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Delinquent Hamsters

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Shorts | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/6/2019


The delinquents decide to PUNish their audience in the most heinous way possible. Truly, these are the most hardcore delinquents in the world.

Delinquent Hamsters

Season 1

Shorts | Delinquent Hamsters

Regent's sunflower seeds have gone missing. Mohawk's cheeks are suspiciously large. You do the math.

Shorts | Turf War

Mohawk has claimed the sleeping hut as his own, but Regent ain't gonna take that lying down... because he wants to lie down in that hut, dammit!

Shorts | Tall Tales

It's time to decide, once and for all, who's the most hardcore delinquent around.

Shorts | Lady Friend!

Mohawk and Regent have a way with the ~ladies~.

Shorts | Introducing Kohai

There's a new hamster in town. He's got a great perm, but it takes more than a punky haircut to be a delinquent. Regent and Mohawk gotta take this 'kohai' under their wing...

Shorts | Delinquent Hamsters Kablam!

History repeats itself... only this time Kohai is along for the sunflower-seed-covered ride.

Shorts | Dusty Bro

What the hell is that pink thing??

Shorts | Showdown

The hamsters shove sunflower seeds into their mouths to see who's most delinquent. Yes, that makes perfect sense. SHUT UP.

Shorts | A Battle for Freedom

Playtime's over, and the delinquent hamsters mean business — because they want more freakin' playtime!

Shorts | A Good Night's Sleep

The delinquents' sleeping arrangements get a major upgrade. Chaos ensues. I mean, what'd you expect? For the hamsters to just get along or whatever? HA HA HA... no.

Shorts | Youthful Indiscretion

Kohai climbs to new heights. And then he can't figure out how to get down again. WHOOPS.

Shorts | Impact

Hamsters are definitely the most impressive animals around, right? Right?? ... RIGHT?!?!!

Shorts | The Cushion

Do not underestimate the powers of the cushion. Not even delinquents are immune to its sorcery!

Shorts | The Uninvited Guest


Shorts | The New Toy

Regent has a ...special... way of claiming a carboard tube as his own. Ewwwwwww.

Shorts | Youthful Indiscretion 2

Kohai plummets to new depths. And then he can't figure out how to climb out again. How the hell does he keep getting himself into these situations??!

Shorts | Individuality

Kiyomasa comes calling. He needs advice from the delinquents. It goes about as well as you'd expect from a show like this.

Shorts | Mystery Object X

What the heck is that wheel thing??

Shorts | The Brown Stadium

The delinquents acquire a clubhouse. Chaos ensues. What, you're surprised? You really need to stop expecting better of these hamsters, dude.

Shorts | The Cherry Incident

The delinquents try a new food. They... like it? Maybe? It's hard to tell, honestly.

Shorts | Operation Baked Potato

Operation Sweet Potato is underway, and (predictably) Kohai gets the short end of the stick... er, potato? Spit-covered tissue bridge? Maybe? Something like that.

Shorts | Battle at the Window


Shorts | Butt Kicking - Winter

Temperature control in the sleeping hut is Serious Business for delinquents.

Shorts | The Brown Stadium 2

The delinquents find another clubhouse. We'll give you three guesses as to how that goes, and the first two don't count.

Shorts | The Call of the Cushion

Man, that cushion really messes up the delinquents' image, doesn't it? But it's just so soooooft...

Shorts | Samurai Hamster

Kiyomasa returns for more advice, against all odds and his own best interest.

Shorts | The Missing Treats

Kohai reveals an innovative method of storing food... very familiar-looking food... HEY, WAIT A MINUTE —

Shorts | Fluffy Rapper

THE HAMSTERS RAP. The hamsters rap in this episode; what else is there to say?? They're hamsters and they rap.

Shorts | Tummy Crisis

Mohawk has a tummy ache. Regent and Kohai rush to the rescue. Delinquents take care of their own!

Shorts | Bob Cuts By the Window

WHAT THE?! THE PIGEON IS BACK AGAIN?!? OH, THAT DOES IT. TIME TO BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS (and maybe the bob haircuts, though hopefully things won't come to that).

Shorts | Dreams of Bobs

Wait. What happened to everybody's hair? And why is everybody acting weird?! WHAT IS HAPPENING???!

Shorts | Butt Kicking - Summer

Temperature control in the sleeping hut is still Serious Business for delinquents.

Shorts | Operation Melon

Operation Melon is underway, but this time Kohai won't let Regent and Pompadour make a fool of him!

Shorts | Ultra Humidity

Hot weather leads to a hair disaster for the delinquents. Especially Regent and Mohawk.

Shorts | Midnight Escape

The hamsters go for a midnight stroll. Let's just hope their shenanigans don't wake Kinkuma...

Shorts | Delinquent Dreams

Kohai can't sleep. Luckily Regent and Pompadour are having some very entertaining dreams. Where's the popcorn when you need it...

