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Blue Gale Xabungle

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Season 1 Episode 44 | TV-MA | Premiere: 6/12/2018

Take Care of Yourself, Lord Arthur

While the Innocent build a unified army in order to destroy the Iron Gear, Jiron, Rag and their team attempt to sneak into Yop to meet with Arthur Rank.

Blue Gale Xabungle

Season 1 | 50 Episodes

E1 | No Time to Take It Easy!

Jiron Amos is found in the desert by the Sand Rats amidst a battle between them and a Machine Walker. He ends up joining them as they head to the Bazaar.

E2 | We Got the Xabungle

Jiron is settling into life with the Sand Rats. Meanwhile, the Sand Rats plot to steal the Xabungle.

E3 | Everyone Got It Wrong

Jiron and the Sand Rats are on the run in their newly acquired Xabungle! Meanwhile, a reward is put on their heads for their capture.

E4 | Why Do You Flout the Rule?

The Sand Rats learn of Jiron's motives for stealing the Xabungle which involves him avenging the death of his parents.

E5 | The Three Belligerents

Jiron and the Sand Rats prepare for battle and look to head towards Grocky. Are they able to make it through the fight with the Xabungle?

E6 | Just What Are You to Jiron?

Timp has an interesting plan up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Jiron and the Sand Rats are training for their inevitable next battle with Grocky.

E7 | Those Who Trust Find Peace

Jiron and the Sand Rats stumble upon a massive oasis, but the respite doesn't last long as they are attacked. Are they able to fend off this foe?

E8 | The Miss Who Doesn't Miss

On the way to a town with a bazaar, the crew is looking for some time to rest but they run into some unexpected trouble before they reach their destination.

E9 | In the Wild Blooms a Flower Called Maria

Jiron and the Sand Rats run into Maria and orphans in need. Are they able to help them from their pursuers? Or are they left to their fate?

E10 | Brave Women Are Scary

The Sand Rats' ship is infiltrated by a gang looking to take advantage of their youth. Are they able to hold them off and save the day?

E11 | Chasing On and On

Jiron goes after Timp alone, but he finds him in a massive sandstorm. Is he able to enact revenge? Or does he struggle to fight his nemesis?

E12 | The Mysterious Mysteries of the Innocent

The Sand Rats come under attack as they get closer to the Innocents. Meanwhile, Jiron continues his pursuit of Timp but where does it lead him next?

E13 | Havoc That Leaves Nothing Standing

A massive battle ensues while the Sand Rats are on the road. Meanwhile, Jiron learns a huge secret about Timp. Will this change his view on the man he hates so much?

E14 | Timp's Futile Struggle

The Innocent have their Ascension of Light ceremony while Jiron is still on sacred ground with the Xabungle. All the while, Timp is laying in wait for him.

E15 | Covered in Mud and Desperation

The Sand Rats ship comes under heavy attack while Jiron is in bed sick with a fever. In this state, is he able to help the crew?

E16 | A Sorrowful Dirge

Jiron is taken captive by the Hanawans after he leaves the Iron Gear. While in their clutches he attempts a daring escape!

E17 | Performers in a Do-or-Die Contest

The Hanawans are preparing their all-out attack on the Iron Gear as it is still stranded. Is Jiron and company able to fend off this attack?

E18 | What's Wrong with Running Away from Home?

Jiron thinks Kidd Horla is up to something sinister, but he can't quite put his finger on it. What lies in wait for them?

E19 | Condor, Take Flight

An ambush is set up to capture the Xabungle and the Iron Gear but in a comedy of errors the would be attackers aren't as impressive as they seem.

E20 | Akon the Stud?

Rag heads out on her own but when going through a thick forest she gets poisoned. An unlikely hero comes to her rescue. Who is he?

E21 | Falling in Love, Being Loved Back

Jiron is inflamed by Rag’s apparent defection to Akon, but the real fireworks begin when Kid Horla hatches a duplicitous plan to use Rag to steal a Xabungle.  

E22 | A Tattered Rag

As the Iron Gear is forced to leave the Bazaar in the aftermath of yet another fight, a bitter Rag joins forces with Horla to stage an ambush on her former team.

E23 | Rag, Come Home to Our Open Arms

Rag has been imprisoned on board the Iron Gear, but when the ship comes under attack by the forces of Gully Karas, the crew desperately needs a second Xabungle pilot.

E24 | Mortal Combat, Fierce Fighting, and a Crying Karas

Rag and Elchi get on each other's nerves, while Karas Karas joins with his wife Greta in a two pronged assault designed to lead the Iron Gear into an ambush.

E25 | A Mighty Battle Between Two Men Risking Their Lives

To avenge his wife and his brother, Karas asks the Innocent for a ship capable of beating the Iron Gear.  And the only thing that can beat it is another Iron Gear!

