Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

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Season 1 Episode 14 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/11/2015

Ange and Tusk

Ange, Vivian, and Tusk find themselves in a strange alternate world. Tusk and Ange grow closer as they learn about the dimension they are trapped in.

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Fallen Princess

Princess Angelise lives a life of privilege in the Misurugi Empire. In a world where people can use a magic known as Mana, Angelise cannot.

E2 | Disobedient Soul

Ange is exiled to Arzenal, and joins a group of Normas to become a soldier. Reluctant from the start, she must adapt and realize she no longer is a princess.

E3 | Villkiss Awakens

After a deadly battle, Ange decides to pilot Vilkiss, a powerful combat armor known as a Para-mail. Will Ange be able to shake her losses and fight again?

E4 | A Loner's Revolt

Ange has accepted her new life, but the consequences of her actions in battle have caused conflict with the other Normas.

E5 | Ange, Lost

Ange's arrogance leads to a crash landing, and she wakes up next to an unknown boy. She accepts his help as he mysteriously knows how to repair her damaged Para-mail.

E6 | Momoka's Here!

Ange's past catches up with her when Momoka, her maid from the Empire, finds her. Is Ange willing to deal with memories of a harsh past after all she has been through?

E7 | Salia's Depression

Newly appointed Captain Salia forces Ange to learn the importance of teamwork and following orders when a new DRAGON appears.

E8 | Bikini Escape

Festa has arrived, and the Normas get a day to celebrate! Ange's day is interrupted by a message sent to her from Sylvia, her younger sister from the Empire.

E9 | Traitorous Homeland

Trouble forces Ange, Momoka, and Hilda to leave Arzenal. Hilda heads to the Enderant Union to find her mother, while Ange and Momoka return to the palace to find Sylvia.

E10 | Goodbye from the Gallows

Both Hilda and Ange are met with unforeseen betrayals in the places they once called home. The two of them must escape back to Arzenal if they hope to survive.

E11 | Dragon Song

Arzenal is attacked by three strange Para-mails along with a fleet of DRAGONs. In battle, Ange has a shocking revelation about one of the enemy pilots.

E12 | Her Right Arm's Past

Arzenal is recovering after the battle between the Para-mails and DRAGON fleet. Ange and the others discover a survivor and learn the truth about Mana users and Normas.

E13 | Arzenal, in Flames

Julio, the cruel brother that outed Ange as a Norma, launches an attack on Arzenal. Jill begins Operation Libertus as the pilots gear up to defend themselves.

E14 | Ange and Tusk

Ange, Vivian, and Tusk find themselves in a strange alternate world. Tusk and Ange grow closer as they learn about the dimension they are trapped in.

E15 | Another Earth

DRAGONs take Ange, Vivian, and Tusk to a castle in the mountains and they encounter the Para-mail pilot from a previous battle, Salamandinay.

E16 | Resonating Front Lines

Salamandinay and her fleet plan to launch an attack on the Earth Ange is from in order to kill Embryo. Will Ange stay and fight at her side?

E17 | Dark Angel of Destruction

Ange decides to return to Arzenal, where she learns that the lines aren't drawn as she knows thanks to Embryo's influence.

E18 | Conclusive Ocean

After being reunited with her comrades, tension rises between Ange and Jill as she continues to pursue Operation Libertus.

E19 | The Turner of Time

Ange is ambushed and captured by the Diamond Rose Knights. She soon finds herself face-to-face with Embryo, where she learns of his plans and how far he's willing to go.

E20 | God's Proposal

Embryo fails to win over Ange, and his plans for Aura and the two Earths is revealed. Can the remaining Arzenal soldiers shake their troubles and regroup?

E21 | The Survivors

Salia assists Ange and Momoka in escaping Embryo, who continues to hunt them down. Can Tusk make it in time to confront Embryo?

E22 | Necessary

Embryo tries to use Aura to combine the two Earths to create a new one. Salia helps Ange escape, and she learns about her mutual feelings for Tusk.

E23 | Distorting World

The Arzenal soldiers are reunited and plan to see Libertus to the end as they prepare for their final battle against Embryo

E24 | Eve of Destruction

Ange and the other soldiers fight against old friends as they get help from old enemies as the two world continue to converge.

E25 | Beyond Time

Tusk, Hilda, and Salia must unlock the power inside the Vilkiss to rescue Ange from Embryo before the convergence is completed.



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