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Dream Eater Merry

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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-PG | Premiere: 4/8/2011

Dream Again

It's the final battle against Mistltein. Can Yumeji and Merry save Isana and her dream of becoming an artist?

Dream Eater Merry

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Dream and Reality

Yumeji learns that John Doe, a Dream Demon, needs his body to access the Real World. He meets a beautiful girl who reveals that she is, also, a Dream Demon.

E2 | Dream and Hope

Having escaped, Yumeji takes the unconscious Merry to the Tachibana house for shelter. Meanwhile, a sinister force is taking over the Dream World.

E3 | From Beyond the Dream

Minato has a "friend" that she only sees at night, a Dream Demon named Ichima, with dark ulterior motives.

E4 | Dream Eater Merry

The Literary Club goes out to karaoke. Merry tags along and discovers the captain of the Literary Club is getting a lot of weird emails.

E5 | Bewildered by Dreams

When Isana sends Yumeji and Merry to do some grocery shopping, they encounter the most powerful Dream Demon they've met to date.

E6 | Encounter with Dreams

Merry and Yumeji manage to drive off Engi ThreePiece, but their victory comes at a price as Yumeji is severely wounded.

E7 | Dreams, Swimsuits and the Color of the Ocean

Yumeji, Isana, Merry and their friends head to the beach for some much-needed RandR. Merry is still struggling with Engi ThreePiece's revelation.

E8 | Dream Gallery

After the beach trip, Yumeji's ankle is still bothering him, so he visits a doctor. He discovers the doctor's granddaughter is Yui, the girl possessed by Engi ThreePiece.

E9 | Disturbed Dream

Seeing how much Merry and Engi are disturbed by Landsborough's taunts, Yumeji ends the daydream, leaving Landsborough still in possession of his human vessel.

E10 | Without Waking Up From the Dream

Yumeji enlists the aid of Engi and Yui in trying to determine the intentions of Isana's Dream Demon. Despite her own disdain, Chizuru becomes increasingly concerned.

E11 | Guardian of the Dream

Yumeji and Engi learn that Palate is a harmless Dream Demon that has been stranded in the Real World, much like Merry.

E12 | Bad Dream

Final exams are over, and Yumeji and his friends are preparing to defend Isana from Mistltein with everything they got.

E13 | Dream Again

It's the final battle against Mistltein. Can Yumeji and Merry save Isana and her dream of becoming an artist?



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