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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-PG | Premiere: 11/1/2007

Scene with Sculptures

Tomoya and Nagisa want to help Fuko. They take her to stay at Nagisa's house and make arrangements to make one of her dreams come true.


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | On a Slope with Falling Cherry Blossoms

Tomoya makes a new friend on the way to school named Nagisa.They become fast friends, so he decides to go to her parents' store to meet them.

E2 | The First Step

On the way to school, Tomoya is almost hit by a girl on a scooter. It won't be his last strange encounter with a girl for the day.

E3 | Once More After the Tears

Tomoya is on his way to Nagisa's house for a visit but ends up going to Youhei's house instead. The next day he helps Nagisa out with her theater club.

E4 | Looking for Friends

The Student Council decides that Nagisa can't reestablish the theater club. As the boys help her recruit, they meet the ghost of a girl who was killed in a car accident.

E5 | Scene with Sculptures

Tomoya and Nagisa want to help Fuko. They take her to stay at Nagisa's house and make arrangements to make one of her dreams come true.

E6 | The Sisters' Founder's Festival

Fuuko tries to find people to attend her sisters wedding. Nagisa invites Fuuko's sister to the Founders Festival.

E7 | Star-Shaped Feelings

Tomoya receives some shocking news about Fuuko, who may not ever awaken from her coma. They fight to keep her memory alive at school.

E8 | The Breeze Fading at Dusk

Fuuko is starting to fade from everyone's memory. This complicates things, as Kouko's wedding is coming up, and no one remembers the meaning of the starfish.

E9 | Until The End Of The Dream

Tomoya, Nagisa and Fuuko spend the night at school. When they wake up the next morning, they cannot remember why they spent the night there.

E10 | The Girl Genius' Challenge

Tomoya introduces Kotomi to Nagisa in hopes it will convince her to join the theater club. As Tomoya watches Kotomi and Nagisa speaking, he decides Kotomi needs more friends.

E11 | Afterschool Rhapsody

Tomoya falls asleep at school only to awake to the sound of Kotomi playing the violin. A girl from the music room lent Kotomi the violin and wants everyone to hear her.

E12 | Hidden World

Kyou tries to purchase a stuffed elephant for Kotomi's upcoming birthday. Just as Kyou is about to give up, Fuuko appears and convinces her to give Kotomi a star instead.

E13 | A Garden of Memories

Seeing Kotomi standing on newspaper clippings sparks Tomoya's childhood memories. Kotomi and Tomoya recall their childhood friendship, and Kotomi explores her feelings.

E14 | Theory Of Everything

Tomoya falls asleep in the garden after working through the night. A mysterious stranger waits for Kotomi at school with the intention to steal her parents' thesis.

E15 | A Problematic Matter

After she speaks with Toshio Koumura about becoming an adviser for their club, Nagisa recevies a letter to stop the theater club.

E16 | 3 On 3

When Nagisa, Tomoya, and Mei visit Sunohara, they find her dorm in shambles and no sign of Sunohara!

E17 | An Empty Space

After a basketball game, the choir club approaches Nagisa about the prospect of sharing Moumura as a mutual adviser between both clubs.

E18 | The Secret Plan of Reversal

Tomoya has been suspended from school, so he hangs out in his room all day thinking about Nagisa. In an attempt to make him feel better, Kyou and Ryou take him to the arcade.

E19 | A New Life

The theater club is finally established once Tomoyo is named student council president. When a meeting between his father and teacher approaches, Tomoya wants to run away.

E20 | The Secret Past

Nagisa wants to put on a play about a girl and a robot. While looking through a storage shed for reference books about the play, Nagisa and Tomoya are confronted by Akio.

E21 | Preparing for the School Festival

Akio has a video to show Nagisa and Tomoya. The next day's rehearsal includes an energetic Nagisa who wants to put on a successful show.

E22 | Two Shadows

The day of the festival has arrived, and Nagisa is so upset about what happened to her dad that she breaks down before she can perform in her play.

E23 | It Happened During Summer Vacation

Tomoya's and Nagisa's relationship has become stagnant. Mei tries to help them by convincing Nagisa to open up her heart more to Tomoya.

E24 | Another World: Tomoyo Arc

An alternate ending reveals that Tomoya and Tomoyo have been together longer than anyone thought. However, rumors have surfaced about the couple.



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