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ClassicaLoid 2

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Season 2 Episode 9 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/2/2017

A World Without Circles

The sudden disappearance of objects from around the house has each of the occupants up in arms to find the apparent thief. Who in the world is the culprit?

ClassicaLoid 2

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Hippo and Little Brother and Otowa Mansion

Life is chaotic as ever in the Otowa Mansion. One similarly frustrating morning, Kanae gets a new visitor: a hippo and a boy who claims to be her little brother.

E2 | My Little Brother

Beethoven's patience for Wataru is wearing thin. A war of chores to win Kanae's affections gets vicious, but Beet's latest Musik strikes a strange chord with Wataru.

E3 | Ever Since the Day We First Met

A mixer brings out Motz's mischievous side, and he drags Sosuke, Chopin, and Kanae's friends into playing the King's Game. Love seems like a long shot, but not for one person.

E4 | Fever! Let's Pugi

Dovo the hippo becomes a hit on the internet, and his popularity is bringing visitors to the mansion in droves to pay tribute. Chopin attempts to save his new friend.

E5 | A Great Man

A mysterious man only known as The Great is ending all conflict and spreading world peace with the power of reggae. However, there may be such a thing as TOO much peace...

E6 | Mother Provides the Crab, Hippo Becomes a Rhino

While Kanae is out, the household decide to play a few tricks on Wataru. Their plans go a bit sideways though, with the appearance of Kanae’s mother. Why is she visiting?

E7 | Looking for a Husband for Kanae

Now that Himeka has decided to stick around will her motherly instincts take over and lead her to be too interested in Kanae’s love life?

E8 | To Be Motz Is to Fib

Beethoven turns into a Hippo and Mozart brings over a new friend. What will happen when Mari’s and Motz’s past collide?

E9 | A World Without Circles

The sudden disappearance of objects from around the house has each of the occupants up in arms to find the apparent thief. Who in the world is the culprit?

E10 | Liszt vs Risuto: Bell (Gong) of Destiny

Kanae finds a flier about a new piano school, and Liszt isn't too happy about it. Will Liszt be able to keep her cool?

E11 | Nothing But Saltiness

Wa-kun is starting to fulfill his ambitions. Will everything go as he hopes, or will there be a kink in his plan?

E12 | Wagner's Ambition

Wagner and Bach-sama get into a heated argument as Wagner's deep, thirst for a revolution maybe closer than he thinks.

E13 | Forget the Year's Hardships! Red vs. White Musik Contest

The ClassicaLoids are ending the year on a high note, with a Musik Contest! Which team will be victorious?

E14 | Fall in Love, Pop Idol! Travel, Pygmy Hippo!

Now that Wa-kun has knocked his competition out of the way, his idol status has him alienating Dovo. Meanwhile, Bada is working out what to do with her new found freedom?

E15 | Dosukoi! Otowa Sumo Stable

Himeka proposes that the guys participate in a Sumo Tournament. Will her true goal for the event be enough to entice them to join, and resolve the issues Wa-kun has caused?

E16 | A Reunion with the Great Unknown

After an explosion in a concert hall, Beethoven starts to act strange causing trouble for the occupants of the mansion. Will they be able to return Beethoven back to normal?

E17 | WesternLoids of the Wild West

There’s a new sheriff in town and she doesn’t play any games! Later, a fierce gun tottin’ brawl ensues in the town and the Mansion isn’t big enough for the ClassicaLoids!

E18 | Goodbye, Big Sister

Wa-kun is back and his deep thirst for a revolution is stronger than ever before! What happens when that ambition is taken too far?

E19 | The Melancholy of Schubert

A simple errand to the grocery store becomes a symphony of musical madness when Schubert and Mozart are in the mix. What could possibly go wrong?

E20 | The Melancholy of Dovo-chan

Dovo the hippo wishes to become human and his wish is within reach when he discovers a special medicine. What happens when that medicine gets into the wrong hands?

E21 | Chopin the Hero

The Otowa Mansion becomes the model for a manga that Chopin wrote and becomes a big hit at Kanae’s school! The mansion residents aren’t too happy about their newfound fame.

E22 | Bach, CLAKLA, Nibelungen

CLAKLA is back and better than ever when Bach composes a new song for the pop idol group! Meanwhile, Wagner’s thirst for a revolution intensifies.

E23 | A Long-Awaited Person Arrives, A Castle Is Built

What is supposed to be an emotional reunion, turns into turmoil when Wagner unleashes all the musik stolen from the other Classicaloids.

E24 | Big Sister and Little Brother

Wagner’s musik has completely taken over and is confined in a prison of epic proportions. Can the unconditional love from his family and friends save him?

E25 | The Last ClassicaLoid

Unsure of his post-graduation plans, Sosuke dreams big about what his future will hold.



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