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Chihayafuru Season 2

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Season 2 Episode 18 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/19/2018

'Forever', He Said

Komano loses his match while Chihaya struggles through the pain. Arata realizes the importance of a team in kurata.

Chihayafuru Season 2

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Flowers wilt, they fade

A new school year has started, and 20 students have applied to be part of the karuta club! Chihaya must face a decision on where the team is headed.

E2 | The Rumor Has Spread

Almost all of the previous 20 applicants have left the club. Only Akihiro Tskukuba remains, while Sumire returns after getting tired of her new friends.

E3 | Tirelessly Running

Arata states his intentions of competing in the national high school championships. The team enters the new members into a tournament round.

E4 | Will You Go, O Fishing Boat? Will You Tell Them of My Fate?

The regional tournament is underway, and Taichi is feeling the pressure. Sumire realizes that Chihaya watches Taichi as much as he does.

E5 | Ah, the forgotten splendor of the age of Emperors

Komano and Kanade do well in their matches. Chihaya struggles during her round as she tries to decide between speed or accuracy.

E6 | The Tatsuta River Becomes the Finest Brocade

Chihaya catches up to Amakasu and is now down to the final cards. Meanwhile, the other team members are in their own intense battle.

E7 | Old friends, strangers, come and walk across the gates of Meeting Hill

Chihaya fights for the clubroom and compromises with the concert band. Chihaya’s passion for karuta inspires Chitose to keep acting.

E8 | The Moon that rose on Mt. Mikasa and Shone on the Ka

Their next opponent is Chiba International High School of Information Sciences, and they find out some interesting things about their opponent.

E9 | The Wide Seas

Shinobu looks down on Arata for his long absence from karuta. Meanwhile, Arata is trying to find the right moment to approach Chihaya and Taichi.

E10 | A Passing Shower

While Arata is dealing with the consequences of his actions, Shinobu threatens withdrawal. Meanwhile, Chihaya struggles against her opponent.

E11 | Ibuki's Mugwort Blazes, a Pyre Laps at My Poor Heart

Komano agrees to sit out the next round. Arata is barred from watching his friends during the Tokyo team tournament.

E12 | Only the Shinto Rituals Still Bear the Signs of Summer

The semi-final round has arrived, and Chihaya must go up against the queen challenger opponent, Megumu.

E13 | Even in Dreams You Don't Dare, Do You Fear What They Will Say?

Chihaya continues to struggle against Megumu, who doesn’t care to be queen. Chihaya starts to focus on accuracy.

E14 | Everyone keeps wondering, "Is he thinking about love?"

Hokuo loses to Fujisaki and now the Mizusawa team is down to their final match against Akashi. It all boils down to Komano’s match.

E15 | To Tago-no-Ura

Mizusawa makes it to the final round against Fujisaki. Meanwhile, Arata closely watches the match from afar.

E16 | Garnish the trees for the Emperor's parade

A recap episode on the current tournament with omake segments in-between, showcasing some characters not often seen.

E17 | Wherever It Runs

Fujisaki takes a lead on Mizusawa, and Chihaya injures her index fingers. Chihaya is more determined than ever to fight through the pain!

E18 | 'Forever', He Said

Komano loses his match while Chihaya struggles through the pain. Arata realizes the importance of a team in kurata.

E19 | Crossing the Yura River on a Boat Without Rudder

It has come down to Taichi’s and Nishida’s matches. The clock is clicking as Fujisaki and Mizusawa fight to win.

E20 | Near the Rice Paddy

After Mizusawa’s win, Chihaya goes to the clinic to get her injury checked. Meanwhile, the team decides to compete in the individual tournament.

E21 | It Echoes Through History, and These Rocks Resound Once More

Arata and Shinobu effortlessly win their rounds. Meanwhile, Chihaya finds out that playing with her left hand is a lot harder than she thought.

E22 | I Thought I Saw You

Shinobu goes against Chihaya and takes jab at Chihaya’s team shirt. Even though Chihaya is injured, she doesn’t go easy on her.

E23 | Cherry Trees Blossom on Far-Away Mountains

Taichi and Komano are in the finals for Class B and Class C, respectively. Meanwhile, Arata and Shinobu are in the finals for Class A.

E24 | How Clueless You Are

The Class A final is all that is left. Arata and Shinobu are neck to neck, and they get closer to the finish line. Who will win?

E25 | Mt. Fuji and Its Lofty Peaks, Still White from Never-Ending Snow

Chihaya finds out that she has enchondromatosis in her index finger and decides to undergo the operation.



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