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Shorts | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/22/1999

Color 10

Itani almost can't handle how hot his professor is. His mind is taking a simple lessons in prouncing Ls and Rs in a strange direction


Season 1

Shorts | Color 01

A simple lamp post is the scene of a mysterious string of injuries involving men. What could be causing these accidents?

Shorts | Color 02

Oh no! Someone robbed the convenience store! If only there was a way to stop these recent acts of vandalism!

Shorts | Color 03

Dinner parties can be so dull. If only there was something that could add a pop of excitement!

Shorts | Color 04

The holidays approach, and the boys get jobs for Christmas. Itani stocks toy shelves, Hirokawa becomes a Santa elf, and Shimoi tries consumer reporting!

Shorts | Color 05

Afflicted with a losing streak, the Coach is forced to come up with some kind of healing for the girls who believe their team is cursed.

Shorts | Color 06

When Itani finds out his GPA is so low he may get kicked out of school, Hirokawa suggests sneaking into Professor Pamela’s home. What they discover shocks them.

Shorts | Color 07

There are a lot of rather colorful characters to celebrate in this world, and you can celebrate them all in all their randomness.

Shorts | Color 08

Itani checks out some sexy girls at the mall. Meanwhile, the pervs at the shoe store play paper-rock-scissors to decide who will get to assist the store's sexiest patrons.

Shorts | Color 09

A darkened movie theater will be the perfect place for looking up skirts. Springtime is nigh and full of blossoms. One photographer's desires are blossoming along with it!

Shorts | Color 10

Itani almost can't handle how hot his professor is. His mind is taking a simple lessons in prouncing Ls and Rs in a strange direction

Shorts | Color 11

Itani laments the end of his course because he won't be seeing his hot teacher anymore. The tables are turned later when Yamamoto's swim coach is the one longing from afar.

Shorts | Color 12

A giant high school girl dresssed in private school attire appears in Tokyo Bay. They are shocked and appalled at the enormity of... the situation. What could she be doing?

Shorts | Color 13

Steve's pen pal Jamie visits and is immediately drawn to all the short skirts. Jamie finds himself in an awkward position on the train.

Shorts | Color 14

Yamamoto's teacher continues to obsesses over her, his perfect student. The coach marvels over his students best assets.

Shorts | Color 15

A prize arrives in the mail, but it's not the sexy waifu prize that was expected. What is he supposed to do with this prize now?

Shorts | Color 16

A good looking reporter seeks to find out what happened to a high school that vanished mysteriously.



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