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Amagami SS

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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/24/2010

The Worst

Junichi and his friend Masayoshi are heading home when they see a girl in the park jump off her swing. The girl, Ai Nanasaki, accuses them of looking where they shouldn't be.

Amagami SS

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Admiration

Junichi, a second-year in high school, has been wary of love ever since a date that never happened. However, when he runs into the school idol, Haruka, he's smitten.

E2 | Approach

Being unable to sleep last night, Junichi goes to the nurse's office to rest - only to find Haruka lying there. They talk for a bit, and Junichi comes to a decision.

E3 | Jealousy

One day while talking in the hallway, Junichi suddenly gets pulled along by Haruka. It turns out she's gotten jealous seeing him talk to other girls...

E4 | Romance

Junichi runs into Haruka at the arcade, and takes her to the park. There, he makes up his mind to ask her on a date on Christmas Eve. What will be her answer?

E5 | Buddies

Junichi and his friend Kaoru are joking around as always, but she punches him a bit too hard. Kaoru then says she wants to meet after school - could it be a love confession?

E6 | Hesitation

A meaningful discussion between Junichi and Kaoru turns into a kiss, the first for both of them. As Kaoru later heads to work, Junichi reflects on how cute she is.

E7 | Betrayal

The first bell rings, but Kaoru is nowhere to be found. Junichi goes out searching, and when he finds her, she reveals something shocking she'd learned about her mother.

E8 | Progress

Junichi heads to the nurse's office for a Band-Aid, and finds Kaoru there. The two talk, and Junichi asks her if she has any plans for Christmas Eve. Her answer?

E9 | Underclassman

Junichi is looking for his lost wallet when a girl named Sae returns it to him. He tries to thank her, but she suddenly leaves. Junichi sets off, determined to thank her.

E10 | Training

Junichi decides to help Sae prepare for her upcoming job interview. After school, he calls her to the Science Room for some special, additional training - speed changing.

E11 | Changes

Sae's long period of training comes to an end, and she finally decides to go for a job interview. Upon hearing this, Junichi offers to go with her. What will be the outcome?

E12 | Lovers

Having successfully passed her job interview, Sae sets her sight on her next goal: the "Best Couple Contest" at the Founder's Festival.

E13 | The Worst

Junichi and his friend Masayoshi are heading home when they see a girl in the park jump off her swing. The girl, Ai Nanasaki, accuses them of looking where they shouldn't be.

E14 | Heartthrob

Junichi heads to the library, having heard about a cute librarian there, and ends up running into Ai. She's studying for makeup exams, and Junichi is happy to help.

E15 | Transformation

Junichi receives some tickets to a theme park, and he invites Ai and her younger brother Ikuo. But on the day of, Ai shows up alone.

E16 | Confessions

It's the day of the Founder's Festival, and Junichi is helping the girls' swim team man their stall. Afterward, Ai suggests the two go off somewhere together.

E17 | Memories

One morning, Rihoko Sakurai takes a shortcut to school and ends up getting stuck in a fence. Luckily, her childhood friend Junichi is there to help.

E18 | Assistance

Rihoko, Junichi, and some friends go ice-skating to have fun, not realizing it's part of a plan to get the two old friends together.

E19 | Succession

It's the day after the Founder's Festival, and the group goes out to eat. There, Rihoko decides to ask Junichi if he'll visit a shrine with her on New Year's Eve.

E20 | Goodbyes

While struggling to find new members for the Tea Club Rihoko is able to spend Valentine's Day with Junichi.

E21 | Discoveries

Junichi decides to volunteer to help with the upcoming Founder's Festival to get over his experience from Christmas Eve two years ago.

E22 | Hidden Side

Class 2-A representative Tsukasa Ayatsuji sees Junichi holding her day planner and is convinced he saw something he shouldn't have.

E23 | Pride

Preparations for the Founder's Festival are running behind, so Junichi pitches in and asks others to help. Just then, a classmate says Tsukasa is the reason for the delay...

E24 | Promise

The Founder's Festival rolls around but Tsukasa looks downtrodden, making Junichi worry. After getting some advice, he makes a certain decision.

E25 | The Truth

Junichi accepts the confession of a shy girl named Risa and takes her to the festival to introduce her. What he doesn't know is that she's been keeping a secret...

E26 | Little Sister

Miya is worried that her brother Junichi won't have much of a life if he can't get a girlfriend. To her surprise, Ai and Sae think he's a pretty great guy.



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