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From the New World

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Season 1 Episode 16 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/18/2013

To My Beloved Saki

Maria leaves Saki a letter with her and Mamoru's plans, but she and Satoru continue their search for them anyway. Later, Saki experiences troubling nightmares.

From the New World

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | The Season of New Leaves

In the year 2011, humans begin manifesting psychokinetic powers, causing untold destruction and countless deaths. 1000 years later, Saki's own powers begin to flourish.

E2 | The Vanishing Children

Saki and her friends in Group 1 take part in a game tournament using their powers to move around clay dolls. Shortly after, tragedy strikes one of the opposing teams.

E3 | The False Minoshiro

The members of Group 1 set out for summer camp. While telling scary stories, the children recount the tale of the "False Minoshiro", a legendary and deadly creature.

E4 | Bloody History

The children learn the awful history of the world since the emergence of psychokinetic powers 1000 years ago. They are soon ambushed by a dangerous new enemy.

E5 | Pursuit on a Hot Night

Saki and Satoru lose the rest of the group in the chaos of the monster rat attack, but run into an unlikely ally after being captured.

E6 | Escape

With little chance to escape, Saki discovers a way to gain their powers back, but it comes at a great cost to Satoru.

E7 | Summer Darkness

Satoru's power is waning, as their latest threat is much larger than expected.  When all seems lost, help comes from an ally that could be much more dangerous.

E8 | Omen

Two years pass, and the children enter adolescence. As they begin pairing off, Saki's experiences unrequited feelings for a certain other group member.

E9 | The Raising Wind

When Shun stops coming to school, his friends in Group 1 begin searching for him, but run into obstacles at every turn. Saki and Satoru set out for Shun's village.

E10 | More Than Darkness

Saki learns the truth behind Shun's disappearance, as well as the reason for their world's drastic change in the past 1000 years.

E11 | Distant Thunder in Winter

After turning down a fellow student's request, Saki pairs up with Satoru for required training. Later, Saki discovers something sinister having to do with their memories.

E12 | Weak Link

 When Saki has a sit down with the head of the Ethics Committee, she learns about another side to the town's history. Later, Mamoru goes missing.

E13 | Reunion

Saki and the other's set out to find Mamoru after he runs away from home. While on their search, they discover the Board of Education's true intentions.

E14 | Snowflakes

The board of Education interrogate Saki during their meeting, but a familiar face saves her. She is later told why Group 1 has received special treatment their entire lives.

E15 | Afterimage

After a freak accident leaves Saki unconscious, she and Satoru awaken in the Robber Fly village, who have advanced wildly since their last meeting.

E16 | To My Beloved Saki

Maria leaves Saki a letter with her and Mamoru's plans, but she and Satoru continue their search for them anyway. Later, Saki experiences troubling nightmares.

E17 | Footsteps of Destruction

Saki, now 26 years old, finds herself working in the Department of Mutant Management. Satoru brings her news of unrest within the Monster Rat colonies.

E18 | Scarlet Flower

An investigation is underway over the demise of the Giant Hornets. One council member suspects that Maria and Mamoru are behind the attack.

E19 | Darkness

In the wake of the Monster Rat attack, Saki and Satoru search for their injured friends at the hospital, but discover something unexpected when they arrive.

E20 | A Cold and Sunlit Place

Saku and Satoru hurry to warn the townspeople after narrowly escaping the Ogre, only to find more troubles ahead.

E21 | The Fire that Destroys the World

Humans declare war on the Monster Rats after their latest actions. While on their way to the Temple of Purity, a familiar foe attacks Saki and Niimi.

E22 | Tokyo

Saki receives a package and a letter from her mother that tells of an ancient weapon used to defeat psychics.  

E23 | The Face of the Boy

As Saki's group continue to make their way through the tunnels, they decide to split into two teams to quickly complete their mission.

E24 | Torchlight in the Darkness

With Satoru injured, Kiroumaru suggests that they lure the Ogre into a trap. Saki agrees and they lie in wait, ready to counterattack.

E25 | From the New World

With everything settled and their hardships behind them, Saki and Satoru turn to finding an answer to one final question.



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