor.

Shorts | Act 12

Sweet Chestnut Samurai recuperates from his ordeal but comes to a realization.

Shorts | Act 13

Banana Samurai and Green Apple Samurai cross paths.



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