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Chihayafuru Season 3

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Season 3 Episode 9 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/1/2020

Poem 9: And I am that very wave In this unrequited love

Michiru's patience with Chihaya hits a breaking point as Arata finds himself rattled by Hisashi's earlier comment. And Taichi? He faces a... peculiar opponent.

Chihayafuru Season 3

Season 3 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Poem 1: Summer eventide

Chihaya and Taichi train alongside the Fujisaki karuta club over the summer break and discover the hard way that Coach Sakurazawa's training methods are rather... intense.

E2 | Poem 2: The dawn skies glimmer As if lit by the moonglow

Although the Mizusawa karuta club improves by leaps and bounds, its members are about to get some bad news.

E3 | Poem 3: Moonglow Over Yoshino

The competition includes Haruka, a former Queen who seeks to reclaim her throne. Meanwhile, Taichi becomes distracted after speaking with Arata.

E4 | Poem 4: On the highest peaks

The quarterfinals are no joke as players endure a trial that pushes their skills to the limits. As for Chihaya? She faces someone who could be her most talented opponent yet.

E5 | Poem 5: Heavenly Mount Kagu

The quarterfinals end after a series of hard-fought matches. The semifinals begin with a surprising development.

E6 | Poem 6: The finest brocade

No doubts remain; The two finalists are skilled karuta players who both deserve to win. However, there can only be one champion.

E7 | Poem 7: The storm rages on

Which is more important to Chihaya's dreams: the class trip or the qualifiers? She makes her choice, but did she make the right one?

E8 | Poem 8: This is where all meet

Others take notice of Taichi's newfound dedication to karuta. The current Meijin makes a surprising announcement that has a profound impact on the karuta world.

E9 | Poem 9: And I am that very wave In this unrequited love

Michiru's patience with Chihaya hits a breaking point as Arata finds himself rattled by Hisashi's earlier comment. And Taichi? He faces a... peculiar opponent.

E10 | Poem 10: Be true to that name

Significant mental and physical disadvantages plague Arata during his match. Can he win or has he fallen too far behind?

E11 | Poem 11: Early mists quietly rising In this autumn evenfall

Dr. Harata vows to win. To help him, Taichi must become Arata and Chihaya must become Meijin. Meanwhile, Haruka worries she's choosing karuta over her family.

E12 | Poem 12: Cherry petals dance A snowstorm in a garden And I dance with them

Who will earn the right to challenge the reigning champions? Arata and Megumu may be young and talented, but Dr. Harata and Haruka have the experience that comes with age.

E13 | Poem 13: As they fall, I fall with them Frail, old, withered, I depart

New determination fuels both Haruka and Megumu's desire to win. As for the other match, Dr. Harata is a fearsome opponent, and Arata must become someone else to beat him.

E14 | Poem 14: Now that we have met

Physical abilities decrease with age. This is an unfortunate fact Dr. Harata understands all too well. But passion? That is something that never dies.

E15 | Poem 15: To restrain the flow Of the cold mountain river

Finals are coming up, but Chihaya's thoughts lie elsewhere. As Kana and Sumire deal with a delicate situation, an unexpected phone call has profound implications.

E16 | Poem 16: No wand for the kami Has been prepared

Although Suo's blunt words shakes Chihaya to her core, she has discovered his weakness. Christmas is just around the corner and thoughts drift towards the future.

E17 | Poem 17: The sleeves of my robe, soaked Anew by the morning dew

There's a reason why all four participants of the Meijin and Queen matches represent the height of karuta play.

E18 | Poem 18: Hold me one last time

Haruka has the support of friends and family, as well as a reason to win. But Shinobu? She finds herself more isolated than ever, and that could cost her everything.

E19 | Poem 19: Time enough for our love

A determined Dr. Harada vows to become the next Meijin since he cannot accept someone like Sou with the title. However, Sou has a reason for playing the way he does.

E20 | Poem 20: Be true to that name

One thing is clear: a Meijin will emerge once the dust settles. But who will it be? As the match draws to a close, Shinobu makes an important realization.

E21 | Poem 21: Some people I love

The matches may be over, but Taichi has his eye set on the future. It's almost time for everyone to go their separate ways. Nothing stays the same forever.

E22 | Poem 22: Under this long, ceaseless rain

Chihaya wants to be the queen of karuta, and she's becoming a force to be reckoned with. But when it comes to Valentine's Day? Sumire is the reigning queen (of chocolates).

E23 | Poem 23: Crossing the Yura river On a boat without rudder

The club celebrates Taichi's birthday with a small karuta tournament! Little does everyone know that it's merely the calm before the storm...

E24 | Poem 24: Blown by the harsh wind

Everything changes over time and people grow as individuals; Chihaya and Taichi are at a crossroads. As for Arata? He's starting a karuta club of his own.

E15.5 | Poem 15.5: Wait, if you have heart

Sometimes, it's important to reflect upon the events that brought everything up to this point. Along with a healthy dose of self-awareness, of course.



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