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Clannad: After Story

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Season 2 Episode 9 | TV-PG | Premiere: 6/4/2023

Along The Path

Graduation approaches! The group discusses their plans for the future, but Nagisa's sickness returns, forcing her to miss exams.

Clannad: After Story

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | A Farewell to the End of Summer

Tomoya and his girlfriend Nagisa end summer vacation by helping out with a neighborhood shopping district baseball game. Things don't go smoothly for the team.

E2 | In Search of False Love

Nagisa is worried about Mei's lack of focus. Mei comes to stay with Nagisa, and Tomoya thinks it's a good idea introduce Youhei to the ladies.

E3 | Hearts Out of Synch

Youhei and Sanae enjoy a date together, but Mei still has her doubts about her brother and stalks the date.

E4 | With the Same Smile as That Day

Worried about Youhei's absense from school, Tomoya investigates and discovers that he quit the soccer team due to bullying. Trouble sparks when the soccer team picks on Mei.

E5 | The Season You Were There

Misae remembers a strange boy she met when she was in high school, Katsuki. She gears up to tell her crush, Igarashi, about her crush on him, only to face a heartbreak.

E6 | Forever by Your Side

Misae begins to spend more time with Katsuki. Just as she realizes her feelings for him, Katsuki's revelation prevents them from being together.

E7 | Where She Belongs

Tomoya and Nagisa discover that Yukine is beloved by two rival gangs for her part as a healer. Their involvement with her case may put them in the crosshairs of one gang.

E8 | A Courageous Battle

Yukine and Tomoya try to de-escalate tensions between the two gangs before the police get involved, and Tomoya may have to go to great lengths to bring peace.

E9 | Along The Path

Graduation approaches! The group discusses their plans for the future, but Nagisa's sickness returns, forcing her to miss exams.

E10 | A Season of Beginnings

Tomoya takes a job at a bakery, hoping to become more independent while Nagisa returns to school and tries to revive the theater club.

E11 | The Founder's Day Festival Promise

Tomoya struggles to find his stride at his new job, and his responsibilities take its toll on his relationship with Nagisa.

E12 | A Sudden Happening

Yusuke shares some of his painful past with Tomoya. Later, Tomoya's promotion falls through as a result of his father's misconduct.

E13 | Graduation

Tomoya wants Akio to accept his future marriage to Nagisa. Months later, the group prepares to celebrate Nagisa's long-awaited graduation.

E14 | A New Family

Now a happily married couple, Nagisa and Tomoya start to find their stride in life together. The two are worried that their old school will be turn down and move to save it.

E15 | In the Remains of Summer

A pregnant Nagisa is spending more time in bed, weak with morning sickness. Tomoya is worried about her health, but Nagisa tries to assure him.

E16 | White Darkness

In the latter part of her pregnancy, Nagisa has become sick again and goes into premature labor. Due to the snow, she is unable to be taken to the hospital.

E17 | Summer Time

Five years later, Tomoya is a workaholic who spends his money on drinking and smoking. Sanae tricks him into being alone with Ushio, but he can't seem to connect with her.

E18 | The Ends of the Earth

Ushio accidentally loses a toy robot Tomoya bought for her and searches for it. Tomoya comes to an understanding about his relationship with his father and his daughter.

E19 | The Road Home

After returning from their trip, Tomoya finally takes Ushio home to live with him, permanently. The two meet up with old friends.

E20 | The Mischievous Sea Breeze

Ushio's teacher in school is none other than Kyou. Tomoya asks Fuko to play with Ushio as he gets ready to participate in the school's sports day.

E21 | The End of the World

At discovering that Ushio has the same sickness that took Nagisa, Tomoya drops everything to take care of her. As time passes, Tomoya prepares to grant Ushio's wish.

E22 | A Small Hand

Sitting on the hill, Tomoya calls out to Nagisa, who appears and brings him back through time to see what their life could have been.

E23 | Events From a Year Ago

Tomoya looks back on his past in his second year of high school. Nagisa has trouble making friends, and Tomoya and Youhei are pranking Kyou.

E24 | Another World: Kyou Arc

Tomoya explores the life he could have had as Ushio falls asleep while he tells her the story of his mother's past.

E25 | Under the Green Tree

Tomoya tells his daughter the story of his life with Nagisa and how Ushio was born, but with a happier ending.



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