Angelic Layer

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Season 1 Episode 7 | TV-PG | Premiere: 5/13/2001

Fight at the Edge… Misaki’s Last Chance

Out of fear for Hikaru’s safety, Misaki makes a choice that may alter the course of her continuation in the tournament.

Angelic Layer

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | How Do You Do? My Very Own Angel!

After moving to Tokyo, Misaki Suzuhara becomes enamored with the battle doll game, Angelic Layer. Arriving at her Aunt’s apartment, she creates her unique "Angel", Hikaru.

E2 | Do Your Best, Hikaru! It’s Your First Fight!

In the process of learning more about Angelic Layer, Misaki accidentally enters into a competition battle! Does Hikaru have what it takes to compete?

E3 | Who Are You? Misaki’s Nervous Lesson

Misaki continues to practice and learn more about Angelic Layer under the shady mentorship of Icchan.

E4 | The Day an Angel Flew Down

With the tournament underway, it’s time for Misaki and Hikaru’s first official battle! Misaki's bond with Hikaru will be tested now more than ever.

E5 | I Don’t Want to Lose! I’m Believing in Hikaru!

Misaki’s confidence falters when she and Hikaru go up against an intimidating opponent. Will resorting to somewhat underhanded tactics allow her to move on?

E6 | Suzuka, The Speed of Light! Hatoko’s Declaration of Rivalry!

Some may call it beginner's luck, but Hatoko begins to grow concerned over Misaki’s blossoming ego regarding her skills.

E7 | Fight at the Edge… Misaki’s Last Chance

Out of fear for Hikaru’s safety, Misaki makes a choice that may alter the course of her continuation in the tournament.

E8 | Misaki vs Misaki? A Dangerous Classmate

After qualifying for the regional tournament, Misaki struggles between her excitement and the remaining hesitation from her previous battle.

E9 | Sing, Misaki! Is the Deus an Idol?!

The day of the regional tournament arrives, and the stakes couldn’t be higher when Misaki discovers who Hikaru’s opponent is!

E10 | Mean Sisters! Hikaru, the Target

Misaki and Hikaru are advancing further in the tournament, but the situation becomes critical when Hikaru mysteriously stops responding!

E11 | Finish It Off! Hikaru & Mao’s Important Game

The battle against the Deus Madoka and her Angel Mao intensifies even further as As Misaki struggles to help Hikaru.

E12 | Misako & Kotaro, Their Exciting Date

To help Misaki and Hikaru prepare for the semifinals, Kotaro invites them to his dojo for some training and instruction.

E13 | Pure White Blanch, Kaede’s Smile

The semifinals are here, bringing with them a surprising new twist to battles! With an already tough opponent ahead, will Hikaru and Misaki pull through?

E14 | I Won’t Give Up! And an Angel Was Born

With the first-generation Angel, Blanche's, secret mode revealed, Hikaru suddenly can't seem to land an attack on her!

E15 | Shirahime Versus Suzuka! Secret of the Ice Machine

Hatoko and her Angel, Suzuka, go up against the veteran Sai. Misaki watches her friend attentively from the sidelines.

E16 | The Final Game! Hikaru’s Last Attack

Misaki is now set to go up against Sai in the Finals. Will she be able to keep the promise she made to Hatoko?

E17 | I’ve Made My Mind Up on You! The One Misaki Selected

Having qualified for the National Championship, Misaki is growing increasingly nervous when a friend visits unexpectedly.

E18 | Many Strong Opponents! The Nation Games of Everyone’s Dreams

Misaki and Hatoko get to witness Athena, the Angel that inspired Misaki to join Angelic Layer, fight in the Nationals!

E19 | System Down! Decisive Fight on a Ship in a Storm

Misaki and Hikaru’s first Nationals match is underway, and her opponent seems to hold a strangely intense grudge against them.

E20 | Is Icchan the Enemy? The Puzzling Second Game!

A new Angel model premiers in an exhibition battle! Misaki's excitement quickly gives way to anxiety as Hikaru ends up being chosen as the opponent.

E21 | Summertime at the Sea! Someone is in Love with Someone!

It’s summer break, and Misaki and her friends go to the beach for some fun in the sun! There, they bump into Icchan and a bevy of other unexpected friends.

E22 | Suddenly Just the Two of Us, Secret Double Dates

After looking over some battle data, Misaki finds herself on an unexpected date with Ohjiro, while Tamayo and Kotaro end up in an elevator together.

E23 | Break Up the Magic Wall! Misaki Versus Ohjiro

It’s the National Semifinals, and Hikaru’s first opponent is Ohjiro’s Angel, Wizard. With his impenetrable Magic Wall, will Misaki and Hikaru find an opening to attack?

E24 | Reach Misaki! This Thought Goes Over the Rainbow!

As the match between Athena and Shirahime begins, Shuko faces an internal struggle over whether or not to throw the match.

E25 | Reunion of Destiny, Angels Wet with Tears

Struck by the revelation about Shuko, Misaki flees the tournament. Shuko sets out to find her, but will the two be able to sort through their feelings?

E26 | Angel Wings! Please Guide Me & Hikaru!

The National Finals are finally here. The emotionally charged battle between Athena and Hikaru is underway!



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