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Doomsday With My Dog

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Shorts | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/27/2023

Troublemaker, Down the Old Well, and Learning Process

What's that, Haru? Your master fell down a well?

Doomsday With My Dog

Season 1

Shorts | Ontology, Eudaemonics, and The Dignity of the Wild

If Haru's master is the last person on Earth and no one else can observe her, does that make her Schrödinger's human?

Shorts | Planet of the Something or Other, Unchanging Relationship, and A Dog Who Won't Understand, a Girl Who Can't Read a Map

Not all who wander are lost. Except for Haru's master, that is. She's totally lost.

Shorts | Man's Best Friend (Working Title), Withdrawal Symptoms, and Moments of Bliss

What's the worst thing about the apocalypse? There are no more Internet videos.

Shorts | In the Sea of Trees Part 1, In the Sea of Trees Part 2, and Snow White the White Shiba

What should one do when stranded in the most infamous forest in all of Japan? Have a philosophical discussion about cats.

Shorts | The Nightmare, Goodbye, and One Dog Is Enough

Which nightmare is scarier: living through the apocalypse or going to school?

Shorts | Nonconformist Gene, The Miracle of the Spring, and Reconsidering Urashima

What kind of knowledge is valuable during the apocalypse? Japanese folklore.

Shorts | The Impermanence of All Things, The Value of 21 Grams, and Twilight

Nothing lasts and everything changes form. Except for cringy, embarrassing memories from years ago. Those will stay with you forever.

Shorts | Under the Stars, The Dark Side, and The Little Mermaid

Heroes are supposed to reject the villain's offer, but dogs are simplistic about what they want.

Shorts | A Game of Catch, Rivals, and Love Theory

What does love mean?

Shorts | Fake, Crime of Conscience, and Fake (Revised)

Although tanuki can shape-shift, the racoon dogs quickly realize they don't need to use their supernatural ability to fool Haru's master.

Shorts | Trap, The Sequel: Fake (Revised), and The Psychology of Romance

Girl meets Gorilla.

Shorts | Close Encounters, Let's Spend Some Time in the Country, and Let's Spend Some Time in the Country 2

Aliens are hospitable neighbors.

Shorts | False Accusations, The Fox at the Shrine, and The Sixth Sense

The problem with being a trickster spirit is that no one believes you when you're trying to help.

Shorts | Hangers-On, Snowball Effect, and Exorcism

What's harder than herding cats? Exorcising their ghosts.

Shorts | Survivor, Different Strokes for Different Dogs, and Wolf or Husky

When it comes to canine companions, there are dogs... and then there are Huskies...

Shorts | Discipline, Lie Detector, and Fairy Tale Women

What's the point of a dog translator if Haru can already talk?

Shorts | Failed Experiment, Master and Snow White, and The List

Haru's master can have some pretty... interesting ideas at times.

Shorts | 10 Things to Do Before I Die Part 1-3

How does one finish a bucket list during the apocalypse? By getting creative.

Shorts | How to Woo a Girl, Personal Effects, and Devotion

If a dog finds itself stranded on a desert island, what would they bring?

Shorts | Anniversary, Escapist, and Powers of Perception

How do dogs know when you're planning to give them a bath, anyway?

Shorts | Skepticism of the Wild, The Voice of Insects, and Tanabata

Haru's master realizes she can understand insects, and she's losing sleep over it.

Shorts | Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3, and Loop 4

A kappa steals Haru's memories!

Shorts | Interplanetary Broker, Space Kiyoshi, and Hitchhiking

What would Haru's master give in trade for her dog?

Shorts | Time Travel, Game Brain, and Childhood Friend

If life were a video game, Haru would definitely be in a dating sim.

Shorts | Color, Dogs and Thunder, and Unsolved

Although important to the fundamental understanding of the universe, scientific explanations take all the fun out of things.

Shorts | Shiba Drill, Shiba Drill 2, and Shiba Inu on Social Media

Haru raises a good point about social media.

Shorts | A New Day with My Dog, The Nature of a Shiba Inu, and Dog Magazines

Haru sired a puppy? When did this happen?

Shorts | Existence Theory, The Great Cat God, and The Sin of Envy

Haru's master summons the god of cats for no other reason than she can pet him.

Shorts | Hypnosis, Pre-Established Harmony, and The Lady of the Spring

Overly dramatic husky is overly dramatic.

Shorts | Rhetorically Speaking, Big Sis Collie, and Side Story

If you're the last person on Earth, you get to decide what's appropriate for all of humanity!

Shorts | Moon Viewing, Gluttony, and Dogs and Comparisons

What's up with mysteries and that overgrown space rock we call the moon?

Shorts | Since When, Bringer of Happiness, and Human History

Has Haru's master been naughty or nice? The answer should be obvious by now.

Shorts | Surprise!, Setsubun, and Fetch: Shibas


Shorts | Shiba Distance, Multifunctional Appliance, and Love Potion

Turns out even space aliens have their alternative medicines.

Shorts | Figure of Speech, Role Reversal, and Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain

Haru and his master switch bodies. Hilarity ensues.

