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Season 1 Episode 9 | TV-14 | Premiere: 6/15/2017

Poem 9: I tried to hide it

The karuta club is finally official! Chihaya organizes a camp at Taichi’s house and sets a rigorous training schedule.


Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Poem 1: This flower has bloomed at last

Chihaya tries to start a karuta club, but no one is taking her seriously. She remembers the first time she played the game.

E2 | Poem 2: Painted red

Chihaya remembers the annual elementary school karuta tournament. In the tournament, Taichi steals Arata’s glasses and ends up going against Chihaya.

E3 | Poem 3: Bright, but with snow

The gang ends up going to see a Shiranami Karuta Society practice session where they end up doing a tournament.

E4 | Poem 4: The cherry blossoms scatter and blow away in the wind

Her elementary memories still in her heart, Chihaya makes a bet with Taichi: if she wins, he has to join her karuta team.

E5 | Poem 5: This beautiful silver moon

Chihaya calls Arata to tell him she made Class A. Meanwhile, Arata has changed and wants nothing to do with karuta.

E6 | Poem 6: But many times brighter still, they light the courts of Kyoto

Chihaya is able to convince the school to give her a room for her karuta club. Meanwhile, Kanade helps Chihaya understand karuta a little bit better.

E7 | Poem 7: Would anyone sojourn there? As autumn comes, they do too

Set on growing the karuta club’s membership, Chihaya sets out to scout the second-ranked first year student, Tsutomu Komano.

E8 | Poem 8: But their fame still lives, it echoes through history

One member away from official school recognition, Chihaya sets her eyes on Nishida. Reluctant to join, Taichi tells him to challenge Chihaya.

E9 | Poem 9: I tried to hide it

The karuta club is finally official! Chihaya organizes a camp at Taichi’s house and sets a rigorous training schedule.

E10 | Poem 10: Those who come, those who go, and those who part again

The team enters their first competition, but they run into trouble. Taichi tries to solve the conflict within the team.

E11 | Poem 11: Oh heavenly wind

The Mizusawa karuta club advances to the finals. The teams find it hard to stay on the offensive and Chihaya is distracted by her opponent’s taunts.

E12 | Poem 12: Flowers lap at your ankles, running through locked fields

The nationals are up next, and Chihaya feels a little left out as her parents dote on her sister’s accomplishments. Meanwhile, Miyauchi learns more about karuta.

E13 | Poem 13: For you I go out

Chihaya ends up sick and passes out. Meanwhile, Arata arrives to support Chihaya and remembers his grandfather’s illness.

E14 | Poem 14: For you are my sole comfort in these lonely mountains cold

The individual tournament is up next, and Chihaya must go up against the youngest karuta queen, Shinobu Wakamiya.

E15 | Poem 15: Pearls fleeing from a bracelet

Chihaya ends up being no match for the queen. Meanwhile, Taichi continue on to the Class B final. Will he obtain victory?

E16 | Poem 16: Mount Ogura (Complete Collection)

A recap on past events with short omake scenes representing different storylines from the point of view of the show’s side characters.

E17 | Poem 17: This world I forsook

The team works hard to achieve their individual goals. Taichi tries to move up to Class A and learns many of his rivals are thinking the same thing.

E18 | Poem 18: The plum trees of my home will always keep their old scent

Each member competes in an individual tournament. Chihaya goes back to her reliance on speed and ends up losing. What will she do now?

E19 | Poem 19: If I were to keep on going (175 minutes – anamorphic)

Komano and Kana are in fierce competition, and Chihaya learns more about her style play. Taichi and Nishida try to make it to Class A.

E20 | Poem 20: Clouds just beyond the blue ocean, foam-white waves in their wild dance

Taichi enters a tournament, which marks his last chance to make Class A. Meanwhile, Komano tutors Chihaya and Nishida for exams.

E21 | Poem 21: This snow that covers all soaks my sleeves for your sake, too

Eastern qualifiers are underway, and Chihaya has her first round. She uses all her learned experience to better strategize her matches.

E22 | Poem 22: Their colors dimmed in vain

The second round is here! Chihaya must face the former queen, Yumi. As the round continues, Chihaya notices Yumi unenthusiastic behavior.

E23 | Poem 23: If you see white frost, you will know the night is done

Depressed by her loss, Chihaya decides to hide. Meanwhile, the matches continue, and the team watches to see who will come out victorious.

E24 | Poem 24: Cherry trees blossom on the highest peaks

The club members watch the queen and master matches on TV. Shinobu seems to be having difficulty but just might be able to get it together in the end.

E25 | Poem 25: The world shines for one second things are pure, white, resplendent

With their defeat in mind, each of the team members realize different things about karuta, but the school puts a damper on their karuta dreams.



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