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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 7/24/2014


After being berated for disobeying orders, Susumu is angry with himself for putting his team in danger. Jamie shows signs of PTSD and worries about what's to come.


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Encounter

Susumu, a rookie Alandas pilot, gets his mech destroyed in an attempt to rescue civilians. Engineer Jamie Hazaford has a plan to surivive using her new mech, Argevollen.

E2 | Awakening

Susumu clumsily attempts to adjust to the new machine as he struggles to fend off enemy forces to give his unit a chance to escape.

E3 | One Man Army

The Commander has a plan to close off a crucial canyon pass to allow for escape. However, Ingelmia has a pilot whose experience might just outmatch Argevollen's new tech.

E4 | Return

After being berated for disobeying orders, Susumu is angry with himself for putting his team in danger. Jamie shows signs of PTSD and worries about what's to come.

E5 | Surprise Attack

Susumu reflects on his life in the military and the real reason he joined, while Jaime reflects on how to get out of this mess.

E6 | Run, Jamie

Argevollen has shut down, leaving Susumu stranded. Jamie must gather her courage and venture forth into the battlefield if she wishes to save both Susumu and the machine.

E7 | Bellhals

The 8th Unit visits the resort town of Bellhals while Jamie and Susumu stay to work on Argevollen. Making it to Bellhals, Susumu finds a clue regarding his sister's death.

E8 | Rematch

The sunflower field where his sister disappeared years before becomes the battlefield as Susumu attempts to stop a surprise attack - and a rematch - from the enemy.

E9 | Promise

With Susumu getting the hang of fighting with Argevollen, the Ingelmian government tries a different method to ignite the war.

E10 | End of Absence

The 8th Unit takes a short R&R at Wishpe, Okui's hometown. With their commanders gone and Argevollen in the shop, will the Unit - and the town - survive a sudden enemy attack?

E11 | Rage

Susumu must pass an aptitude test to continue piloting Argevollen. After, the Unit goes to celebrate their success, while the Captain reveals a shocking truth to Susumu.

E12 | Reika Nanjou

The truth of Reika's death is finally revealed, along with her vision for the future of the war. Susumu's battle turns inward as his anger boils close to the surface.

E13 | Blue and Indigo

Private Namie Portman arrives at the Unit's outpost, with more powerful mechs - ZTK5 Seirans. As they engage in a training battle with the new mechs, things go horribly wrong.

E14 | Ghost

A new enemy, nicknamed "The Ghost" leaves no witnesses after it attacks. Meanwhile, greed and politics rears its ugly head as the powers that be meet behind closed doors.

E15 | Sturm

Are Argevollen and crew playing into someone’s hands? And will Susumu’s antics in battle go too far when he puts his friends’ lives in jeopardy?

E16 | Freeze

Susumu is forbidden to pilot Argevollen. There must be a reason Captain Samonji gives the strange order, but will Alandas be able to withstand its enemies without them?

E17 | Defeat

Shadowy powers are issuing orders for Argevollen to fight. On the other side, Ingelmian soldiers are worried about Richtofen as he returns to battle.

E18 | Farewell

The battle between the Ghost and Argevollen leaves Susumu in a coma. When Kybernes Manufacturing shows up to repair Argevollen, the situation takes a strange turn.

E19 | Resolve

In an eerie repetition of history, Samonji is shown a new type of mech. Meanwhile, a celebration is secretly planned for Susumu’s recovery.

E20 | Another Mind

Jaime and Susumu start to have some serious existential questions. The Perfevollen strike force is revving up, but the citizens on both sides are tired of war.

E21 | Disturbance

Amid an invasion against the Perfevollens, the Generals from Alandas meet to discuss the future of the war, and things go from bad to worse.

E22 | Capture

A surprising amount of soldiers support the Cayenne side, including Samonji, who has a powerful weapon. Whose side will the others choose?

E23 | Counterattack

With the factions in chaos, Jaime attempts to figure out how she can take back control of Argevollen. Can the 8th Unit get in position in time to be of use?

E24 | Silver Will

Samonji's mission exposed, Susumu will have to make some tough decisions, and his decision may set the fate for both countries.



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