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Food Wars!

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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/9/2015

The Meat Aggressor

Soma is drawn to the Rice Bowl Research Society, only to find that it's being threatened by Erina's lackey, Ikumi Mito, nicknamed the Meat Master.

Food Wars!

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Vast Wasteland

Soma spends his days battling his father to see who the best chef at his family restaurant is. Things get complicated when a developer tries to muscle in on their land.

E2 | God Tongue

Soma goes up against a difficult foe, Erina Nakiri, owner of the "God's Tongue": her palate can literally make or break your career! Can a lowly diner chef pass her test?

E3 | That Chef Doesn't Smile

Soma causes quite a stir at the opening ceremony, declaring his intentions to be #1. His first big obstacle: a world renowned french chef and an overly nervous teammate!

E4 | Sacred Mother of Kyokusei

Soma arrives at Polar Star Dormitory with high expectations, but its shabby exterior houses talented chefs, an incredible kitchen and an unexpected challenge!

E5 | The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm

Another challenge is underway! Though, it's not official, and Soma soon discovers that an official challenge is something entirely different - it's a Food War.

E6 | The Meat Aggressor

Soma is drawn to the Rice Bowl Research Society, only to find that it's being threatened by Erina's lackey, Ikumi Mito, nicknamed the Meat Master.

E7 | The Silent Bowl, the Eloquent Bowl

The Food War between Ikumi Mito and Yukihira Soma has begun! Soma will have to truly transform his cheap ingredients to combat the Meat Master's expensive beef.

E8 | A Concerto of Concept and Creation

A brutal training camp is underway. Those in Polar Star Dorm are determined to survive, but Soma may have met his match - another professional!

E9 | The Breading That Showcases the Mountains

Soma's fired up by Takumi Aldini's challenge and skills. With only the immediate vicinity as their pantry, Soma finds the perfect ingredient to set his dish apart.

E10 | The Supreme Recette

Under the alumnus Shinomiya, Soma and Megumi are given a complex "recette" that they must follow to the letter. But Shinomiya is a cruel judge, and more severe than expected.

E11 | The Magician That Came From the East

Soma's reckless streak flared up again and it's landed him and Megumi in hot water. Their opponent is no student this time, but a magician!

E12 | The Memory of a Single Dish

Megumi's come a long way on her cooking journey, and her future now rests in the hands of the judges. Will her dish be enough to save her?

E13 | Eggs Before the Dawn

The training camp lives up to its brutal reputation as the exhausted students are given two choices at the end of day three!

E14 | Metamorphose

Soma's dish is literally deflating! It will take every ounce of his focus to get back on track, but it might be too late.

E15 | The Man Called "Carnage"

As the members of Polar Star Dormitory finally make it home, they're treated to a meal from a surprise guest, whose fame rattles even Soma.

E16 | The Cook Who Traveled Thousands of Miles

Soma has his first showdown with his dad in months. With Isshiki, Megumi, and Fumio judging this morning match, will this finally be Soma's first victory?

E17 | Sensual Fried Chicken

Over the break, Yukihira challenges a popular fried chicken shop to save his old shopping district. He's found a taste tester, but who can he call to help develop the recipe?

E18 | The Fried Chicken of Youth

Soma and his team work on a tasty, original and portable dish to combat the Mozuya invasion. They'll have to make their mark on the Sumire shopping district or watch it fall.

E19 | The Chosen One

The lists for the Fall Selection are out! When the topic is announced, Soma seeks out a former colleague of his father's and finds more than he bargained for.

E20 | Dragon Lies Prone then Ascends to the Sky

There's no summer break for the Fall Selection participants! Soma and the others work to enhance their dishes over the six weeks before they head into the prelims.

E21 | That Which is Known Yet Unknown

The Fall Selection preliminaries are underway! Megumi shocks everyone with a tricky ingredient, and the election hall is assaulted by "cursed" curry!

E22 | That Which Transcends the Norm

The prelims continue! Hoshino's curry is judged, and the Aldini brothers face off. In the wake of Alice Nakiri's dish, the judges make the mistake of almost forgetting Megumi.

E23 | The Unfolding Individual Competition

With the finalists from Group B solidified, Group A is reeling as a judge continues to give zero points. Ryo Kurokiba, Alice's aide, presents a dish that surprises everyone.

E24 | The Warriors' Banquet

Tensions mount as Soma faces off against Akira Hayama and the finalists are chosen!



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