CLAMP School Detectives

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Season 1 Episode 26 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/1/2016

My True Heart to You

Nokoru, Suoh, and Akira must infiltrate Idomu's fortified hideout. With the entire school hanging in the balance, will the detectives be able to stop Idomu in time?

CLAMP School Detectives

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Formation of the CLAMP School Detectives!

The tears of an old woman catch Nokoru's attention. Determined to protect her late husband's estate, Nokoru hatches a plan to save her from a vindictive brother-in-law

E2 | Sleuths

The Chairman appears to disapprove of Nokoru's new detective agency. In order to keep his project alive, he just prove the club's usefulness.

E3 | My Fair Lady

The girls in the school want to celebrate Nokou's birthday, but a proud girl with long blonde hair watches Nokoru forlornly from a distance. What does she want?

E4 | Mr. Chef, Please Beware!

Akira bumps into a tearful woman in the hallway, and she accidentally drops a wrapped apple pie. Who was it meant for? Why was she crying? Akira sets out to find the answers.

E5 | The Escape to Victory Part 1

Even though it's a hot summer, the boys are still hard at work. As they go through their workload, Nokoru and Suoh reminisce about how they met.

E6 | The Escape to Victory Part 2

Summer nostalgia continues, and Nokoru and Suoh's story continues to unfold as Suoh storms a formidable building to save his friend.

E7 | Please Wait Until Dark

Suoh tries to incentivize their president to work through his mountain of paperwork. Suddenly, one particular case involving a ghost on the school grounds catches his eye.

E8 | Notebook of the Ball

A series of mysterious phone calls and letters start to come in, demanding them to cancel the upcoming school ball. Who is trying to sabatoge the ball?

E9 | You Are Deep in My Heart

Suoh encounters a beautiful girl playing the flute in the woods. He gets to meet her again when she comes to the Clamp School Detective Agency as a customer.

E10 | Pretty League

Even though the boys are buried under mountains of work, Nokoru and Suoh end up competing in a baseball tournament. Meanwhile, Akira gets a little closer to Utako!

E11 | Fashionable Thief Part 1

A mysterious figure is impersonating Akira's father, a famous and charismatic thief. To protect his reputation, the Clamp School Detectives step in.

E12 | Fashionable Thief Part 2

As he struggles with his feelings for Utako, Akira gets a night time visit from… Santa Claus?! Meanwhile, Utako may be in danger as she entertains a fake 20 Faces.

E13 | That's Entertainment

Nokoru has disappeared! Akira and Utako search for him in some places, while Suoh and Nagisa search in other places. Is this like a date?

E14 | The Great Escape

Casablanca kidnaps Nokoru again, and the two end up stranded on a snowy mountain. To survive, the two will have to work together.

E15 | Once Upon a Time in China

Things aren't what they seem as Akira and Suoh, the owners of two dueling restaurants, fight in a culinary battle of wits.

E16 | From This Land to Eternity

Nokoru, Suoh, and Akira, along with Utako and Nagisa, take a vacation to a tropical island! However, the vacation is cut short when they run into another case.

E17 | Pretty Woman

The detectives try to enjoy a stress free festival, but they get pulled into helping a fellow student find her ferret! What begins as a search turns into another mystery.

E18 | True Romance

Suoh is hurt in accident and he loses his memory of the past three months… including his memories of Nagisa. Will he ever remember his relationship with her?

E19 | Someday, Somewhere

Nokoru discovers a treasure map hidden in the archives. The Clamp School Detectives take it upon themselves to find it!

E20 | An Elegant Bet

Someone sends Akira, Utako, Suoh, and Nagisa letters in the shape of paper airplanes, all telling them to visit an amusement park. Is it a prank by Nokoru?

E21 | Grand Illusion

A hacker pulls a series of pranks that get more dangerous as time passes. Can the detectives figure out this prankster's identity before someone gets hurt?

E22 | Unforgivable One

The mysterious hacker's pranks continue to grow in intensity around campus, and Nokoru finds his own life in danger.

E23 | Fake

An exhausted Nokoru is making sloppy mistakes at school, unbefitting of the student council president. In the aftermath of his last mistake, he decides to step down.

E24 | Duelist

The hacker's past is revealed! As the events that shaped him come to light, is there anything Nokoru can do to help?

E25 | Subway Panic

Idomu unleashes his attack on the school, plunging it into chaos and darkness. With all of Clamp School as hostage, what can the detectives do to save their classmates?

E26 | My True Heart to You

Nokoru, Suoh, and Akira must infiltrate Idomu's fortified hideout. With the entire school hanging in the balance, will the detectives be able to stop Idomu in time?



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