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Armored Trooper VOTOMS

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Season 1 Episode 41 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/27/2018


With his ship crashed, Chirico has no choice but to venture into the hostile deserts of Quent if he wishes to continue his mission.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS

Season 1 | 52 Episodes

E1 | War's End

Chirico Cuvie demands answers when his unit open fires on their forces during a top-secret mission, but his superior officer stonewalls him. What is going on?

E2 | Uoodo

Months after the mission that changed his life forever, Chirico hides in the wretched hive known as Uoodo. What recourse does he have when he is enslaved by a local gang?

E3 | Encounter

Chirico has plans for the ruined Scope Dog he found in the junkyard. Will this be the opportunity he needs to turn his luck around?

E4 | Battling

Recognizing Chirico's expertise as a pilot, Gotho offers him an opportunity to make his fortune in the underground VOTOMS gladiatorial sport known as Battling.

E5 | The Trap

Chirico is caught by powerful people who believe the soldier was sent to Uoodo under orders. As they torture him for information, Chirico's allies plan a rescue mission.

E6 | Prototype

Reflecting upon the events thus far, Chirico leaves to face the chief of police. His allies plan a daring heist without him.

E7 | The Raid

Rumors swirl of the police using a city-wide sweep as cover for a mysterious transport. Intrigued, Chichiro investigates.

E8 | The Deal

The crew celebrates, but Chichiro wishes no part in the spoils. While the police react, another player watches from the shadows.

E9 | The Rescue

Chichiro faces the wrath of the police alone. Enraged, Coconna demands that the crew return to help their friend.

E10 | Red Shoulder

The police adopt a scorched earth policy in their attempts to flush Chirico and his allies out. Forced to run, the four take drastic measures to save their own lives.

E11 | Counterattack

The Prototype defies a direct order to engage Chirico in combat. The police chief and Borough attempt to discover why while the AT pilot dominates the battle.

E12 | Bonds

Chirico and the Prototype are discussing their situation when the police discover their location. Borough proposes that Battling pilots chase after them.

E13 | Escape

The military occupies Uoodo and demands the surrender of police forces. Chief Iskui is ordered by his superior to buy time so the Prototype can be smuggled out of the city.

E14 | Assemble Ex-10

Three months after the events on Uoodo, a new chapter unfolds as Chirico finds himself on the front lines as a mercenary in the war-torn kingdom of Kummen.

E15 | Doubts

Captain Kan Yu's assistance arrives just in time and Chirico is questioned for his battlefield decision. A PS is a deadly opponent, so what are their options when facing one?

E16 | Clean Sweep

The mercenaries fend off a guerrilla raid, but Pol is shocked when he recognizes one of the attackers. Chirico discovers Pol's connection to the Kummen army.

E17 | Reunion

Chirico miscalculated, and the enemy was not who he thought it was. Despite this, he's still determined to find answers and the two soldiers clash.

E18 | Turnabout

Chirico's been found, but his miraculous survival causes the suspicious Captain Kan Yu to accuse him of switching sides and demands his interrogation.

E19 | Intentions

A Melkian officer plans to inspect the front lines when the Veela unleash their assault on EX-10 and Niitan. Vanilla refuses to abandon the club despite Coconna's urging.

E20 | Fyana

Chirico reflects upon his previous adventure and the events that led to his reunion with Fyana in Uoodo.

E21 | Upriver

Chirico is put in charge of an operation against enemy headquarters. Kan Yu objects, believing he should be in command instead.

E22 | Contact Blast

Kan Yu is criticized for his actions and ordered to follow a new strategy as everyone's plans seemingly depend on Chirico.

E23 | Complications

Fyana seizes an opportunity and flees into the jungle. An injured Borough is enraged when he realizes that Ypsilon has gone after her and orders the unthinkable.

E24 | Intersection

Loyalties are tested after Chirico rewards his friends with the truth after they save both him and Fyana from an ambush.

E25 | Infiltration

A man left for dead refuses to die, despite everything the jungle throws at him. Meanwhile, Chirico's group plans their assault.