Shorts | A Delinquent Election

The delinquents need a leader, so they host an election. Too bad they're really bad at math...

Shorts | Tale of Two Cookies

Two cookies. Three hamsters. The delinquents aren't great at math, but even they know those numbers don't add up.

Shorts | My Name

Winter is coming. If they're to survive, the delinquents must train their brains!

Shorts | The Shaking Machine

The delinquents discover a weird device. It rumbles... sometimes. Guess they gotta bide their time with a wordgame...

Shorts | The Shogun Hamster

There's an interloper on the delinquents' turf! Good thing gutsy Kiyomasa is there to back them up.

Shorts | A Battle for Freedom - Winter

Playtime's over, but once again, the delinquents aren't giving playtime up without a fight!

Shorts | Christmas Eve Punks

The delinquents receive a confusing Christmas present. Dude, it's like looking in a mirror...

Shorts | Delinquent Style

"Delinquent." What does it mean? And who's that mysterious figure coming this way??

Shorts | Gramps Style

Gramps (a new, old friend) shares his wisdom with the delinquents. Will Regent, Mohawk and Kohai become delinquents once again?

Shorts | A Plump Ham or Fat Kohai

Kohai has gained weight. No big deal... except now he gets extra playtime. Regent and Mohawk hatch a plan to cash in on the fun...

Shorts | Gourmet Musketeers

Mohawk doesn't appreciate snacktime the way that he should. Regent and Kohai investigate.

Shorts | Side Parted Melancholy

Regent has a bad hairday, with unexpectedly straitlaced results.

Shorts | Valentine's Day Delusion

The delinquents discuss the true meaning of Valentine's Day.

Shorts | Vacuum Bro

What the hell is that loud thing??

Shorts | His Name

...what is Kohai's real name, anyway?

Shorts | Sneezing Fire

Mohawk's sneezing fit puts his very identity in danger! The delinquents jump into action, but can they save his signature haircut?

Shorts | Show and Tell

It's time for the 19th Show and Tell with Namippo! Who will walk away the victor of this cutthroat competition?

Shorts | An Important Hair

Gramps lost his most precious hair! The delinquents are on the case and will replace it come hell or high water!

Shorts | Spring Has Come

The delinquents are graduating... but what are they graduating FROM, exactly?

Shorts | Get Those Seeds!

An insidious serpent has stolen the delinquents' sunflower seeds. THIS WILL NOT STAND!

Shorts | Kohai the Daydreamer

Kohai has a dream. It's weird. But then again, things are rarely ever normal with these hamsters. Better get used to it.

Shorts | Specialty Planning

Real delinquents build their own hideouts; everybody knows THAT! But not everybody has brains as small as these hamsters...

Shorts | The Center Part

Mohawk's bed-head changes him. Or does it? Nobody's sure. Maybe he's just grumpy. Oh well.

Shorts | Excalibur of Mine

Kiyomasa is on a quest to find the perfect sword. He goes to the delinquents for help. Probably not the best decision he could've made, but you do you, samurai-hamster.

Shorts | My Narrow Road

Gramps introduces / senryu poetry form / to the delinquents

Shorts | Their Name

Regent is dead set on changing his name, but he's going to need some time to adjust — and so will Mohawk and Kohai.

Shorts | Playtime Crusade

Yet again, the delinquents have hidden behind the tissue box in protest of a shortened playtime. Will Mohawk's stinky breath save them where so many plans have failed before?

Shorts | Rodents Got Talent

The cure for boredom? Karaoke. It's very delinquent.

Shorts | N-1 Grand Prix

The N-1 Grand Prix begins! ...oh wait, you don't know what that is. It's a contest to make Namippo laugh. Yeah. That's it.

Shorts | We Young Hams

Man, these hamsters' voices don't sound anything like they used to, do they? The delinquents take a walk down memory lane to see how much they've really changed...

Shorts | Riddles

The delinquents decide to PUNish their audience in the most heinous way possible. Truly, these are the most hardcore delinquents in the world.

Shorts | Ultra Humidity Strikes Back

Hot weather leads to a hair disaster for the delinquents. Especially Kohai.

Shorts | Voice Swap

Regent and Mohawk undergo a transformation that thoroughly confuses Kohai.

Shorts | Smooth Bavarois

Time to make a wish! But what should the delinquents wish for, anyhow?

Shorts | Wondering Samurai

Kiyomasa has a dark secret (one that isn't really a secret at all, but don't tell him that).

Shorts | Hide and go Weep

Gramps is a hide-and-seek champion and no one will ever find him (or at least these dummy delinquents won't).

Shorts | Playtime Defense

The delinquents have come up with an ingenious new way to extend their playtime... but they've vastly overestimated their brilliance. Like, seriously.

Shorts | Flight or Fright

A nighttime escapade. That's nothing a trio of delinquents can't handle... b-but wh-what's th-that sh-shadow o-over th-there?!?!?

