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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/26/2019

In the Night Before

Team Basquash's been making waves and got invited to the championships in Turbine City! Sela and Iceman have their hang-ups, but that's not gonna affect the match, right?


Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | I am Legend

Dan resents Bigfoots mechas for what they've done. First his sister and now basketball? Unforgivable. If he had his way, he'd show those robots a thing or two!

E2 | Legend is Dead

Dan's crazy stunt turned him into a legend. But it turns out fame and fortune don't go hand in hand, especially after the city billed him for repairs!

E3 | Destroy, Destroy

A new player joins the scene, and their skill makes Sela wonder if she's finally found the one she's been looking for. But what does this mysterious contender want?

E4 | Three Way, Free Fight

The late-night rematch grabbed Haruka's attention. She knows what she wants and how to get it, but what possible interest does a shoemaker have in Bigfoot street basketball?

E5 | Basquash!

Dan, Sela, and Iceman may have earned respect, but they still need to play games. Haruka arranges a match with The Worst gang. Meanwhile, Princess Flora has gone missing...

E6 | Saint has Come

The game evolves, and a popular new sport is born. James Loane has a proposal that Rolling Town would love to hear.

E7 | Within, Out Of

James Loane wants a new league even if it means poaching players en masse. If Dan signs on with the OCB, he and his sister will be set for life. So, why is he hesitating?

E8 | Pass of Truth

An incognito princess joins the group. Meanwhile, Iceman's aggressive play style really pisses Dan off, especially since HE ends up being a target during Iceman's rampages.

E9 | Idol Attack!

Dan helps a girl evade her pursers. But he doesn't know his life is about to get a lot more complicated since the girl is Rouge, a member of the popular idol group, Eclipse.

E10 | Nonstop Jump Stop

Dan's been off his game lately, and people are noticing. Rouge decides to help Dan out after Slash gives her information.

E11 | In the Night Before

Team Basquash's been making waves and got invited to the championships in Turbine City! Sela and Iceman have their hang-ups, but that's not gonna affect the match, right?

E12 | League, League, League! / Secondary Break

Tri-Stars are the masters of misdirection, and Team Basquash needs to bring their A-game if they want to win! But as the matches continue, plans take shape behind the scenes.

E13 | See You on the Moon

Dan and Rouge have been spending a lot of time together lately, and they can't wait for the next match. Their bond deepens, and feelings may follow.

E14 | Splash, Dash, Crash!

Dan. Sela. Iceman. The trio all have their reasons for playing Basquah and why they must win the championship. It's not gonna be easy, especially when the weather turns.

E15 | Run and Cannon

Team Basquash is going to the moon! However, they must first travel to a city with so many regulations that it's only a matter of time before Dan lands himself in trouble.

E16 | Underground

There's a connection between giants and the ball of lightning. Iceman and Dan descend beneath the surface in search of answers within the dark depths.

E17 | Giant Step

Dan faces off against a skilled player in the Dead Bottom and makes a shocking discovery. Iceman runs into an unexpected person and reflects on the past.

E18 | Memory of You

Iceman buys time while the others escape, which suits him just fine. He has unfinished business with Pryce. What is Team Basquash's next move once they reach the surface?

E19 | Turn Over

Team Basquash is up against the Old-Timers and these elders are a force to be reckoned with! Especially since they taught Sela everything she knows about basketball.

E20 | Fit-in Break

Team Basquash is improving by leaps and bounds, but their Bigfoots need an overhaul to keep up with their pilots. The team heads to Area Zero, where Miyuki's past awaits.

E21 | Total Eclipse

Eclipse announces a final concert as plots take shape in the shadows. Meanwhile, Dan finds himself unusually serious as his thoughts turn to Rouge.

E22 | Clutch Shot

Rouge isn't acting like her usual self, and Citron gives Dan a cryptic message. Something's wrong, and Dan's going to find out what.

E23 | Cause Slash Said So

A long-awaited plan begins, and unspeakable calamity will result. The clock is ticking, and both Earthdash and the Moon may pay the ultimate price.

E24 | Who are You?

It is not the end. The Legend League aims to save both Earthdash and the Moon by recreating the mythical game of the gods!

E25 | Above the Rim

Time is running out for everyone. Dan's path finally leads him to the moon where he'll face his destiny.

E26 | Free

The players have gathered, and the court is ready. As the world ends around them, Team Basquash plays one last game and hopes for the birth of a new legend...



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