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Alice Gear Aegis Expansion

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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/22/2023

Nodoka in Wonderland / Narikozaka a La Carte

Nodoka goes to work as usual, but everything is a bit unusual. Is it opposite day?

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Farewell, Narikozaka Manufacturing!

After a successful operation carried out by an AEGiS attack unit, Nodoka Takahata seeks a job as an Actress, a woman born with the ability to wield mechanical suits.

E2 | Actresses VS Maintenance Crew! / Welcome to the Actress Cafe!

Amid moving into a new office, Shitara finds something and proposes a showdown between the Actresses and the maintenance crew!

E3 | Terror! The Narikozaka Nightmare! / Ninpuu Raiya Gaiden

Ghost stories and urban legends continue to exist 300 years into the future. There have been ghost stories at the factory for a long time... but what is the truth?

E4 | Festival Revelry! Narikozaka! (Preparations) / Festival Revelry! Narikozaka! (The Event)

With a local festival coming to the area, Yotsuyu wants to use this as an opportunity to improve Narikozaka Manufacturing's image.

E5 | Terrifying Hiking?! / Fight on, Vapor Haze?!

Nodoka is an avid hiker and wants to climb Mt. Takao with Yotsuyu. On the hike, she meets a long-tailed butterfly but finds something else the girls have never seen before...

E6 | The Touka Shimoochiai Murder Case

The Shimoochiai family finds tragedy when their oldest daughter Touka is murdered. Help may be on the way when Inspector Fumika Momoshina appears on the scene.

E7 | Yotsuyu-sama's a Former Delinquent?! / Life for the Maintenance Crew!

Nodoka becomes suspicious when Yotsuyu starts coming home from work early. What's going on here?

E8 | Nodoka in Wonderland / Narikozaka a La Carte

Nodoka goes to work as usual, but everything is a bit unusual. Is it opposite day?

E9 | Rin-chan Expedition Party Mystery! Search for the Legendary Sasshie! / Fluff: The Terrifying Invader

On Rin-chan's latest expedition, the team overcomes countless obstacles and dangers. What truth will Rin-chan uncover?

E10 | It's a Vacation to the South, Narikozaka!

After spending some time in the water, the gang burns through too much money on gourmet indulgences and "bargain" shopping. What's Yumi to do?

E11 | Rain

It's a quiet, rainy evening. It won't stay quiet for long as mechanized chaos is right around the corner!

E12 | Farewell, Nodoka Takahata!

All roads have led the Actresses here! It's the gripping finale of Alice Gear Aegis Expansion!

E0 | Heart Pounding! Actress Packed Mermaid Grand Prix!

The M-1 Tag Team Grand Prix finally kicks off! The race will determine the top mermaid and winner of 10 million yen! Too bad there's a big frog and a cyclone in the way.



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