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Delinquent Hamsters Season 2

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Shorts | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/24/2021

Detective Regent

Mohawk's tissues are missing. Regent helps find them. He is an ace detective, you see.

Delinquent Hamsters Season 2

Season 2

Shorts | Delinquent Hamsters

Regent, Mohawk and Kohai get new digs in time for a new season. Time to take the delinquency up a notch!

Shorts | Turf-Rubbing

Why does the hamsters' new place smell weird? It rubs them the wrong way, that's for sure. Looks like they gotta set things right...

Shorts | Open House

Time for open house tours! How do delinquent hamsters decorate? Let's find out.

Shorts | New Character Debate

The hamsters have new digs, but do they need a new character to really make this feel like Season 2? The delinquents discuss.

Shorts | Who's "Honey?" - Part 1

Gramps and Grams pay the delinquents a visit, and the delinquents have a LOT of questions. Perhaps too many to fit in just one episode...

Shorts | Who's "Honey?" - Part 2

Time to get to know Grams! She's quite the inspiring hamster.

Shorts | Where's Namippo?

Are the hams forgetting something? Maybe Namippo? Or someone else? No, no, there's no way...

Shorts | Sofa Discourse

How are the hams supposed to use a sofa, anyway? They should definitely start by claiming a spot, that's for sure.

Shorts | Drink Addicts

No more escaping, huh? Time for the hams to take up a new coping mechanism.

Shorts | Our Own Excalibur

Samurai hamster Kiyomasa is still looking for a sword. Perhaps the delinquents can help him find his destined blade.

Shorts | Humid Madness

Kohai's perm has gone haywire! Time to take drastic measures to tame the beast.

Shorts | The Runaways

The delinquents set their sights on a delicious looking book, but they'll have to be sneaky to claim their prize.

Shorts | Cushion Lazing

The cushion strikes again and drains the hamsters of their usual rebellious energy. What would it take for them to break free from its dastardly clutches?

Shorts | His Name

Gramps stops by to play a game of tag... but wait. What's his real name again? Does Gramps even remember?

Shorts | Kohai's Tale

Every good delinquent needs a war story or two. Kohai's may just outshine them all. Time to get the dirt!

Shorts | Shimazu and Kato's Epic Struggle

When the cat's away, the mice will play... or the hamsters will play, in this case. Same difference.

Shorts | Summer Sofa

Whoever finds the coolest spot on the sofa is the boss... too bad no one can decide where that spot actually is.

Shorts | Polite Fighting

Should the hams chill out on the cursing? How does one become a better delinquent, anyhow? The hamsters discuss.

Shorts | Heated Tries

Rugby is pretty cool. Do the hamsters even know the rules? Eh, whatever. It'll be fine...

Shorts | Jealousy

There's a new bird in town and Namippo isn't happy about it.

Shorts | Fighting off Sleep

Are the hamsters actually night owls? Real delinquents don't take naps!

Shorts | Whistling Wish

Regents wants to learn to whistle. Can Mohawk and Kohai teach him how?

Shorts | Kinkuma's Challenge

Kinkuma needs to go big or go home if he wants to pass his art class, but it's hard for him to draw things he doesn't care about. Maybe he should draw his hams!

Shorts | Bro-o-lantern

There's an interloper in the hams' midst, and it really gets their gourd.

Shorts | Mild Delinquency

Kohai is thinking of becoming a "mild" delinquent. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Shorts | Phoenix

Twee-Phoenix has an impressive name. Do they live up to it? Is it even their name? This is confusing...

Shorts | Fall Feelings

Mohawk falls for fall. Or he would, if it would actually get here... This conversation sure is taking a while...

Shorts | Detective Regent

Mohawk's tissues are missing. Regent helps find them. He is an ace detective, you see.

Shorts | Perfect Meditation

The beacons are lit! Kiyomasa calls for aid!

Shorts | Missing Snacks

Mohawk and Regent have been robbed! There's only one possible culprit... isn't there? An investigation has begun!

Shorts | Rivals on the Balcony

The birds seem to be friendly all of a sudden... or does their cheerful mood conceal a darker truth? Dun dun DUN!

Shorts | The Christmas Ultra-nice List

Tensions are running high amongst the hams, but that's nothing a little Chris Moose cheer can't fix.

Shorts | Old Ham Memories

Grams and Gramps reminisce. They remember a lot from over the years, but will they remember they have an audience?

Shorts | Secret Move Conference

The delinquents need fancy finishing moves to use the next time they get in a fight. Time to brainstorm!

Shorts | Visual Novel Delinquents

Kohai takes a nap and has a really strange dream. Like... it's weird as heck, y'all. What is even happening!?

Shorts | Yoga Time

All Regent wants is a little PEACE and QUIET! Too bad he lives with such rowdy hams... maybe he can calm them down a little?

Shorts | Whistling Concert

Mohawk finally has someone he can whistle with! Time to relax and enjoy the song.

Shorts | Mouth-off Training

The hams wax poetic on the subject of fruit, but which ones are their favs? The hams debate!

Shorts | A Telling Look

Kohai tries to improve his nonverbal communication skills, much to the other hams' confusion.

Shorts | Halloween Battle

The Bro-o-Lantern returns! That means Halloween is almost here. Time for a costume competition to celebrate the spookiest of seasons!

Shorts | Quotes for the Press

Regent wants to hold a press conference, but what the heck are press conferences even for, anyway?

Shorts | Present Presenting

Merry Chris Moose! The hams present their presents to one another and celebrate another year together.

Shorts | Delinquent Lingo 101

Welcome to Delinquent Lingo 101 with your instructor, Kohai the delinquent hamster!

Shorts | Winter Training

The A/C doesn't seem to be working properly, and the hams are feeling the heat... or the lack of it, to be specific. Why is it so COLD!?

Shorts | Grand-1 Grand Prix

The Grand-1 Grand Prix is underway, and the hams are off to the races to prove they're the ultimate grandkid!

Shorts | Hold Up Kohai

Regent and Mohawk take their playtime very seriously, so while they goof off, Kohai will take some time for selfcare.

Shorts | Lazy Techniques

The delinquent hams teach Kiyomasa the fine art of doing nothing at all.

Shorts | Worldwide Delinquents

The siren song of fame is calling, but what will the delinquent hamsters have to do to become stars? Does Smartphone Bro hold the answers?

Shorts | Voice Training

A fight erupts... kind of. The hams are voice training and it's confusing for Kohai. Hopefully they don't yell too loudly and destroy their throats.

Shorts | Looking for Rivals

Life has been pretty lowkey lately, so Regent wants a new rival. But where the heck can a ham get a new rival on short notice?



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