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Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress

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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 7/25/2022


As team leader, Yu-yu has a lot to think about, especially as his match with Zakusa draws nearer. Good thing the youth has friends to help him along the way.

Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress

Will+Dress | 38 Episodes

E1 | An Invitation to the Future

Raika receives an invitation and has a choice to make. Meanwhile, Urara misses her stop and finds herself alone. Until Megumi takes her to the nearby amusement park, that is.

E2 | Deluxe Commences

Danji receives a message from Michiru, who challenges him to a match.

E3 | Skyfall Knight

The victors emerge from their matches one by one until it is time for Raika and Yu-yu's duel. Who will come out on top?

E4 | XoverDress

As team leader, Yu-yu has a lot to think about, especially as his match with Zakusa draws nearer. Good thing the youth has friends to help him along the way.

E5 | Blossom at Dawn

Urara and Mirei have a heart-to-heart before their match.

E6 | Proof of Legend

It's Megumi's time to shine! Will she come out on top?

E7 | Pride of a Knight

Taizo understands the importance of having allies and Raika believes he doesn't need anyone. Their match is more than just a game; it is a clash between ideals.

E8 | Last Ticket

Yuyu and Taizo face off against each other.

E9 | Divided Thoughts

Eight players have qualified for the finals. But before they can face each other in the tournament, they must all first prepare.

E10 | Symphony

The finals have begun, and Urara is filled with anxiety over her upcoming match with Yu-yu.

E11 | Ruler vs Skyfall

Tohya vs. Raika: Who will emerge victorious?

E12 | The Future is Here

Only one match remains before the final bout.

E13 | Dress×Dress

Yu-yu won't rest until Raika acknowledges Team Blackout. But he'll need to defeat his opponent first in the climatic tournament finale!

E14 | Deluxe USA

Yu-yu's first match is against Peach Mountain, who turns out to be none other than a familiar face!

E15 | Witch of the Starry Skies

While Raika prepares for his match against the Witch of the Starry Skies, Danji investigates the mysterious disappearances of their fellow Vanguard fighters.

E16 | Beginning of The End

Michiru wants to know the real reason behind Deluxe and Jinki would be more than happy to tell him... if Michiru can beat him in a match first.

E17 | Missing Link

Yu-yu and his friends now know of Masanori's mysterious involvement, and Tohya demands Samuel disclose more information after their match.

E18 | No Vanguard For Idols

What's a popular boy band duo doing at Wonder Hill, of all places?

E19 | Uniformers

Urara makes a new friend at the Uniformers' training facility. She also gets a lot more than she bargained for when Jinki shows up.

E20 | Teasing Spiritualist

What is the "ultimate match"? Zakusa inches closer to the truth when he confronts Masanori.

E21 | Brand of the Witch

The mystery deepens as Sophie Bell boldly discloses the Uniformers' plan to Michiru.

E22 | Silent Night

When Tomari doesn't buy the Uniformers' story, one of their latest recruits challenges Team Blackout to a match.

E23 | Mirror Image

Urara has come a long way, but hasn't she forgotten something important?

E24 | Future Defined

Michiru has no desire to leave virtual reality and claims that it's a perfect environment for him. However, he's in danger, and Raika will drag him out with a cardfight.

E25 | An Alternate Future

Team Blackout waits anxiously as Danji and Michiru clash over their ideals.

E26 | Vanguard of the New World

In just six months, Uniformers have changed the very concept of Vanguard, but no one knows their real identity. Can these mysterious players be defeated?

E27 | Darkness of Shirogane

What happens if you place a Hollowing Moonlit Night in the Order Zone and draw a card? Let's find out!

E28 | Monstrous Evil Eye

Megumi learns more about Halona and her connection to Gui when she's scouted by the Uniformers.

E29 | Dress of Moonlight

Haruka left because she believed she was holding Mirei back. But she didn't consider Mirei's thoughts on the matter.

E30 | A Glorious Day

Megumi always felt she had to catch up to Danji, but no longer. She's grown stronger now and Danji will have to pull out all the stops if he wants to defeat her.

E31 | DressUp

Not everyone agrees with the Uniformers, but if they wish to challenge the group on an equal playing field, they must all grow stronger.

E32 | Bloom of Demise

Jinki questions the path the Uniformers have taken and challenges Gui to determine the organization's future.

E33 | Point of Infinity

Masanori has been playing the long game the entire time, and Tohya finally discovers why.

E34 | Blackout

Danji throws down the gauntlet and challenges Gui to face the next generation of fighters! Yu-yu, Raika and Urara certainly have their work cut out for them this time.

E35 | Unison

Urara must win her match against Halona. Not only is she giving it her all for her team, she's fighting to save a friendship as well.

E36 | Starry Skies vs Sky Fall

Raika and Sophie have already beaten each other once before. Now, their tie breaking match will determine if the new generation has earned the right to face Gui.

E37 | Beyond the Real Strongest

After all the blood, sweat and tears everyone poured into the matches, it all comes down to one last fight: a human vs. an AI.

E38 | will+Dress

The match isn't over yet. Yu-yu won't give up and will keep fighting until the end.



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