Shorts | The Kiwi Incident

The delinquents try a new food. The process is just as dramatic as you'd expect.

Shorts | Summer Sweat-off

What the heck is this super hot spot?!?!

Shorts | Mohawk the Daydreamer

Mohawk's hair soars to new heights as he dreams a really weird dream. Like, it's seriously strange.

Shorts | Delinquent 101

Namippo is back, and he's looking to take a Delinquency 101 class from the delinquents themselves.

Shorts | Titles

Regent wants to add a title to his name, but you can't just give yourself a title. The delinquents will have to band together to think up something great!

Shorts | Delinquent Autumn

Regent and Mohawk have eaten all of Kohai's snacks, and he's out for revenge. Will Regent and Mohawk FALL for his tricks?

Shorts | Ham-ham Tanka

Forget senryu. Gramps is all about tanka poetry now! Hell yeah!

Shorts | Another Delinquent Election

Time for another round of elections! It's Regent vs. Kohai, and Mohawk wields the power of the vote. FEAR MOHAWK'S INFINITE MIGHT AS A CONSTITUENT!!!

Shorts | Halloween Dilemma

Happy Halloween... but wait. What IS Halloween, exactly? Kiyomasa has the inside scoop.

Shorts | Serious Cleaning

The sleeping hut has gotten super cramped, so it's time to do some tidying up. Can the delinquents bear to part with their stuff, though??

Shorts | Getting Fit

Any good delinquent needs some muscle, so the hamsters are gonna get J A C K E D.

Shorts | Static Panic

First humidity, and now this?!?!

Shorts | In Search of Warmth

What the heck is this super cold spot?!?!

Shorts | Fine Lounging Weather

Can't... reach... COOKIE...

Shorts | Smartphone Bro

The rumbling thing is back! How come Regent gets to stand in the best spot?

Shorts | Chris Moose is for Good Hams

Chris Moose is upon us once again! It's that time of year when Santa brings presents to good little hams, and the delinquents have been very... uh... um... UH OH.

Shorts | A New Year

Happy New Year! (Om nom nom.) It's time to make some resolutions. (Om nom nom!) What do you think the delinquents will do this year? (OM NOM NOM!)

Shorts | Delinquency Exam

Does Kohai have what it takes to pass the Delinquency Exam? Wait. Do delinquents even take exams? THIS IS PARADOXICAL AND CONFUSING.

Shorts | More Valentine's Day Delusions

It's Valentine's Day, but what're the delinquents supposed to do when there aren't any girls around?

Shorts | Delinquent 201

Namippo is back for more delinquent lessons, and this time he's here for a new hairdo... but with the delinquents for stylists, things are bound to get weird.

Shorts | Sleep Shouting

Regent wakes up early (for once) and discovers something interesting about Mohawk.

Shorts | Spring Has Sprung!

Ah, spring. The time for graduation and moving on... wait, why is Regent making it sound like this show is ending? But we have so many episodes left!!

Shorts | Club Recruitment

Kohai has a very important decision to make. Luckily Mohawk and Regent make it easy for him.

Shorts | Better Treats

The delinquents deserve better snacks, dammit, and they'll have to pull out all the stops to get 'em!

Shorts | The Samurai and the Butterfly

Well, great. This ding-dang butterfly just HAD to visit on the same day as Kiyomasa! Looks like the delinquents will have to scare the interloper off... by any means necessary.

Shorts | Well-mannered Hamsters

In celebration of our 100th episode, it's "Well-mannered Hamsters!" Will the delinquents enjoy this new twist on an old fav? (Hint: Probably not.)

Shorts | Summer Feelings

Mohawk just wants to enjoy summer, dammit! Can the delinquents help him feel those good summer vibes?

Shorts | The Call of the Banana

Daddy brought bananas for the hams! But do bananas taste better now, or will they taste better later? Gramps has the inside scoop.

Shorts | Take this Summer Greeting!

What are midsummer check-ins all about, anyway? What even ARE they, really? And why the hell is Kohai so damn evil???

Shorts | Delinquent Shopping

But wait; there's more! Now it's time for... Delinquent Shopping!

Shorts | Smartphone Bro 2

Uh oh. Looks like the delinquents went and pissed off Smartphone Bro! But what have they done to make him so mad?

Shorts | Samurai Blues

Kiyomasa tries to talk some sense into the delinquents regarding their latest scheme. It backfires. It really, really backfires.

Shorts | Rock, Paper, Scissors

The delinquents decide to invent their own version of rock-paper-scissors. Too bad "woodchips-sunflower seeds-Mohawk's butt hair" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Shorts | Delinquent Halloween

TRICK OR TREAT! Hand over all your snacks and nobody gets hurt!

Shorts | More Delinquent Dreams

Regent's insomnia leads to unexpected entertainment (but what else is new?).

Shorts | Youthful Finale

A role reversal inspires a look into the delinquents' past. Look how much they've grown! D'awww!



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