E26 | Innocent Battle Royal

While Bei's plans cause a factional rift among the Innocent, Elchi's crew transfer to the newer Iron Gear and set forth seeking new Walker Machines.

E27 | Sing! The Song of a Warrior

While Jiron gets into a walker battle with a feisty older woman, the Innocent come up with a new plan and order Horla to kidnap either Rag or Elchi.

E28 | A Weakness of the Innocent is Found

Biel attempts to turn Elchi against her friends, JIron and the Iron Gear crew prepare a rescue, and Horla launches his own plan against the Innocent.

E29 | Even the Innocent Become Desperate

A mysterious organization tries to recruit the Iron Gear and its crew, Biel runs into trouble with the other Innocent, and Jiron discovers an old enemy is still alive.

E30 | It's All Over if You Get Mad

The Iron Gear continues heading towards Point J and an ambush, Rag meets an attractive guy, and the Innocent attempt to brainwash Elchi.

E31 | If You Toy With a Woman's Heart

Jiron and Rag’s new associates agree to join forces and stage a raid on an Innocent trade outpost in order to rescue a partially brainwashed Elchi.

E32 | My Convenience is yours as Well

Jiron and Blume fight over what to do after Ellchi’s  betrayal, while Timp Sharon leads a force of new walker machines to destroy both the Irongear and Salt.

E33 | Unending Trouble

Everyone plots against everyone else as Katakam and Jiron hatch conflicting plans for the Irongear while the defecting Blume accidentally rescues the evicted Biel.

E34 | Fatman's Far-off Feelings

Leaving behind Katakam and his quarrel with Jiron, Fatman takes off through the snow alone. The others debate splitting their forces and following him.

E35 | An Army is Found

Jiron chases Fatman who’s chasing Elchi, Katakam tries to control the Iron Gear, and the Innocent recruit an army composed of thugs, breakers and a vicious girl gang.

E36 | Grand Infiltration Operation

While the now-militarized Elchi trains the Innocent’s new troops for battle, Jiron and Fatman reconnect with Blume and Biel, who now have a landship of their own.

E37 | The Varied Kaleidoscope of Women

While Kotsett goes crazy with deadly Rat Fever, Chill is sent to Medick’s hospital for help… just as Caron and her all-girl gang launch an attack on the facility.

E38 | Dance, Elchi!

When Katakam and the SALT forces decide to head towards a new destination, the Iron Gear continues towards Point H and straight into an ambush by Elchi.

E39 | One-man Plays are No Good

Elchi’s brainwashed personality runs out of control when she kidnaps Maria to use as bait for Jiron, while Rag finally starts to see through Katakam’s façade.

E40 | Katakam Gets Desperate

The continuing battle between the Iron Gear, Salt and Gear Gear forces becomes truly chaotic as rival factions within the groups betray each other simultaneously.

E41 | Katakam is Finished

Desperate to prove that he’s a capable leader, Katakam launches an attack on Kidd Horla’s new landship and forces as they close in on the badly damaged Iron Gear.

E42 | Greta Roars

While Jiron learns how to be Salt’s new leader and heads to Point Y, Elchi receives a new second in command: Karas Karas’ vengeful widow Greta Karas.

E43 | The Grand Free-for-all Search for Yop

Jiron and Dyke set out to discover the location of Arthur Rank, leader of the Innocent, but are intercepted by the revenge obsessed Greta.

E44 | Take Care of Yourself, Lord Arthur

While the Innocent build a unified army in order to destroy the Iron Gear, Jiron, Rag and their team attempt to sneak into Yop to meet with Arthur Rank.

E45 | Stand Facing the Sun

Having rescued Arthur Rank, Jiron, Rag and their allies fight to keep the frail Innocent leader alive while his former subordinates attempt to assassinate him.

E46 | Give it Your All, Lord Arthur

The battle for Point V begins as Kid Horla attempts to destroy the Iron Gear using a previously unseen Innocent weapon: self destructing humanoid shock troops.

E47 | Open Your Eyes, Elchi

While Jiron, Rag and the Iron Gear crew fight against Timp’s Unified forces, Arthur and Maria attempt to undo Elchi’s brainwashing.

E48 | Lord Arthur Forever

Greta, Horla and Timp attack the Iron Gear simultaneously, Dr. Medik tries to purge Elchi’s brainwashing and Arthur makes a gallant sacrifice.

E49 | Decisive Battle! Point X

Jiron and Chill take on Horla, Timp and Greta at the same time, Rag rouses the Iron Gear’s women to avenge Arthur, and Elchi returns to the fight… but on whose side?

E50 | Everybody, Run!

At long last, the final battle begins as Jiron, Elchi and Rag lead the assault on Point X in the epic conclusion of Blue Gale Xabungle!



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