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Doomsday With My Dog

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Shorts | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/30/2022

Failed Experiment, Master and Snow White, & The List

Haru's master can have some pretty... interesting ideas at times.

Doomsday With My Dog

Season 1

Shorts | Ontology, Eudaemonics, & The Dignity of the Wild

If Haru’s master is the last person on Earth and no one else can observe her, does that make her Schrödinger’s human?

Shorts | Planet of the Something or Other, Unchanging Relationship, & A Dog Who Won't Understand, a Girl Who Can't Read a Map

Not all who wander are lost. Except for Haru’s master, that is. She’s totally lost.

Shorts | Man's Best Friend (Working Title), Withdrawal Symptoms, & Moments of Bliss

What’s the worst thing about the apocalypse? There are no more Internet videos.

Shorts | In the Sea of Trees Part 1, In the Sea of Trees Part 2, & Snow White the White Shiba

What should one do when stranded in the most infamous forest in all of Japan? Have a philosophical discussion about cats.

Shorts | The Nightmare, Goodbye, & One Dog Is Enough

Which nightmare is scarier: living through the apocalypse or going to school?

Shorts | Nonconformist Gene, The Miracle of the Spring, & Reconsidering Urashima

What kind of knowledge is valuable during the apocalypse? Japanese folklore.

Shorts | The Impermanence of All Things, The Value of 21 Grams, & Twilight

Nothing lasts and everything changes form. Except for cringy, embarrassing memories from years ago. Those will stay with you forever.

Shorts | Under the Stars, The Dark Side, & The Little Mermaid

Heroes are supposed to reject the villain’s offer, but dogs are simplistic about what they want.

Shorts | A Game of Catch, Rivals, & Love Theory

What does love mean?

Shorts | Fake, Crime of Conscience, & Fake (Revised)

Although tanuki can shape-shift, the racoon dogs quickly realize they don’t need to use their supernatural ability to fool Haru’s master.

Shorts | Trap, The Sequel: Fake (Revised), & The Psychology of Romance

Girl meets Gorilla.

Shorts | Close Encounters, Let's Spend Some Time in the Country, & Let's Spend Some Time in the Country 2

Aliens are hospitable neighbors.

Shorts | False Accusations, The Fox at the Shrine, & The Sixth Sense

The problem with being a trickster spirit is that no one believes you when you’re trying to help.

Shorts | Hangers-On, Snowball Effect, & Exorcism

What’s harder than herding cats? Exorcising their ghosts.

Shorts | Survivor, Different Strokes for Different Dogs, & Wolf or Husky

When it comes to canine companions, there are dogs... and then there are Huskies…

Shorts | Discipline, Lie Detector, & Fairy Tale Women

What's the point of a dog translator if Haru can already talk?

Shorts | Failed Experiment, Master and Snow White, & The List

Haru's master can have some pretty... interesting ideas at times.

Shorts | 10 Things to Do Before I Die Part 1-3

How does one finish a bucket list during the apocalypse? By getting creative.

Shorts | How to Woo a Girl, Personal Effects, & Devotion

If a dog finds itself stranded on a desert island, what would they bring?

Shorts | Anniversary, Escapist, & Powers of Perception

How do dogs know when you’re planning to give them a bath, anyway?

Shorts | Skepticism of the Wild, The Voice of Insects, & Tanabata

Haru’s master realizes she can understand insects, and she’s losing sleep over it.

Shorts | Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3, & Loop 4

A kappa steals Haru’s memories!

Shorts | Interplanetary Broker, Space Kiyoshi, & Hitchhiking

What would Haru's master give in trade for her dog?

Shorts | Time Travel, Game Brain, & Childhood Friend

If life were a video game, Haru would definitely be in a dating sim.

Shorts | Color, Dogs and Thunder, & Unsolved

Although important to the fundamental understanding of the universe, scientific explanations take all the fun out of things.

Shorts | Shiba Drill, Shiba Drill 2, & Shiba Inu on Social Media

Haru raises a good point about social media.

Shorts | A New Day with My Dog, The Nature of a Shiba Inu, & Dog Magazines

Haru sired a puppy? When did this happen?

Shorts | Existence Theory, The Great Cat God, & The Sin of Envy

Haru’s master summons the god of cats for no other reason than she can pet him.

Shorts | Hypnosis, Pre-Established Harmony, & The Lady of the Spring

Overly dramatic husky is overly dramatic.

Shorts | Rhetorically Speaking, Big Sis Collie, & Side Story

If you’re the last person on Earth, you get to decide what’s appropriate for all of humanity!

Shorts | Moon Viewing, Gluttony, & Dogs and Comparisons

What’s up with mysteries and that overgrown space rock we call the moon?

Shorts | Since When, Bringer of Happiness, & Human History

Has Haru’s master been naughty or nice? The answer should be obvious by now.

Shorts | Surprise!, Setsubun, & Fetch: Shibas


Shorts | Shiba Distance, Multifunctional Appliance, & Love Potion

Turns out even space aliens have their alternative medicines.

Shorts | Figure of Speech, Role Reversal, & Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain

Haru and his master switch bodies. Hilarity ensues.

