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Aura Battler Dunbine

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Season 1 Episode 47 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/6/2018

Drake Luft

Drake discovers Leeza's betrayal through Elmelie. The crew of the Zelana head into battle, but little do they know that they face the beginning of the end.

Aura Battler Dunbine

Season 1 | 49 Episodes

E1 | The Aura Battlers

After being transported from Earth to Byston Well, Show is told he will fight for Lord Drake Luft. Later, he is attacked and forced to consider who he is fighting for.

E2 | Given's Mansion

Show accompanies Lord Drake's envoy to meet with the political enemy, Neal Givens, to negotiate for peace. However, Lord Drake has other plans.

E3 | Escape From Laas Wau

Show and Elmelie discuss his role in Lord Drake's plan. Later, while the Aura Battlers are on patrol, Neal and his troops launch a surprise attack.

E4 | Elmelie's Hardships

Lord Drake sends his troops to find Elmelie as she searches for Neal. Show decides which side he wants to fight for.

E5 | Keen in Danger

Resentment starts to grow within Keen. As Show chases after her, Lord Drake's troops begin to close in.

E6 | Tragedy at the Forest of the Moon

Neal attempts to rendezvous with his father's forces. Todd has his orders to hunt down the Given's party.

E7 | Night Before the Dawn of a War

Despite the group's protests, Neal decides to go under cover to rescue Elmelie but quickly finds himself in trouble.

E8 | Laas Wau Once Again

After Show questions his and Marvel's place in Byston Well, he formulates a plan to go back home and finds that leaving is not as easy as it seems.

E9 | Earth and Sky

The group takes a dangerous a journey to Fairy Land to find allies for the upcoming civil war.

E10 | Father and Child

After returning from Fairy Land, Keen and the others face an enemy they did not expect, leading to tragic consequences.

E11 | Offense and Defense of Kiron Castle

After rejecting the king's offer of diplomacy, Lord Drake sends his troops to attack the castle while Show and the others prepare for war.

E12 | Garalia's Pursuit

After Garalia and Todd discover the secret in King Foizon's armory, they launch a surprise attack that tests Show's strength.

E13 | Todd's Violent Advance

Todd is eager to prove himself after learning about the new recruits from Upper Earth but finds himself in a difficult situation.

E14 | The Battle to Capture Elf Castle

Lord Drake launches an attack on Elf Castle and despite his advanced weaponry, his victory is not guaranteed.

E15 | Furaon Moves Not

Show and others launch a surprise attack against Lord Drake. However, despite the promise of help, they are left on their own.

E16 | The Skies Above Tokyo

After facing Garalia in battle, Show and Cham find themselves in a familiar yet far away world.

E17 | The People of Upper Earth

Show has a hard time proving who he truly is. Meanwhile, Garalia faces new enemies while she explores her surroundings.

E18 | Flash of Garalia

While Neal continues to fight against Lord Drake's forces, Show faces a personal battle that leaves deep scars.

E19 | Battler Show

Show finds himself mysteriously back in Byston Well. Meanwhile, Neal and the others find themselves under attack.

E20 | Bern's Counterattack

In a desperate attempt to prove his worth, Bern, in the latest battler, seeks to capture Show.

E21 | Fugitive Elmelie

Elmelie escapes her father's castle in attempt to find Neal but is taken captive by bandits.

E22 | Soldier: Elmelie Luft

Elmelie's presence causes tension within the group. Thirsty to prove her loyalty, Elmelie begins taking risks, much to Neal's dismay.

E23 | Muisy's Pursuit

Muisy attempts to take Elmelie back to Lord Drake. However, Elmelie takes her fate into her own hands, even if it means disobeying a direct order.

E24 | Attack Versus Attack

Show is surprised when he finds himself fighting a familiar enemy. During his battle, he discovers a mysterious world outside Byston Well.

E25 | Joint War

Braun and Todd join forces to bring Elmelie back to Lord Drake. As the two fight against Show and Marvel, a new level of aura power is revealed.

