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Cobra the Animation

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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-MA | Premiere: 3/27/2010

Climbing Mount Kagero

When a passenger plane carrying 20 tons of gold crashes into a mysterious mountain, Cobra goes to investigate.

Cobra the Animation

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Key of Shiva

Given an important key, Cobra must attempt to survive long enough to deliver it to a professor on another planet! It may very well be the key to the entire planet’s survival.

E2 | The Golden Gate

The Professor makes a surprising reveal, only for Cobra to realize that not all is as it seems! Secret finally discovers her destiny.

E3 | A Starless Street

With the opening of the Golden Gate, Cobra and Secret venture forward to the control mechanism, only for a series of traps leave Cobra in a strange city!

E4 | The Ghost of El Dorado

Paralyzed in a fight, Cobra is worried for his life. Will his strength of mind and body save him in time for him to save the planet?

E5 | Legend of the Loitering Beauty

When a treasure hunter misses a meeting with Cobra, he goes looking for him on an dangerous island. There, he’ll unearth the secret of a legendary treasure.

E6 | Climbing Mount Kagero

When a passenger plane carrying 20 tons of gold crashes into a mysterious mountain, Cobra goes to investigate.

E7 | To the Summit

Still in the frigid climate near the mythical Mt. Kagero, Cobra tries to unravel the secrets surrounding the crash, but he’ll also have to survive the people with him.

E8 | Mandrad

Given an offer he can’t refuse, Cobra travels to a distant planet to search for a plant bearing a humanoid face and diamond teeth.

E9 | The Black Bullet

A car race against a champion driver places Cobra in the middle of a vehicular tornado of carnage. The Black Bullet destroys everything in its path, and Cobra may be next!

E10 | Galaxy Knights

In an effort to recapture Shiva Castle, Cobra joins up with a group, designated only by spade playing cards.

E11 | The 13th Man

To find their last member, Cobra must enter a slave trader’s mansion, and he gets himself into a fight. One of his opponents is the very person he came to save!

E12 | Demonic Entity of the Temple

Finally traveling to Shiva Castle, the group prepares to enter, only for Ellis to get captured and King to rush after her alone!

E13 | Distant Memories

After King remembers his time in the castle, Cobra is suspected of being a traitor. As his teammates confront him, a dragon attacks!



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