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D4DJ First Mix

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/22/2021

Childhood Friends

Rinku knows just how Happy Around! can come out on top. Two words: Rap. Battle.

D4DJ First Mix

Season 1 | 14 Episodes

E1 | First Mix

How does one apologize for barging in on a live music broadcast? By bonding over a shared interest in music, of course!

E2 | Next Step

Rinku is all fired up and can't wait for their performance! Not so fast, though. There's a difference between wanting to perform and knowing how to do so.

E3 | Only Me

Rinku and Maho need flyers for their next performance. They think they're talented artists, but all Muni sees are their cursed images.

E4 | Make My Song

Photon Maiden is holding auditions, so Rinku and her friends really need to step up their game this time. Maybe a talented pianist can give them the edge they need!

E5 | One and Only

It's time to mix things up and let Muni sing! But first, a pajama party so everyone can get to know each other. Maybe they'll even get some material to write music about.

E6 | Fall Camp

Everything's finally on track and... wait, what do you mean finals are coming up? What do you mean Rinku and her friends can't do extracurricular activities if they fail?

E7 | Holy Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means parties! But after Happy Around! hears the bad news, maybe Peaky P-key can help spread the holiday cheer instead.

E8 | Dear Friend

Rinku's guest performance at Peaky P-key's Christmas Concert is well received. Maho becomes anxious and consults Shinobu Inuyose about the thoughts bothering her.

E9 | Encounter With Light

Happy Around! place 8th in the Yoba Academy DJ rankings. However, Photon Maiden is tied with them. The two units face off to decide who will perform on the Sunset Stage.

E10 | Brand New World

Happy Around! requires a surefire hit to even compete with Photon Maiden. Unfortunately for Rei, her friends insist her new song will give them just the edge they need.

E11 | Voice of Evolution

Feeling disappointed after losing is natural. It's also motivation to learn and grow.

E12 | Childhood Friends

Rinku knows just how Happy Around! can come out on top. Two words: Rap. Battle.

E13 | Groovy Mix

The only thing that stands between Happy Around! and victory is Peaky P-key. Do they have what it takes to come out on top?

E6.5 | Happy Around! 1st LIVE Commemorative Special!

Tune in with Yuka Nishio, the voice of Rinku Aimoto and the members of Happy Around!, as they go over the first 6 episodes of D4DJ First Mix!



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