E26 | Elle's Spiritual Powers

After her mother is killed, Elle finds refuge with Show. As Neal and the others fight against Lord Drake's forces, Elle reveals the extent of her spiritual powers.

E27 | Queen of the Red Storm

Despite not knowing where he is, Show manages to help rescue a princess who challenges his place in Byston Well.

E28 | Goraon's Take Off

Using Elle's spiritual power, Show and the others reunite with King Foizon to help stop Lord Drake's advance. However, Elle senses something dark enveloping the king.

E29 | Billbine Appears

Despite constant warnings, King Foizon leaps into battle. Show's Dunbine is greatly damaged during battle but receives unexpected help from an old friend.

E30 | Silky's Escape

Show heads back to Lord Drake's castle to free the silkie trapped there. As he heads to safety, Show and Marvel are transported back to the Fairy World.

E31 | The Omen of the Black Knight

A mysterious foe ambushes Show and Marvel en route to the Land of Na. Is this Black Knight a harbinger of things to come?

E32 | Surfacing

The denizens of Byston Well can no longer stand idly by and perform a ritual to protect the land. What will this mean for those on both sides of the war?

E33 | Machine Expansion

Show finds himself in familiar territory yet separated from his friends. Now, he must reunite with them and heads out towards Marvel's last known coordinates.

E34 | Aura Barrier

The displaced forces of Byston Well realize that their barriers give them an overwhelming advantage in battle. The Zelana attempts to flee, but multiple enemies pursue.

E35 | Goraon of the Scorching Heat

Out of desperation, Upper Earth unleashes nuclear weapons against the Byston Well invaders. What can Show and his friends do to overcome this terrifying development?

E36 | The Enemy is Gea Gring

Show and his friends decide to upgrade their systems with Upper Earth technology. They travel to India to meet with a manufacturer, but the army is tracking their every move.

E37 | Hyper Jeril

Show and the others engage the Gea Gring in a fierce battle. Elle has a sudden, ominous vision that warns of a far greater danger.

E38 | Time Bomb

Marvel muses over the secret of Jeril's power. Meanwhile, multiple Upper Earth organizations sense an opportunity and open up negotiations with the invaders.

E39 | Bishott's Prisoner

The American government discusses an ultimatum from the invaders while Show and his friends wonder which nation they should aid. Marvel is placed in dire peril during battle.

E40 | Paris Blazes

The city of Paris burns under Bishott's relentless onslaught, prompting the French government to send a message to Show and his friends requesting their aid.

E41 | Europe Front

The team attempts to cope with the unexpected, tragic consequences of a recent battle, but are denied rest as the enemy quickly hones in.

E42 | Insurrection of the People of Upper Earth

Bishott faces mounting resistance from Norway. Worried over the safety of both Byston Well and Upper Earth, Elmelie plans her next move.

E43 | Hyper Show

Show and his friends discover that the Gea Gring is barreling towards London. Wishing to defend their allies, they plan a daring ambush. Will their plan succeed?

E44 | Guran Attack

Ciela commands the Guran Galan to intercept and attack the Will Wipps. The crew of the Zelana decides to join the fight as reinforcements.

E45 | Beyond the Todd

The USS Carl Vinson goes rogue and allies itself with the Zelana to protect America. Meanwhile, Drake and Todd strategize while Ellie formulates a plan of her own.

E46 | Operation Remote Control

Muisy embarks on a mission to assassinate Ciela under the guise of friendship. Can Show and the others arrive in time to stop her?

E47 | Drake Luft

Drake discovers Leeza's betrayal through Elmelie. The crew of the Zelana head into battle, but little do they know that they face the beginning of the end.

E48 | Cross Fight

The battle intensifies as all sides are resolute in their determination. The world watches with bated breath how the end will come.

E49 | Cham Huau

There is only one way the war can end, and there can be no victory without sacrifice. When the dust finally settles, who will remain standing?



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