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Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Pailsen Files

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OVA | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/2/2019

The Immortal Unit

As Gilgamesh operatives invade Monad, Chirico's origins are at last brought to light.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Pailsen Files

Pailsen Files

OVA | River Crossing Operation

Chirico Cuvie joins the invasion of a Balarant Union stronghold, but the Balarant defenses are up to the challenge of the assault.

OVA | Galeade

Chirico lands on the planet Galeade, where he meets the members of his new squadron under the command of Barkoff... but for what purpose have they been brought together?

OVA | The Unit

A fifth member is added to Barkoff's team, but is he an asset or a liability?

OVA | The Valley of Death

A botched mission leads to disastrous consequences for the Gilgamesh Army.

OVA | Interrogation

Defiant against even insurmountable opposition, Pailsen resists attempts at interrogation, but his silence is no match for the insidious MRC device.

OVA | Superpower

As the MRC continues its torturous work, Pailsen reveals the truth behind Chirico's seeming invincibility.

OVA | Sniping

Barkoff's team is ordered to a base near the planet's north pole, but a malfunction with their transport plane leaves them unexpectedly stranded.

OVA | Frozen Prison

A new crisis threatens to wipe out the planet's atmosphere, but the changing weather isn't the only threat looming on the horizon...

OVA | Downburst

With time running out, the team must concoct a PRL formula that can withstand the oncoming extreme cold. Meanwhile, Wappe sets off on a mission of his own.

OVA | Strategic Motion

Wokkam proposes a major attack on Monad, the Balarant fortress-planet... but there is more to this attack than meets the eye.

OVA | The Immortal Unit

As Gilgamesh operatives invade Monad, Chirico's origins are at last brought to light.

OVA | Monad

Time is running out as Monad spirals toward destruction. Will Chirico make it out in time, or is his journey fated to end at last?



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