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Eternal Boys

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/19/2023

Company Housing

Kentaro is hired along with other mid-career, middle aged men, to become a new idol group, the Eternal Boys! The group records their introduction to the world.

Eternal Boys

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Reemployment

Down on his luck and freshly unemployed Kentaro applies for one last job. He thinks he bombs the interview - but Manpuku Entertainment Productions has plans for him!

E2 | Company Housing

Kentaro is hired along with other mid-career, middle aged men, to become a new idol group, the Eternal Boys! The group records their introduction to the world.

E3 | Work Commences

The lessons for the debut of the Ossan Idol Project, Eternal Boys, began! But singing and dancing at the same time is hard.

E4 | The Kentaro Sanada

A little liquid courage may be the key to unlocking idol worthy dance moves!

E5 | MV

Today's agenda: making the Eternal Boys' first music video!

E6 | Makoto Kakizaki Special

There are two kinds of humans: the ones who give, and the ones who receive.

E7 | The First Show

What's more exciting than the Eternal Boys getting 100,000 views on their first video? Their first public performance, that's what!

E8 | CD Debut

The boys have their first CD sales meeting. They also deal with living as roommates; who's wearing whose socks?!

E9 | The Dawn of Naoki Ishida

Ishida recalls fond memories of the idol group, Gentlemen! Now he's in an idol group himself. Will these worlds collide?

E10 | Idol Festival

The Men's Idol Fest only happens once a year and the Eternal Boys are making their way to its stage! It's like being catapulted to the champions league!

E11 | Daisuke Yamanaka's Way

An embarrassing blunder lands Yamanaka-san in hot water. It looks like things are about to go "kaboom!"

E12 | A Day Off

Ima-chan's solo song "100% Your Personal Space" is beyond cute! The Eternal Boys get nitty gritty with lyrics.

E13 | Retirement

Is Sanada really going to quit the Eternal Boys just when they're getting started?!

E14 | Mid-term Hiring Exam

Good news, everyone! Kakizaki is bringing a new member to the Eternal Boys!

E15 | The Continent of Passionate Tsuyoshi Imagawa

You know the old saying: you can take the boy out of the idol, but you can't take the idol out of the boy!

E16 | Local Business

Sometimes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Sometimes you can!

E17 | The History of Haru Asai

Haru Asai grapples with his career as a professional soccer player turned middle-aged idol! It might be time once again to play ball!

E18 | Scandal

The Eternal Boys browse the best website on the entire world wide web: the Eternal Boys' official fan site!

E19 | CM

The Eternal Boys feel the love online from their fans! So does Manpuku Entertainment Productions' company cat, Pepechan!

E20 | Unprofitable Business

Life as a middle-aged idol isn't all stage lights, show tunes and joint cream; the boys have some tough conversations.

E21 | From Nicolai Asakura's Car Window

One of the Eternal Boys feels like he's going back to school. Imagine doing homework again. No thanks!

E22 | Album

The Eternal Boys receive a package. But what's in the box?!

E23 | Budokan

The Eternal Boys have been working toward this moment for their entire idol careers! It's time to perform!

E24 | Eternal Boys

In the afterglow of their stage performance, what does the future hold for the Eternal Boys?



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