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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/20/2003

Enter Dokkoida!

As Suzuo arrives in the city, he desperately needs a job, so he takes an offer: become a test subject


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Enter Dokkoida!

As Suzuo arrives in the city, he desperately needs a job, so he takes an offer: become a test subject

E2 | Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get?

Things aren't going so well, even with the recruitment ads they can't seem to get past the bad press.

E3 | Dokkoida vs. Edelweiss

When the Umeki family moves into the compound, along with their daughter Ruri, a new threat arrives.

E4 | The Strange Neighbor, Sayuri

With all the strange noises coming from the complex, one would think it was haunted!  It's no ghost! It's the new neighbor, Sayuri.

E5 | More Bang for my buck: A higher allowance!

Suzuo is barely making ends meet. He finds out that the villains are getting paid a higher compensation, Suzuo demands a raise.

E6 | Cycling Contest For A Day At The Pool

A heat wave hits the city, and it's too hot to fight. A new complex has a fantastic pool, but the entry fee is expensive.

E7 | Kurika's Dream

Summer is here, and everyone is planning to see the fireworks. Meanwhile, Kurika gets damaged and finally has a dream.

E8 | Little Sister Love

After a new TV movie comes out, the neighbor's become a bit suspicious that something might be going on between Suzuo and Kosuzu.

E9 | Some Like it Hot

A superstar goes missing, Marilyn Ronmoe and the GFP is tasked to find her. All of the sudden she ends up showing up at Suzuo's apartment.

E10 | Mogumokkuru's Makeover

Chief Mogumokkuru launches a PR campaign to better the public sentiment of the GFP. Hilarities ensues as the Inspector decides on reality TV.

E11 | Cosmos House's Last Hour?

Summer is over, The Dokkoida and Neruloid Girls teams are now out of work as the ultimate weapon for the GFP is complete.

E12 | The Battle of Zealousness

Fighting together, not as villains and test subjects, they unite as Cosmo's house resident's to gain back their jobs.



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