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Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-PG | Premiere: 8/1/2011


Claude scolds Yune for her kindness, which is taken advantage of by a boy who steals from the shop.

Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Entrance

On his return from a trip to Japan, Oscar Claudel brings a young girl named Yune to work at his metalworks shop, the Enseignes du Roy.

E2 | Cheese

Yune eats her first French breakfast and attempts to hide her dislike of cheese! Claude, Oscar's grandson, takes Yune shopping.

E3 | Japanese Labyrinth

Claude becomes inspired by Yune with an idea for a sign for a nearby music shop. Later, they find the owners of Yune's kimono.

E4 | Water Light

Alice, the youngest of the upper-class Blanche family, becomes interested in Yune and wants her to stay with her, but Yune has made a promise to the Claudels.

E5 | Lost

Claude scolds Yune for her kindness, which is taken advantage of by a boy who steals from the shop.

E6 | Crinoline

Alice pays a visit to Yune at Oscar's shop and invites her over for a photograph. There, Yune learns of a past between Alice's sister Camille and Claude

E7 | Skylight

Yune faints from a fever, which fills Claude with guilt for scolding her earlier. He receives help from Alice and her doctor to cure Yune.

E8 | A Child's Room

A tea party at the Blanche's brings Claude and Camille together, while Alice shows Yune the nursery where she grew up.

E9 | Secrets

Claude speaks about the past with Camille when they used to play together in the Blanche's family garden.

E10 | Phantasmagoria

Oscar spends time with Yune and Alice. He shows off a slide projector that reminds Alice of her parts of her life back in Japan.

E11 | A Prayer

Alice invites Yune to an exhibition at the Grand Magasin, but Claude opposes and makes other plans for them. Yune shares more about her family in Japan.

E12 | Cat on the Roof

Yune goes out to search for a lost black cat and gets lost, which worries Claude who cannot find her.



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