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Season 1 Episode 14 | TV-PG | Premiere: 11/17/2022

Lucky Sunfish/ Giant Sour Kelp

Only step on the white tiles! But what happens when they run out?


Season 1 | 72 Episodes

E1 | Firm Custard Pudding / Pancakes

Pudding and pancakes! Yum, yum, yum!

E2 | Sphinx / The Real Thing

What's the word for the chiikawa's new visitor? It's on the tip of Hachiware's tongue!

E3 | Yocchan Squid / Pot Pie

Costumes and pot pies; what's not to love?

E4 | Broccoli / Pizza Bun

Tremble in fear before Chiikawa's most dreaded foe: BROCCOLI.

E5 | Charimera / Charumera

What is the name of this snack, again?

E6 | Friends / Dorayaki

Let's look inside this giant dorayaki!

E7 | Yakult / Foil Trading Card

Even super tiny nails need trimming sometimes.

E8 | Yakult With Everyone / A Hairball Came Out

Hachiware has a hairy little problem...

E9 | Tabekko Dobutsu / Butamen

Waiting for noodles takes forever! But the wait is worth it.

E10 | Had a Dream of an Unfamiliar City

Even tiny Chiikawa have big dreams sometimes.

E11 | Talking to Myself

Wait, the chiikawa can play guitar? Looks like it's time for a singalong!

E12 | Tray of Sushi/Sushi Chef

It's sushi time — or at least it WAS until disaster struck.

E13 | Giant Ramune Candy/Roasted Marshmallow

With a little imagination, anything can be a hat!

E14 | Lucky Sunfish/ Giant Sour Kelp

Only step on the white tiles! But what happens when they run out?

E15 | Jelly / Canele

It wiggles. It wobbles. It's totally delicious... and a little treacherous, too.

E16 | Chimera / No!

Chiikawa's new friend is...different.

E17 | Flehmen / Sasumata

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers sometimes!

E18 | Weeding / Matching

Chiikawa's new acquisition is super cool!

E19 | Something's Appeared / Feeling Better

An unexpected guest drops by, but Hachiware knows what to do.

E20 | Bright

Dreams can be scary! And weird. Very, VERY weird.

E21 | Whatchavania 1

Hachiware has something magical to share with Chiikawa! But they're not the only ones interested...

E22 | Whatchavania 2

Looks like Chiikawa and friends are going on a trip! But it's not exactly a vacation. Uh oh...

E23 | Whatchavania 3 / Ketchup Pasta

Hachiware is ready to unveil and original recipe!

E24 | House / Sleepover

What's even better than a house? A house you didn't have to pay for!

E25 | Morning Market / Finally Did It

Honeycomb toffee only gets better the more you eat!

E26 | Scary Stories / Tummyache

Hachiware has a scary story to share...

E27 | Swim Time / Give it Back


E28 | A Little Purse / I'm Using It

Let's buy a purse!

E29 | Faking Cute / I Made It

Momonga really wants Armor to yell. Armor isn't so sure about that.

E30 | I Want a Camera / Ei!

What if things we wanted just... popped right out of the ground, y'know?

E31 | The Pit I

Hachiware needs help! And it's raining!

E32 | The Pit II

If Chiikawa and Hachiware both fall into the pit, they won't be able to climb out!

E33 | The Pit III

You can't carry that thing AND climb the rope!

E34 | Clout / Hiss

I want you to appreciate me!

E35 | Kurimanju / Ride-on Sunfish

Bon Appetit!

E36 | Wand I

Yay, yay! Ta-pasta! Yay, yay! Pasta!

E37 | Wand II

Hachiware receives a magic stick!

E38 | Wand III

Chiikawa and Hachiware start to grow!

E39 | Wand IV

Hachiware still wants a camera. Time to save up for it!

E40 | Ear Flip / Taco


E41 | ROU I

Boiled bean sprouts piled high on Charumera.

E42 | ROU II

Would you like garlic?

E43 | ROU III / Momonaga's Routine at ROU

Chiikawa and Hachiware complete their meal! They plan to eat tasty food again!

E44 | Salesman

Yawn. Waking up is hard to do!

E45 | Fried Shiitake / Cream Puffs

Hachiware wonders how yogurt cream puffs taste!

E46 | Bento / They're Pajamas

Good knight. Good night? Bad knight. Bad night!

E47 | Staying Up Late / Wish

I wish I could stay up late!

E48 | Shooting Star / Will it come true?

I've never seen a shooting star like that before!

E49 | Cold Bath / Citric Acid

Sometimes all you need is a cold bath!

E50 | You Dropped an Acorn / Pajamas for Sale

Acorn. You dropped an acorn!!

E51 | Get Tough Part 1

Rakko is going to treat Hachiware to a good meal!

E52 | Get Tough Part 2

Rakko and Hachiware must confront the broccoli!

E53 | Get Tough Part 3/ Top Ranker

Who is the top hunter? The top hunter rankings are out!

E54 | Emblem / Parfait

Hachiware wants to see a top ranker emblem.

E55 | Caul Fat / Usagi's Weapon

Hachiware messes up during the hunt.

E56 | Nut Cracking / Nut Drinking

Who wants really yummy juice?

E57 | Weeding Certification / Let's Get Certified

Hachiware enjoys some quality manga!

E58 | Hitting the Books / Lunchtime

What's for lunch? Something salty and yummy!

E59 | Dinnertime / Exam Time

It's time to study for the Level 5 exam!

E60 | Tough Exam / Level 3

Hachiware takes an exam. The proctor says to be quiet!

E61 | Exam Results / Failed

Will Chiikawa and Hachiware pass the weeding exams??

E62 | Gloomy Trip Home / All Choked Up

It's okay! There's always next time!

E63 | Congrats / Let's Try Again

What type of weeds should you never, under any circumstances, pull up?

E64 | What Do You Mean? / A Job Well Done

Weeds, weeds, weeds, BONUS, weeds, weeds, weeds.

E65 | Knuckle Duster / Prized Possession

Hachiware wants to say thanks for the pajamas!

E66 | Usagi and Momonga / Unlimited Rice

Unlimited rice suddenly appears?? Oh boy!!

E67 | Furikake / Hot Rice

Is this rice freshly made? It's the best!

English Sub Release
Thu, Nov 30, ’23 5:55 PM
Screenshot for CHIIKAWA Season 1 Episode 68

E68 | Sweets / It Suddenly Appeared

That rice is sweet when you chew it.

English Sub Release
Thu, Dec 7, ’23 5:55 PM
Screenshot for CHIIKAWA Season 1 Episode 69

E69 | Saltiness/Skin-on Salmon Fillets

Hm? There's something on the white rice.

English Sub Release
Thu, Dec 14, ’23 5:55 PM
Screenshot for CHIIKAWA Season 1 Episode 70

E70 | 3-Star Restaurant / More Pay

Approaching a 3-Star Restaurant!!

English Sub Release
Thu, Dec 21, ’23 5:55 PM
Screenshot for CHIIKAWA Season 1 Episode 71

E71 | Episode 71

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

English Sub Release
Thu, Dec 28, ’23 5:55 PM
Screenshot for CHIIKAWA Season 1 Episode 72

E72 | Episode 72

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.



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