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Chidori RSC

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Season 1 Episode 7.5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/1/2019

Nationals are Right Before Us

The Chidori RSC team has come such a long way. It's time to look to the past so they can aim for the future once again!

Chidori RSC

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | What are Beam Rifles?

Hikari just started at Chidori High School, and she's gonna join the Rifle Shooting Club — but only if she can find four students to join the club before the day is over!

E2 | Club is Funny

Hikari knows what she's aiming for: the Olympics! Before she can hope to compete there, however, she'll need to try competing against other shooting clubs to gain experience.

E3 | Our Competitors are Powerful

The Chidori RSC's first practice match is here, and their opponents attend none other than Asaka Academy High School — home of last year's Nationals' runner-up!

E4 | Our Advisor is a Beginner

After an enjoyable Sunday, the team returns to school and learns they need a new club advisor to be eligible for the qualifiers!

E5 | Qualifiers are Exciting

Prefectural qualifiers are tomorrow, and nerves are running high for everyone in the competition. Can Hikari keep her cool on the range, or will consistency be her downfall?

E6 | Our Target is Nationals

Hikari is in second place, so she's guaranteed to advance to Nationals, right? Unfortunately, there are still plenty of competitors who could beat her score!

E7 | Studying is Hard

They might be headed to Nationals, but that doesn't mean the members of the Chidori RSC can slack off on their finals! Too bad they only have two days before the big test...

E8 | Our Battlefield is Tsutsuga

The road to Nationals is almost at its end. The destinies of Hikari and her friends lie ahead at the Tsutsuga Rifle Range in Hiroshima prefecture!

E9 | Hozumi is the Reigning Champ

When Yuko decided the team competition order, she had no idea that the final slot was so important! Now the pressure is on Yukio to get the team off to a great start.

E10 | Hime in Crisis

Marksmanship relies heavily on the competitor's mental state. Lose focus even a little, and your accuracy will be all over the place... a dilemma Erika knows about all too well.

E11 | Shooting is Our Dream

The competition is fierce, and if Hikari hopes to compete with her more experienced opponents, she'll have to pull out all the stops in the next round of Nationals!

E12 | The Finals Are Beginning

Weeks of training have all come down to this: the individual competition. When the dust settles, who will wear the crown of victory?

E7.5 | Nationals are Right Before Us

The Chidori RSC team has come such a long way. It's time to look to the past so they can aim for the future once again!



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