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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/28/2023

The Tale of the Demon Sword

When a cursed blade finds itself in Dororo's possession, the demonic sword seizes its opportunity.


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Tale of Daigo

His father made the demonic pact, but Hyakkimaru was the one who paid the price. Years later, a youth with prosthetics saves Dororo's life. And thus, their journey begins.

E2 | The Tale of Bandai

The two traveling companions find themselves in a village, but there's something wrong with the settlement. Oh, so very wrong...

E3 | The Tale of Jukai

Jukai finds fulfillment in creating prosthetic limbs for war veterans. Years ago, he discovered an abandoned, disfigured baby and raised him as if he were his own son.

E4 | The Tale of the Demon Sword

When a cursed blade finds itself in Dororo's possession, the demonic sword seizes its opportunity.

E5 | The Tale of the Nanny's Song, Part One

Hyakkimaru discovers too late that sound is deafening.

E6 | The Tale of the Nanny's Song, Part Two

Sometimes, humans are more monstrous than demons could ever hope to be.

E7 | The Tale of the Spider Woman

Can a monster find redemption? One ghoul discovers the answer when a young man treats her with compassion.

E8 | The Tale of Saru

Saru will not allow the woman he considers a sister to be sacrificed. Not if he has anything to say about it.

E9 | The Tale of Tragedy

Dororo remembers the past while stricken with fever.

E10 | The Tale of Tahomaru

Tahomaru, Lord Kagemitsu's son, gets more than he bargained for when he and his bodyguards come to the aid of a terrorized village.

E11 | The Tale of the Banmon, Part One

Some say a demon haunts the old ruins of Fort Banmon at the edge of Lord Daigo's domain.

E12 | The Tale of the Banmon, Part Two

A father once sacrificed his son for power. Now, he must face a reckoning when his son returns.

E13 | The Tale of the Blank-faced Acala

There is nothing holy about the statue by the waterfall.

E14 | The Tale of Sabame

A man known as Sabame offers Dororo and Hyakkimaru his hospitality, but the duo suspects that not everything is as it seems...

E15 | The Tale of the Hellish Scene

As Dororo learns firsthand of the horrors lying in wait inside the village, Sabame's reveals his dark secret to Hyakkimaru.

E16 | The Tale of Shiranui

Dororo's mother once had a map leading to vast riches, and Itachi believes Dororo knows exactly where that treasure is.

E17 | The Tale of Questions and Answers

Jukai reunites with Hyakkimaru and finally learns the depths of Lord Kagemitsu's transgressions.

E18 | The Tale of Impermanence Cap

As everyone converges on the same location, Tahomaru gives his orders: no one leaves alive.

E19 | The Tale of the Amanojaku

Hyakkimaru forsakes his quest and plans to take the daughter of a swordsmith as his wife, which is a decision Dororo cannot accept.

E20 | The Tale of the Nue

Dororo and Hyakkimaru join forces with a young man called Dice-spot Saburota to exterminate a demon.

E21 | The Tale of Gaining Enlightenment

The days of prosperity are over for Lord Kagemitsu's lands as the conflict with the Asakura Clan escalates closer to all-out war.

E22 | The Tale of Nui

Hyakkimaru risks losing himself to rage after his companion's kidnapping. Meanwhile, Dororo finds an unexpected ally within the den of the enemy.

E23 | The Tale of Demon Gods

Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru's clash begins in earnest.

E24 | Dororo and Hyakkimaru

The fates of two brothers duel within a burning castle. One way or the other, their rivalry will end.



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