Shorts | Frustration, Living in the Now, and The Call

Rain is only rain when it's falling.

Shorts | Satori, Shallow Psychology, and Gift

It doesn't matter if birds are natural or supernatural: they still taste delicious.

Shorts | Fox Shiba and Tanuki Shiba 1-2, and Snow White and Kaguya

There's a reason Haru doesn't like tanuki.

Shorts | The Mystery of the Absent-Minded, Grownup Reasons, The Misunderstood Ones

If absent-mindedness is a good thing, then why does it sound like a back-hand compliment?

Shorts | The Misunderstood Ones (Master's Story), The Misunderstood Ones (Shiba Inu Story)

Misunderstandings are universal regardless if someone is a human or a dog.

Shorts | Absolutism, Encirclement, and Reaction

There is absolutely no such thing as an absolute.

Shorts | Summer Vacation, Dog in the Soft Shell, and Apartment Dwellers

What's the difference between the real Haru and mecha Haru?

Shorts | Psychological Test, Kept in Reserve, and Wish Upon a Star

It was at this moment that he knew he messed up.

Shorts | Weight Measurement and Intentional, Unintentional

There's a reason dogs do their business a certain way.

Shorts | It Happens with Pet Owners, English Lessons, and Alarm Clock

Haru and his master make learning English fun!

Shorts | Black Fox

Angry spirits are dangerous. Fortunately, they're easily tricked.

Shorts | Chess, Loop (Role Reversal), and Can't Quit

Don't play chess with a dog.

Shorts | Concentration, Scary Things, and Not Meshing

Some bears are actually friendly!

Shorts | Ye Olde Master and the Monkey (Normal? Ver.), Ye Olde Master and the Monkey (Shiba Inu Version), Ye Olde Master and the Husky, and Ye Olde Master and the Cat

In hindsight, it shouldn't have been a surprise that the monkey was the most considerate of the four.

Shorts | Waterfall Meditation, A Long Tale About a Giraffe, A Short Tale About a Giraffe, and The Romantic Affairs of Giraffes

Why do giraffes have long necks? The answer may surprise you!

Shorts | Spot the Mistakes, The Art of Negotiation, and Halloween

Trick or Treat? Why not both?

Shorts | Special Day(s)

What's the occasion? Don't ask Haru's master; she doesn't know.

Shorts | Shedding Season, Seasonal Wear, and Sealed Away

Shibas shed a lot of fur, don't they?

Shorts | Autumn Leaf Burning and Kokkuri-san

Roasting potatoes over a leaf fire is a time-honored autumn tradition.

Shorts | A Certain Dog's Long Journey

Don't believe the government's lies about Laika the Soviet space dog. The aliens know what really happened!

Shorts | Teach Me, Haru-san; Vow of Servitude; and Deer Antlers

What kind of ceremony was this again?

Shorts | Survival and Adaptation

Survival of the fittest has a silver lining for introverts.

Shorts | Special Lecture 1-2, Dogs and Kanji 1-2

Ever wondered what "Siberian Husky" could mean in kanji? The answer won't surprise you.

Shorts | The Lady of the Spring, The Fountain of Youth, and Teach Me, Haru-wan

Please read the fine print before drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

Shorts | Meeting a Dog for the First Time

There's a right way and a wrong way to pet a dog. Your hand will thank you for knowing the difference.

Shorts | Washed Up, Drift-Penguin, and Lie Detector: Black Shiba Sequel

Don't mess with the penguin mafia.

Shorts | Troublemaker, Down the Old Well, and Learning Process

What's that, Haru? Your master fell down a well?

Shorts | Origins, An Avant-Garde Pair, Be Your Canine Self

Haru only wishes he could be as cool as a prehistoric dog!

Shorts | Silence Is Golden, Super Sleuth Haru-san

Who is the culprit? It's the Huskey. It's always the Huskey.

Shorts | Diamond in the Rough, The Genie of the Ironware, Tosa Fighting Dog

Haru's master knows how this movie goes. No good can come from entering that cave...

Shorts | Catching Eels, Trash Panda

Haru wants to catch food for his master and has absolutely no ulterior motive at all. Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.

Shorts | The Difference Between Men and Women, The Difference Between Men and Women and Dogs 1-2

How do humans and dogs handle relationships, anyway?

Shorts | Not Defeated by the Rain, Not Defeated by the Wind, Dogs and Drones 1

Dog-walking drones have one weakness: stubborn canines who don't want walkies.

Shorts | The Whisperings of an Angel and a Devil (Dog version), (Master verson), Dogs and Drones 2

Shoulder angels and devils may vary between dogs and humans.

Shorts | The Broken Escalator Phenomenon, Red-Haired Angel, Red-Faced Angel

They're angels, Haru. Don't think too hard about the logic of their existence.

Shorts | High School Teacher

Haru's master reminds her teacher about his dearly departed Shiba Inu and she is not having it.

Shorts | Not Too Close and Not Too Far, Firefly Light 1-2

Were you expecting a profound metaphor about fireflies and fleeting life spans just because it's the last episode?



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