E26 | Closing In

Vanilla must join a massive assault, despite Gotho and Coconna's concerns. With the forces converging on the palace, is the war finally coming to an end?

E27 | Dark Change

Three figures muse over the status of the war as fighting rages on the planet below. Chirico confronts Dorough and demands answers regarding the PS.

E28 | Destiny

Before the next adventure begins, Chirico recalls painful memories of his past exploits in Uoodo.

E29 | Two People

Chirico and Fyana may have escaped Kummen, but they now find themselves in an undisclosed and seemingly abandoned location. For what purpose are they there?

E30 | Phantasm

Chirico and Fyana attempt to thwart their attackers, but they are too numerous. Does the enemy have good reasons for its actions?

E31 | Nonaggression Zone

The captain is done playing and vows to capture Chirico and Fyana. A distraction is all it takes for Chirico's AT to suffer critical damage.

E32 | Ypsilon

Chirico's condition deteriorates, and Fyana must take drastic measures if she wishes to save him.

E33 | Showdown

Chirico and Fyana fight at a disadvantage against Ypsilon. How will they turn the tide when Ypsilon's hatred for Chirico drives him to a single-minded purpose?

E34 | Planet Sunsa

A brawl with a scavenger gang leads to a reunion with an old friend. Meanwhile, a captain must decide whether to continue a mission or pursue Chirico.

E35 | Deadline

The ATs stare each other down in grim anticipation of the coming battle. When the Balarant suddenly attack, everyone must scramble for their lives.

E36 | Love and Hate

The trio is alone in the desert and low on oxygen. Zophie has not forgotten, nor has she forgiven. But to survive, she may need Chirico's assistance regardless.

E37 | Captives

Repairs on the AT continue, but the Balarant forces are quickly approaching. Chirico wants his friends to save themselves, but they have other plans.

E38 | Darkness

Ypsilon and Chirico are destined to fight over and over. But when they are both trapped by debris, can Ypsilon set aside his hatred in the interest of mutual survival?

E39 | Perfect Soldier

With the immediate danger behind them, Chirico and Ypsilon prepare for their sworn rematch. Will they finally be able to settle things once and for all?

E40 | Friends

Time is a flat circle. Chirico remembers how he escaped from Kummen alongside Fyanna, only to end up on a mysterious warship.

E41 | Quent

With his ship crashed, Chirico has no choice but to venture into the hostile deserts of Quent if he wishes to continue his mission.

E42 | The Desert

The Society no longer underestimates Chirico and considers him a legitimate threat. Meanwhile, Chirico and Shako must brave the desert on their travels.

E43 | Legacy

The twins decide to make planetfall. Meanwhile, Chirico requests entrance to the Quentman village.

E44 | The Forbidden

There can be no more room for doubt in the Society's mind: Quent contains a trove of advanced technology. What will be their next move after this discovery?

E45 | Contact

The events on Quent captures the attention of another party, which deploys its forces in response. Chirico and Shako explore the ruins beneath the planet's surface.

E46 | Premonition

As Gilgamesh and Balarant forces prepare for battle, the Society wonders how they can use this to their advantage. Unless something changes, Quent will turn into a warzone.

E47 | Disaster

The battle rages over the planet. To the victor goes Quent's secrets. Chirico's friends escape in a stolen Gilgamesh ship, but are quickly intercepted by the Balarant.

E48 | Successor

Onboard a ship not under their control, it's passengers can only wait as it ventures closer to an object that is clearly no moon. What awaits all of them inside?

E49 | Overman

A 3,000-year-old truth unites the warring Gilgamesh and Balarant into a single, vengeful army. Meanwhile, what are the implications for Wiseman's plans with Chirico?

E50 | Storm Clouds

A failed mutiny solidifies Chirico's control. The joint Gilgamesh/Balarant fleet devises ways to fight Wiseman. As forces converge, a question burns: How can one stop a god?

E51 | Carnage

History is filled with men who sacrificed everything in pursuit of power. Fyana refuses to let her love be one of them. Is Chirico truly willing to make everyone his enemy?

E52 | Shooting Star

The road was long and hard-fought, but in the end, a choice will be made. That choice will determine the fate of the entire galaxy.



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