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Season 1 Episode 5 | TV-14 | Premiere: 6/21/2016


After camping in Hokkaido, the girls continue their journey and run into someone familiar acting strange.


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Joining the Club

When Sakura sees Amano on a motorcycle, she's instantly enamored, but will the only girls in the school's bike club be them and a girl who never removes her helmet?

E2 | School!!

Onsa and Rin come to blows over their differing opinions regarding Suzuki bikes. Sakura prepares for her final exam to get her license, but a sudden change throws her off.

E3 | Debut!!

With one of her goals accomplished, Hane begins looking at bikes to purchase, but Onsa starts acting weird when Rin finds a store selling bikes for cheap.

E4 | Onsen!!

A peaceful trip to a hot springs is a perfect start to the girls’ summer vacation. However, with motorcycles involved, the ride quickly becomes a race!

E5 | Touring!!

After camping in Hokkaido, the girls continue their journey and run into someone familiar acting strange.

E6 | Preparing!!

With the school festival on the horizon, the Bike Club decides they’re going to host a motorcycle race. Onsa doesn’t really care about winning… or does she?

E7 | School Festival!!

The Bike Club invites their classmates to bet on their school festival race, and the odds are not in Raimu's favor. In the end, which bike will emerge the victor?

E8 | Winter Break!!

The girls are on winter break! That means Christmas, holiday gifts, and riding motorcycles into the sunset.

E9 | New Student!!

Clubs are scrambling to get new students to join them. Just before they present in front of the whole school, the Bike Club hits a speed bump, but a new student may… help.

E10 | Underclassman!!

As the Bike Club tries to convince Chisame to join them, the undefeated minibike champion is having her own crisis!

E11 | Bicycle!!

Onsa gets a mysterious and… strange disease. Later, Chisame asks her seniors about which bike she should get and things get messy.

E12 | What If World!!

When Hane’s bike needs a new fuel tank, she reunites with an old friend. Later, Hane finds herself in a strange alternate world where motorcycles don’t exist!



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