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Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress

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Season 2 Episode 13 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/27/2023

Blessed Rain

Danji always goes off on his own. But this time, Megumi won't let him leave without her.

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress

overDress Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E13 | Blessed Rain

Danji always goes off on his own. But this time, Megumi won't let him leave without her.

E14 | Exspecta vs Bastion/Reboot

Tohya wishes to atone for his actions against Blackout. Is there anything Yu-yu can do to help?

E15 | Maiden Mannerism/Reconciliation

Yu-yu and Tohya need to speak with Megumi. Since she's avoiding the amusement park and is unavailable when at home, their only option is to infiltrate Raika Academy.

E16 | Nordlinger/Infiltration

Danji confronts Team Daybreak about their actions at the amusement park.

E17 | Sealed Blaze Maiden/Face Off

Danji and Mirei grow closer.

E18 | Greedon/Gluttony

Blackout is taking the fight to Daybreak! But they'll have to pass a ramen food challenge first.

E19 | Dark Trickstar/Encounter

Yu-yu and Tohya unexpectedly run into Danja and Mirei.

E20 | Your Name/Reminiscence

Mirei's trip to the festival with team Blackout sours when an enormous secret comes to light, and now Danji must make a life-changing decision.

E21 | Megumi vs Haruka/Recollection

A match with Daybreak. Up first is the person known as the Ice Empress, Haruka Sokawa, and her opponent is Megumi from Blackout.

E22 | Awakening of Chakrabarthi/Flight

Yu-yu and friends face a vengeful Shinobu, who appears to be relaxed and in top form.

E23 | Aurora Fierce Princess/Right and Wrong

Tohya prepares to settle his score against Masanori. A devious smile plays around Masanori's lips - what could he be up to...?

E24 | Bastion vs Bruce/Resolve

The flames of Tohya's and Danji's fighting spirit rage silently as their fateful showdown begins. Their resolves clash, and the winner is...?!

E25 | overDress/Showdown

Yu-yu climbs to the top of Nagoya Castle for a cardfight against Mirei. With the very existence of their teams on the line, the time has come for a final showdown.



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