Shorts | Frustration, Living in the Now, & The Call

Rain is only rain when it’s falling.

Shorts | Satori, Shallow Psychology, & Gift

It doesn’t matter if birds are natural or supernatural: they still taste delicious.

Shorts | Fox Shiba and Tanuki Shiba 1-2, & Snow White and Kaguya

There’s a reason Haru doesn’t like tanuki.

Shorts | The Mystery of the Absent-Minded, Grownup Reasons, The Misunderstood Ones

If absent-mindedness is a good thing, then why does it sound like a back-hand compliment?

Shorts | The Misunderstood Ones (Master's Story), The Misunderstood Ones (Shiba Inu Story)

Misunderstandings are universal regardless if someone is a human or a dog.

Shorts | Absolutism, Encirclement, & Reaction

There is absolutely no such thing as an absolute.

Shorts | Summer Vacation, Dog in the Soft Shell, & Apartment Dwellers

What's the difference between the real Haru and mecha Haru?

Shorts | Psychological Test, Kept in Reserve, & Wish Upon a Star

It was at this moment that he knew he messed up.

Shorts | Weight Measurement & Intentional, Unintentional

There’s a reason dogs do their business a certain way.

Shorts | It Happens with Pet Owners, English Lessons, & Alarm Clock

Haru and his master make learning English fun!

Shorts | Black Fox

Angry spirits are dangerous. Fortunately, they're easily tricked.

Shorts | Chess, Loop (Role Reversal), & Can't Quit

Don't play chess with a dog.

Shorts | Concentration, Scary Things, & Not Meshing

Some bears are actually friendly!

Shorts | Ye Olde Master and the Monkey (Normal? Ver.), Ye Olde Master and the Monkey (Shiba Inu Version), Ye Olde Master and the Husky, & Ye Olde Master and the Cat

In hindsight, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that the monkey was the most considerate of the four.

Shorts | Waterfall Meditation, A Long Tale About a Giraffe, A Short Tale About a Giraffe, & The Romantic Affairs of Giraffes

Why do giraffes have long necks? The answer may surprise you!

Shorts | Spot the Mistakes, The Art of Negotiation, & Halloween

Trick or Treat? Why not both?

Shorts | Special Day(s)

What’s the occasion? Don’t ask Haru’s master; she doesn’t know.

Shorts | Shedding Season, Seasonal Wear, & Sealed Away

Shibas shed a lot of fur, don’t they?

Shorts | Autumn Leaf Burning & Kokkuri-san

Roasting potatoes over a leaf fire is a time-honored autumn tradition.

Shorts | A Certain Dog's Long Journey

Don’t believe the government’s lies about Laika the Soviet space dog. The aliens know what really happened!

Shorts | Teach Me, Haru-san; Vow of Servitude; & Deer Antlers

What kind of ceremony was this again?

Shorts | Survival and Adaptation

Survival of the fittest has a silver lining for introverts.

Shorts | Special Lecture 1-2, Dogs and Kanji 1-2

Ever wondered what “Siberian Husky” could mean in kanji? The answer won’t surprise you.

Shorts | The Lady of the Spring, The Fountain of Youth, & Teach Me, Haru-wan

Please read the fine print before drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

Shorts | Meeting a Dog for the First Time

There’s a right way and a wrong way to pet a dog. Your hand will thank you for knowing the difference.

Shorts | Washed Up, Drift-Penguin, & Lie Detector: Black Shiba Sequel

Don’t mess with the penguin mafia.

Shorts | Troublemaker, Down the Old Well, & Learning Process

What’s that, Haru? Your master fell down a well?

Shorts | Origins, An Avant-Garde Pair, Be Your Canine Self

Haru only wishes he could be as cool as a prehistoric dog!

Shorts | Silence Is Golden, Super Sleuth Haru-san

Who is the culprit? It’s the Huskey. It’s always the Huskey.

Shorts | Diamond in the Rough, The Genie of the Ironware, Tosa Fighting Dog

Haru’s master knows how this movie goes. No good can come from entering that cave...

Shorts | Catching Eels, Trash Panda

Haru wants to catch food for his master and has absolutely no ulterior motive at all. Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.

Shorts | The Difference Between Men and Women, The Difference Between Men and Women and Dogs 1-2

How do humans and dogs handle relationships, anyway?

Shorts | Not Defeated by the Rain, Not Defeated by the Wind, Dogs and Drones 1

Dog-walking drones have one weakness: stubborn canines who don’t want walkies.

Shorts | The Whisperings of an Angel and a Devil (Dog version), (Master verson), Dogs and Drones 2

Shoulder angels and devils may vary between dogs and humans.

Shorts | The Broken Escalator Phenomenon, Red-Haired Angel, Red-Faced Angel

They're angels, Haru. Don’t think too hard about the logic of their existence.

Shorts | High School Teacher

Haru’s master reminds her teacher about his dearly departed Shiba Inu and she is not having it.

Shorts | Not Too Close and Not Too Far, Firefly Light 1-2

Were you expecting a profound metaphor about fireflies and fleeting life spans just because it’s the last episode?



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