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Captain Earth

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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/3/2014

Starry Sky's Picture Book

Teppei is sent on a secret mission to retrieve a mysterious man named Eiji Arashi. With Akari in tow, they attempt to wake him from hypersleep.

Captain Earth

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Earth Engine Open Fire

Daichi, the son of a former astronaut who gave his life to defend Earth, finds himself in the same situation after returning to the island of his youth.

E2 | It's Called Livlaster

Daichi learns more about his father's demise, and meets up with familiar childhood friends as his unplanned space mission comes to an end.

E3 | The Rainbow of Albion

The hacker who helped Daichi on his first mission introduces herself as Magical Girl Akari, daughter of the commander.

E4 | Assault of the Planetary Gear

Teppei is brought in for evaluation after suddenly summoning a Kitlgang to save Daichi. While Hana is being looked at, Daichi and Akari head to town.

E5 | Starry Sky's Picture Book

Teppei is sent on a secret mission to retrieve a mysterious man named Eiji Arashi. With Akari in tow, they attempt to wake him from hypersleep.

E6 | Kivotos Plan

The Kivotos Plan is the last resort for Earth. With both opposing factions considering such a dangerous solution, the danger looms ever closer.

E7 | The Midsummer's Knights

What Kiltgang activity rising, Daichi once again takes the helm of the Earth Engine to protect the planet. Teppei seems reluctant to help when things get tricky.

E8 | Sign from the Dark

Pitz has pinpointed the new appearance of a Machine Goodfellow, and the newly appointed Midsummer's Knights head to the location to investigate.

E9 | Magical Girl Akari-chan

Akari is kidnapped by Amarock to hack into the low orbit impactors and bring them down. Little does Amarock know, the tables are about to be turned.

E10 | On the Windy Planet

Amara and Moco successfully awaken Lin, who controls the Kiltgang Liebam. It's up to Daichi to confront her himself.

E11 | Through the Window of Setsuna

One of six designer children, Setsuna's sole purpose is to keep Marimura young forever. Will she ever escape Marimura's lab?

E12 | Boys' Battlefield

Daichi is sent to an underground fighting tournament to find the last of the designer children named Baku.

E13 | My Town

The stakes are high, but Baku's wishes may be stronger than bullets when he decides to save his love, Kumiko, from sure death.

E14 | Tears of a Girl Through the Night

Daichi learns about the feelings Hana has kept secret from him while on his day off. Will he be able to accept them amid the turmoil around them?

E15 | True Self

While Hana and Setsuna flee Amara and Moco. A trap is set up to kidnap the CEO of Macbeth Enterprises.

E16 | Her Flare

With Macbeth Enterprises officially backing and supporting them, the Planetary Gears feel empowered in their new position.

E17 | The Knights of Midsummer

Moco and Zin try to attack Earth and they commandeer the interceptors which Salty Dog Dispatched. Can Daichi and Teppei stop Moco and Zin and prove their skill?

E18 | Onslaught Through the Wilderness

Marooned in Australia after a botched re-entry into Earth, Daichi, and Teppei work to protect Hana from being captured by enemy forces.

E19 | Your Smile Means Everything

Salty Dog will stop at nothing to capture Hana and sends his unmanned Impacter to intercept Daichi and the hijacked transport ship.

E20 | Satelitejack

Two of the three top players in the Intercept Faction come to Tenkaido, but they're unimpressed by the young Midsummer's Knights.

E21 | The Meaning of a Captain

Hirosue, who announces he is not operating on behalf of Salty Dog, has taken Hana captive and set bombs all over Tenkaido!

E22 | The Operation Summer

Commence Operation Summer. The flight path of the Blume is interrupted when they are met with the resistance of the Ark Faction and their weapon, the Garm Engine.

E23 | A Midsummer Night's Dream

Daichi gets a strange feeling while he is at a school conference with his uncle. Little does he know, he is being coaxed by the Planetary Gears to remain in a dream world.

E24 | Auberon

The Midsummer's Knights finally reach the Auberon. The Planetary Gears decide to offer them a chance to join them, but then a terrible truth comes to light.

E25 | Captain Earth

Puck intends to become the supreme leader of the all. He takes control of Blume and possesses Hana. Can the Planetary Gears stop him?



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