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BanG Dream!

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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/22/2017

We Sang!

Kasumi finally achieves her dream as Poppin'Party plays at Space's last show. How will they perform?

BanG Dream!

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | We Met!

One day, as she's still adjusting to her new high school, Kasumi Toyama discovers a trail of stars that leads her to an old thrift store. Inside, she makes a discovery.

E2 | We Did It!

Kasumi's heart is set on forming a band, but Arisa wants nothing do with it. In fact, Arisa is so determined to avoid her that she puts the star-shaped guitar up for auction.

E3 | She Ran Away!

Kasumi asks Rimi to join her band, but Rimi is reluctant. Meanwhile, Glitter*Green runs into an issue on the way to their show.

E4 | She Got Angry!

Kasumi starts staying after school to take guitar lessons from Tae. Meanwhile, Arisa seems to have a problem with all the time they are spending together.

E5 | Our Hearts Raced!

Kasumi, Tae, and friends are preparing for their first performance. Are they going to be ready in time?

E6 | We Made it!

Kasumi begins to struggle in school and enlists Saya's help. Meanwhile, Arisa has been searching for the perfect band name.

E7 | We Fought!

Kasumi has a tall order in convincing Saya to join Poppin'Party, is she able to do it? Meanwhile, they continue to get ready for the Culture Festival!

E8 | She Dashed!

The Cultural Festival preparations are done, and it is time for it to begin. Meanwhile, Poppin'Party play their first show! How does it go?

E9 | We Got a Job!

Saya gets a new drum set and the girls all get jobs at Space! They learn what goes into putting on a live show.

E10 | It Came as a Shock!

Poppin'Party auditions at Space but to play there you must impress the owner. Do they achieve their dream?

E11 | I Couldn't Sing Anymore

Kasumi is still struggling to find her voice but the rest of Poppin'Party is there to help pick her up.

E12 | I Sparkled?!

Poppin'Party gets another chance to play at Space. Will they finally impress the owner?

E13 | We Sang!

Kasumi finally achieves her dream as Poppin'Party plays at Space's last show. How will they perform?



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