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Cluster Edge

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 10/4/2005

A Young Man Named Agate

On his way to the prestigious Cluster Edge E.A. school, Agate discovers he has a power that he never knew he possessed, and it has the power to change the world.

Cluster Edge

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | A Young Man Named Agate

On his way to the prestigious Cluster Edge E.A. school, Agate discovers he has a power that he never knew he possessed, and it has the power to change the world.

E2 | Beryl’s Blade

Finally reaching the school, Agate befriends Fon, a victim of bullying, and Beryl, a target of the military school's malice. A competition brings out another of Agate's gifts.

E3 | Cold Bullets

The military man, Vespia, investigates the details around Chalce's death. Little does he know, Agate's power will reveal the truth, a secret Vespia doesn't want revealed.

E4 | Enter the Ebony Chrome Team

Hematite leaves the academy and learns his father is meeting with Ludwig despite the ban against doing so. Meanwhile, Chrome fights the military to avenge Chalce's death.

E5 | The Miraculous Race

As repayment for saving his life, an old man treats Agate to dinner. Unable to pay the bill, the restaurant holds the old man captive.

E6 | The Professor & Fon

Fon's quest for plane parts bring him to an old aviation museum. It's here that he encounters the Professor who will soon enact plans of his own.

E7 | The Student Council Election

Hema reflects on the changes at Cluster Edge since Agate's arrival. In a short time, Agate has made significant changes in his, Fon, and Beryl's lives.

E8 | Ghost of the Mansion

Beryl is running for student council without much success. When Agate returns to Cluster Edge, the military is hot on his trail.

E9 | Individual Sentiments

Agate goes to Chalce's mansion to pay his respects and is unusually familiar with the place. Is it coincidence or some kind of play of destiny?

E10 | Agate’s Cries

Flashbacks to previous episodes shed new light on Agate's destiny and his connection with the other characters.

E11 | That Which Chalce Bestowed

Beryl tries to discuss artificial soldiers to an unresponsive council. His mother's passing leads him on a journey revealing the origin of the soldiers.

E12 | Wind Toward Tomorrow

Chrome's soldiers are turned away when they try to return the religious document. Its contents reveal the intention to use a "sacrificial god" with malicious intentions.

E13 | A Letter to Ema

Fon recalls the day Agate saved him, and continues to fix the plane against the school's wishes. Meanwhile, Agate is mercilessly tortured by Vesuvia.

E14 | Chrome & Agate

Chrome comes to Agate's aid, and the two head to Chalce's home for respite. While there, Chalce's grandmother tells the sad tale of Chalce's childhood.

E15 | Frightened Eyes

Chrome and Agate stop by the old town to meet with old friends and converse with the townsfolk when they come under literal fire from the rebels.

E16 | Beneath the Wings

With the help of Beryl and Ema, Chrome and agate infiltrate the school and blend with the student body.

E17 | Ties to the Heavens

The book falls into the hands of the rebels while the military academy seeks to bully their way into Cluster Edge's flying competition.

E18 | Wandering Artificial Soldiers

Chrome's soldiers receive aid from a farmer while Fon learns of Chrome's whereabouts. Can they make in time to stop disaster from happening? 

E19 | A Time of Decision

Fon represents Cluster Edge in the flying competition and manages to overcome an attack by the military school. Meanwhile, Vesuvia begins an attack of his own.

E20 | Sorrowful Angel

Chrome risks his life when he saves a student. However, he is not met with the heroic admiration that would be expected. Later, hell hath no fury like Agate!

E21 | The Last Request

More information about Agate's origin is revealed in Chalce's diary. Meanwhile, Rhodo propositions Beryl to join forces with him.

E22 | Prelude to Ruin

Rhodo and his artificial soldiers begin their attack while Agate sacrifices himself for the greater good.

E23 | The Fires of Judgment & Toward Tomorrow

Agate absorbs Vesuvia's hatred and jealousy. Between Beryl's special bullet and Chrome's "angel's blood," it's anybody's guess who will save the city from destruction!

E24 | Extra Episode 1: Journey to the Past

On fateful day, Chrone and Chalce's group became whole when their three youngest members joined them. What happened in that not too distant past?

E25 | Extra Episode 2: The Path of Fate

Chalce reflects on his transfer to Cluster Edge, including his meeting with Hema and the beginning of his hatred for Vesuvia.



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