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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/23/2017

Christmas Day

Series finale.


Season | 12 Episodes

E1 | Spring rain

The bands are having their own problems as they struggle for fame, but what will happen when sudden news come their way?

E2 | Unreachable Wish

After a malicious article is released, rumors begin to spread about the fall of KYOHSO and its lead, Yorito. The members of rêve parfait try to find Yorito themselves.

E3 | Requiem

Eluding his band members, Yorito finds comfort in his memories. Meanwhile, Reon tries his best to bring Yorito back.

E4 | Summer holiday

Reon doesn’t seem to be returning to rêve parfait any time soon. Meanwhile, the other members go to a retreat to figure out their next move.

E5 | Spirits

Rêve parfait starts to get antsy about their Christmas concert and their future prospects for a world tour.

E6 | Best memories

Things in Liar-S start to heat up as a scandal threatens to cause some chaos. What will happen when they perform?

E7 | Autumn breeze

Aki and Narumi's relationship starts to simmer. Meanwhile, Reon tries to bring more peaceful behavior between the group.

E8 | Shook

Comparisons of the young group members are being discussed while Aki and Narumi's relationship take a turn for the better.

E9 | Roots

Shinobu gets the band to reluctantly appear at an unforeseen location. Did someone say wine?

E10 | Cold winter

Yakumo ventures on a sudden journey after Kuon expresses his dream of a brighter future for the band.

E11 | Snowing

As the dreams of the band start to become a reality, what more can we expect from group?

E12 | Christmas Day

Series finale.



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