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Di Gi Charat

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Shorts | TV-PG | Premiere: 12/2/1999

What's that?

Dejiko, Gema, and Puchiko decide to go out for a picnic. On their excursion, they meet a mysterious yellow bear in a box.

Di Gi Charat

Season 1

Shorts | Dejiko arrives!

Dejiko arrives in Akihabara along with Puchiko, and Gema, but the trio suddenly realizes that they have nowhere to stay!

Shorts | Call me Rabi en Rose

Much to his chagrin, Dejiko's long-time rival, Rabi-en-Rose (whose real name is much less impressive) makes a sudden appearance.

Shorts | Spooky Store

A boy looking for trading cards helps Rabi-en-Rose, but is frightened by the spooky appearance of the store.

Shorts | What's that?

Dejiko, Gema, and Puchiko decide to go out for a picnic. On their excursion, they meet a mysterious yellow bear in a box.

Shorts | Mr.Longhair

A handsome man visits the store and comments on how Dejiko, Gema, and Puchiko speak, only to show a particular interest in Puchiko.

Shorts | Bukimi-buu

Dejiko's tail is found by two otaku named Takeshi and Yoshimi. Will this spell disaster or hilarity?

Shorts | Gema, Gema pssshuuu...

When Dejiko kicks Gema into water, something crazy happens: he begins to grow! Will Gema ever get back to normal size?

Shorts | Me Kara Beam doesn't work-nyu

Puchiko knows that she has the potential to use her Me-Kara-Beam, but Dejiko has a crucial element that would allow her to use it.

Shorts | Romantic... in a particular way

Minagawa is miraculously saved from sickness by a pre-henshin form of Rabi-en-rose who tells her of his history.

Shorts | False Dejiko!

Minagawa is robbed! Worse, she identifies the perpetrator as none other than... Dejiko? What could have brought this on?

Shorts | Hot Steamy Rice

Dreams are a place where you can do, be, or… eat anything? Dejiko and Puchiko dream about rice and all its wonders.

Shorts | Monster and Co. Attack!

Akihabara is under attack from a fierce monster! Will Dejiko, Gema, and Puchiko be able to save their new home?

Shorts | Possesed by spirit-nyo

The unthinkable happens: Dejiko is possessed by a… clam spirit? No worries, Minagawa is on the case!

Shorts | Hooligans visit

When a hooligan named Abarenbou visits Akihabara, the usually calm, but bustling, city becomes a hotbed of chaos!

Shorts | Party Night

It's time to party with Dejiko and the gang! Get into the celebratory spirit with the music video "Party Night!"

Shorts | Usada's Big Bang

Dejiko gifts a deliciously dangerous Christmas cake to Usada, also known as Rabi-en-rose, with hopes of getting rid of her once and for all.



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